After Colony

After Colony

The After Colony is the second autonomous alternative universe of the Gundam license. Created in 1995 with the Gundam Wing series (also called New Mobile Report Gundam Wing), it was completed by an OVA the following year, itself reassembled in the form of a cinema film shortly afterwards. This universe is the one that will have introduced the principles of Gundam to countries other than Japan because it will be the first series to have been exported to the USA and Europe.

Gundam Wing is a universe that retains its share of fans and proved to be still active with the Frozen Teardrops novel published in the 2010s. This novel will have developed the universe by adding a new calendar, the Mars Century, in relation to the colonization of the red planet and the difference between terrestrial years and Martian years (almost 2 terrestrial years for a year on Mars).

The Mars Century begins in AC 182, thus positioning the events of this novel before those of the main series which takes place in AC 195.


Several nations establish permanent space stations in Earth orbit, these will be the prototypes of the colonies. This is the first year of the After Colony (AC) calendar, the AC001.

The year AC020 will see Colony A0206 being built at Lagrange Point 5. This colony would later become the home of the fierce and powerful Long Clan when they are exiled from Earth by their fearful government.

The construction of the first real colony will begin in AC022. Space colony construction begins at Lagrange Point 1, due to surprisingly severe conditions and strange new diseases, construction is significantly delayed.

Nations begin to withdraw from space in AC050, until countries in the Middle East, leaving the oil industry and looking for a new business to invest in, join the colonization project. The construction of colonies begins at the other Lagrange points.

Due to Earth's scarce resources and limited supplies, conflict erupts at every Lagrange point in AC070. Middle Eastern nations intercede and negotiate an end to conflict.

Colony V08744 is built at point Lagrange 2 in AC087.

In AC102, an Island 2 type colony is completed at Lagrange 1 (L-1) point. Once this success has been achieved, the Colony Project continues to build population centers consisting of multiple colonies, commonly referred to as "colony clusters". On Earth, international disputes continue to escalate, civilians flee conflict by migrating to colonies, and soon 15% of the human population lives in space.

With the territorial lines of the Earth redrawn, the conflicts die out. In the spring of the year AC130, twin princesses Katrina and Sabrina Peacecraft of the Kingdom of Sanc were born.

In the process of negotiating a lasting peace between the warring nations, the "United Earth Sphere Alliance" is established. To maintain peace and deal with nations that oppose the new world government. The Alliance Forces are formed, one of the main financial supporters of the Alliance is the military-industrial combination called the Romefeller Foundation in the year AC133.

The AC139 will be marked by the foundation of the "Autonomous Government of the Colonies".

One by one, the nations of Earth join the Alliance. As their homelands join the Alliance, the colonies are also conscripted, voluntarily or not. The colonies criticize the Alliance and its intentions, and the Alliance decides to respond with force in order to silence its detractors, all this during the year AC140.

During AC145, 19-year-old Heero Yuy becomes the personal tutor of 15-year-old Katrina Peacecraft. A diplomatic envoy from Earth is attacked by unknown assailants at L1 Colony Cluster. Sabrina Peacecraft, who was attached to the envoy, survives the attack, but was presumed killed. Jay Null (later to be known as "Doctor J") develops "Wyvern", the first Mobile Suit to feature the ZERO System.

The political context escalates during AC147, in the name of peace the Alliance summons its member states to take control of the colonies once and for all, and this by force.

Two years later, in AC149, the Alliance assembly transfers control of the previously independent colonies to the metropolises that originally built and colonized them. These nations then ignite a new boom of colonial emigration. The control of the Alliance does not please the inhabitants of the colonies, it is in AC150 that the colonies think of remaining independent.

In AC165, in order to peacefully oppose the Alliance, the citizens of the colonies elect Heero Yuy as their representative. He's a leader

charismatic who advocates understanding and solidarity between the colonies. He will work tirelessly for this good understanding, his policy of demilitarization and non-violence will even bear fruit within many nations on Earth in AC170.

OZ, an offshoot of the Romefeller Foundation, begins development of a new humanoid type weaponry, the Mobile Suit, in AC173. In AC174, Heero Yuy sets out to travel to Earth to gain independence for the colonies. Meanwhile work is progressing well on the Mobile Suit project, a team of five scientists is progressing well. Professor G, Doctor J, Doktor S, Instructor H, and Master O, with Howard's help, complete the first combat-ready Mobile Suit, Leo's prototype named Tallgeese.

