Collection: Gundam 00

"Anno Domini" era In the year 2307 AD, fossil fuel reserves ran out, and humanity had to turn to solar energy. At this time, there are three orbital elevators, equipped with systems for producing energy from sunlight, each controlled by one of the three dominant blocks of nations: the "Union" (Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations), consisting of the Americas, Oceania and Japan (led by the United States of America); the "Human Reform League", formed by Russia, China and India; and finally the “AEU” (Advanced European Union), heir to the European Union. However, the benefits derived from this equipment do not benefit all nations, fueling resentment and leading to various conflicts, some of which date back to the 20th and 21st centuries (Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Colombia, etc.).

The story begins as the Human Reform League's orbital elevator falls victim to a terrorist attack. Attack thwarted by the intervention of an unknown organization, which has Mobile Suit Gundam, and which responds to the name of "Celestial Being". This new organization announces that it will henceforth use these Gundams and their strength to put an end to all existing armed conflicts, without distinction of race, religion or nationality of the belligerents.