Collection: The Witch From Mercury


In the distant future, humanity has advanced into space and transitioned to the new calendar system of Ad Stella (AS). The solar system was divided between the inhabitants of the space colonies, also called "Spacers" and the "Earthlings" born on Earth, with great economic inequality between the two.

The Vanadis Institute created an advanced man-machine system called GUND, which would allow humans to survive in the harsh environment of space, but the technology is then used for military purposes, leading to the creation of "Gundams" , mobile suits that use the GUND. Format to increase the performance of its pilots at the risk of their lives. Due to this flaw, many pilots have been crippled or killed using the GUND format, and since the team responsible for its development was predominantly female, all females involved in the GUND format in one way or another. GUND format, whether seekers or pilots, became known as "witches". .

In response, the Mobile Suit Development Council, led by major mobile suit development companies, ordered a permanent ban on the GUND format and all its applications, with council member Delling Rembran deploying the Dominicus Special Forces team to destroy the Vanadis Fólkvangr Research Facility, killing everyone on board to wipe out all traces of the technology. Only two people narrowly survived: mobile suit test pilot Elnora Samaya and her four-year-old daughter, Ericht Samaya.

In AS 122, 21 years after the Vanadis incident, Suletta Mercury transfers from Mercury to the Asticassia School of Technology, a college institute run by the megacorporation Benerit Group. Upon her arrival, she meets a girl fleeing the institute, Miorine Rembran, who wants to escape the control of her father, Delling. As their paths cross in the academy with different ambitions and goals, Suletta will have to prove her worth as a pilot as she enters the academy alongside the Gundam Aerial, a mobile suit built with forbidden technology. GUND Format.