On April 7 of AC175, colony leader Heero Yuy is assassinated by Odin Lowe, a sniper affiliated with the UESA Special Operations Squad (OZ's predecessor). The leaderless colonies are thrown into chaos and the Alliance plans a second military intervention. In reaction to the assassination, the developers of the Tallgeese left the Mobile Suit project and disappeared. The OZ branch of the Romefeller Foundation becomes a secret society.

In AC176 the OZ subsidiary of the Romefeller Foundation begins mass production of a reduced version of the OZ-06MS Leo and launches the development of Tragos, a medium-range artillery support MS.

The Alliance forms its first Mobile Suit force, the Special Mobile Suit Corps or "Specials". The "Specials", made up of employees of the Romefeller Foundation, are essentially a front for the secret society OZ. Under the pretext of repressing the chaos that reigns in the colonies, the Alliance sends in the military again. MS are used for the first time in combat. All colonies are placed under military surveillance, and communication between colonies is prohibited to prevent future collaboration.

Milliardo Peacecraft was born the same year.

In April AC177, a new model of MS is launched, the OZ-07AMS Aries, an air-type Mobile Suit.

Doctor J, Professor G, Doktor S, Instructor H, and Master O design Wing Gundam Zero. OZ discovers their whereabouts, and they are forced to end their collaboration, go their separate ways, and go into hiding. OZ continues development of the "Zodiac" Mobile Suit series, which eventually includes the OZ-07MSTragos, OZ-07AMS Aries, OZ-09MMS Pisces, and OZ-08MMS Cancer.

Quatre Raberba Winner is born, his mother dies immediately after childbirth in the year AC180. On April 8 of the same year, Relena Peacecraft was born.

The Alliance decides to organize a military intervention in AC182 in the kingdom of Sanc, in favor of total pacifism à la Heero Yuy. The capital falls in a day. King Peacecraft is killed, Princess Relena is rescued and adopted by her faithful collaborator Darlian, while Prince Milliardo is nowhere to be found.

A conflict breaks out in Eastern Europe. The Bloom family's vehicle is caught in the crossfire between Alliance and Rebel forces; Katherine Bloom (4) survives, but her parents and little brother Triton (2) are presumed killed. Katherine is taken in by her parents' circus troupe.

During the fall of AC186 Cadets Zechs Merquise and Elve Onegell mysteriously disappear during the Battle of Marius Plant.

A virus breaks out on colony V08744 of L2 in Ac187. A cure is developed, but it is not provided to the poorer and less desirable colonists.

Revolts break out in many colonies, and are ruthlessly crushed by the Alliance during AC188.

In colony X-18999 in L3, which will not be finished for another year, Quinze leads an uprising. He and his followers steal eight Alliance MS and attack Alliance military installations. Brigadier General Septem, the highest ranking Alliance officer on the colony, allows Special Forces officer Treize Khushrenada and three of his cadets, including 12-year-old Lucrezia Noin, to join the battle. Assassin Odin Lowe and his young ward arrive on X-18999. Lowe's last mission is to eliminate Septem, but the mission turns out to be a trap orchestrated by Dekim Barton, who kills Lowe. Odin Lowe's ward destroys the colony's military installations and is recruited by Doctor J. Dekim Barton fakes his own death and goes into hiding. Officially, he was killed during the uprising.

Another uprising takes place on V08744 in L2. The rebels seize the church of Maxwell. 245 people are killed in the "Maxwell Church Massacre". On A-0206, Master O, Chang Wufei's guardian, disappears from the Chang family home. Dekim Barton tasks him and his four fellow scientists with developing an advanced MS - a Gundam - for the resistance project known as "Operation Meteor".

The scheduled completion year of colony X-18999 is met, Mariemaia Barton was born here, her mother is Leia Barton, and the identity of her father is unknown.

Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Neun graduate from Lake Victoria Academy with the highest and second highest marks in the history of the academy, respectively, AC189.

In AC190, on Earth, an unknown 10-year-old boy battles the Alliance as a member of a mercenary Mobile Suit Corps. His entire unit is wiped out in an ambush, revealed by a young girl named Middie Une, working for Alliance Spy.

Leia Barton dies in AC190 from illness. On April 8, terrorists steal prototype Mobile Suit Aries from the Alliance's JAP base. General Catalonia, commander of the special forces (and head of the secret society OZ), sends Treize (19) and Zechs (15) to put down the rebellion. A terrorist captures eleven-year-old Relena Darlian, daughter of the Alliance's deputy foreign minister, and holds her hostage; she is saved by Zechs.

