Collection: Iron Blooded Orphans


The story takes place in the year 323 "Post Disaster" (323PD), a little over 300 years after a great conflict - known as the "War of Calamities" - between Earth and the space colonies of the sphere outside Earth, including Mars which was terraformed and successfully colonized by humans. The Earth is now governed by four economic blocs: the African Union, the Oceania Federation, SAU (Strategic Alliance Union) and Arbrau, and its security is ensured by a military organization, the Gjallarhorn, which is responsible for maintaining the peace . Mars for its part was divided into distributed regions and placed under the economic control of the four earth blocks. If since then, most of the four economic blocs have ceded autonomy to their Martian territory, the economy of Mars remains very strongly dependent on that of Earth, which leads to extreme poverty and misery for the vast majority. inhabitants of the red planet.

Kudelia Aina Bernstein, a young girl from the Martian nobility affected by the poverty of her fellow citizens - and nicknamed the little girl of the Revolution since her stand for the economic independence of her planet during a speech to the "assembly of July of Noachis” in 314PD — wishes to parley with the terrestrial economic blocs in order to negotiate the independence of his nation, Chryse.

To plead her case, Kudelia must go to Earth, and chooses to employ a civilian security company, the CGS (Chryse Guard Security) to escort her. The third division of this organization, made up of child and adolescent soldiers including Orga Itsuka and Mikazuki Augus are responsible for protecting it. When the Gjallarhorn attacks the CGS installations to assassinate the young revolutionary who threatens their interests and to silence the Martian independence movement; Orga and his comrades find themselves in a delicate situation, while most of the adults in the company preferred to flee. Emerging from a relic of the War of Calamities, the Gundam Frame Barbatos - powered by an Ahab reactor (a sort of nuclear reactor) - the third division achieved the impossible and repelled the Gjallahorn. It was then that the third division rebelled and took charge of the CGS. Orga then takes command of the organization which is renamed Tekkadan and agrees to carry out Kudelia's escort mission...