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Collection: Kamen Rider

Hongo Takeshi, a brilliant scientist and motorcycle racer, is kidnapped by the secret organization Shocker who are trying to turn him into a cyborg with grasshopper characteristics. Just before having his memory erased, Hongo is finally freed by Professor Midorikawa.

Now able to transform into Kamen Rider, Hongo will strive to fight against the monsters sent by Shocker as part of his plan to conquer the world. But Shocker doesn't stop there and tries to create another Rider out of photographer Ichimonji Hayato to take down Hongo. However Hongo manages to save Ichimonji and make him his successor the Kamen Rider 2, while he leaves to thwart Shocker's plans abroad.

Hongo would later return to Japan to continue fighting against Shocker's minions.

Premium Bandai

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