Le pavillon Bandai Namco Group à l’Expo 2025 qui se tiendra à Osaka / Kansai s’appellera le GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION !

The Bandai Namco Group pavilion at Expo 2025 to be held in Osaka / Kansai will be called the GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION!


The Bandai Namco Group pavilion at the 2025 Japan World Expo (Osaka/Kansai Expo) will be called the GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION, and key images of the pavilion's visual and exterior design arrived today, Friday, October 6 .

BANDAI NAMCO Group's main goal is to embody "Fun for All into the Future" and focuses on sustainable business as an important initiative in its management strategy, and has made sustainability a key strategy to connect smiles in the future. MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM , the group's representative IP, has been sharing dreams, fun and inspiration with fans around the world for over 40 years, since its first TV broadcast in 1979.Bandai Namco Group also works on various social issues through the intellectual property of Gundam, and aims to nurture it into an SP (Social Property) with a presence that grants great power to future societies.

▲GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION Exterior design image

Bandai Namco Group's pavilion at Expo 2025 to be held in Osaka/Kansai will be called the GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION which focuses on the "next future" where Gundam and humanity coexist in another universal century.The design exterior is based on the image of a spaceport of the future embodying a world where humans have extended their habitat into space.
The GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION will also be a place where the Bandai Namco Group will announce the results of its study regarding the additional possibilities of Gundam, which celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2024.

One of the main projects of Expo Osaka/Kansai is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and envision the future ahead of us to design a future society for our lives.The NEXT FUTURE in the Gundam Project aims not only thinking about the future possibilities of Gundam, but also about our future alongside Gundam, connecting with fans and creating the next future society.
Stay tuned for more information on the GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE PAVILION.

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