Howard and Professor G, both members of the rescue organization known as the Sweeper Group, complete the massive Peacemillion spacecraft and hide it on the lunar surface. Howard then travels to Earth to work aboard a rescue ship, while Professor G and his fellow Sweeper group remain in space, during the year AC192.

On the return trip, the Sweepers discover a stowaway and bring him before Professor G. The stowaway gives his name: "Duo Maxwell".

AC193, Thirteen Khushrenada becomes the leader of the OZ secret society and the commander of the "Specials".

A shuttle carrying Quatre Raberba Winner is hijacked by a band of renegades known as Maganac Corps. He rescues the leader of the Maganacs, Rasid, from a traitor and battles the Alliance forces watching their escape, earning the Maganac Corps' undying respect and gratitude in the process. The Maganac Corps escorts the rescued workers back to Earth, while Quatre takes Instructor H home.

Special Forces ace Zechs Merquise receives the first two-rank promotion in the organization's history, earning the nickname "Lightning Baron" in AC194. Doctor J gave his ward, the boy who would later be codenamed Heero Yuy, intensive training to prepare him for Operation Meteor. The Alliance condemns the aging colony A-0206. Rather than attempt to resettle its inhabitants, the fierce Long Clan, General Septem orders them to be wiped out using biological weapons. The attack of the "Specials" is repelled and the biological weapons of the Alliance are destroyed. Alliance officer Sally Po reports that the mission was a success, ensuring that A-0206 will be left alone in the future.

In each cluster of settlements, anti-Alliance rebels are preparing for Operation Meteor. Planned by Dekim Barton and coordinated by Quinze, the plan is to drop a space colony onto Earth to create climate catastrophe and global chaos. Next, five super-advanced Suit Mobiles, the Gundams, will be sent to Earth to take over the planet. The space settlers will thus become the rulers of the human race.

At the L3 colony cluster, Gundam Heavy Arms Designated Pilot Trowa Barton realizes that Doktor S and his assistants are trying to overthrow his father's plan. When he threatens to report them to Dekim, he is shot. An unnamed mercenary, one of the mechanics working on the Heavy Arms, volunteers to take Trowa's place and assume his name. Aboard a Sweeper ship, Duo Maxwell attempts to detonate the Gundam Deathscythe and thus derail the operation, but discovers that Professor G has defused his bombs. Professor G tricks Duo into stealing the Deathscythe, telling him to go to Earth and meet Howard there.

At the L4 colony cluster, Quatre Raberba Winner and Instructor H have finished building the Gundam Sandrock. As the final instructions for Operation Meteor arrive, Instructor H smashes the screen and tells Quatre to do as his own conscience dictates.

In L5 Colony A-0206, Chang Wufei also rebels. Realizing that Long Zi-ling plans to jettison the dilapidated colony as part of the operation, and disapproving of the planned mass destruction, he flies to Earth with the Gundam Shenlong to fight for justice. The events begin from AC195, on April 7 of the same year "Operation Meteore" begins, but this time the plan changes, they target Alliance forces, bases and factories, the target is actually OZ .

Gundams attack an Alliance meeting at New Edwards on May 19 Ac195. The military leaders of the Alliance, who had decided the same day to begin disarmament and to make peace with the colonies, are killed. OZ then abandons his special cover and launches Operation "Daybreak", overwhelming the Alliance ground forces and taking control of Earth.

In September of the same year, Treize quit OZ under pressure from the Romfeller Foundation. Oz is thus split into two factions, the Romfellers and Faction Thirteen. The Foundation then launches "Operation Nova", which consists of a mass airdrop of Mobile Dolls on Earth in order to eliminate Faction Thirteen.

On December 24 AC195 the Eve War begins. White Fang (a movement fighting for space colony independence, led by Quinze and the former Zechs Merquise) and the World Nation (the world government of the Romefeller Foundation, now led by Treize Khushrenada) begin a massive space battle. Thirteen is killed in battle, and the World Nation surrenders. White Fang's latest maneuver, an attempt to drop the space fortress Libra on Earth, is foiled and Zechs disappears. The representatives of the space colonies make peace with the world nation, and the unified nation of the earth sphere is established.

In April AC196, Heero Yuy, in command of the Gundam Wing Zer, destroyed an Orbital Particle Cannon that could attack Earth. Relena Darlian (Peacecraft) pays a secret visit to the presumed dead Doctor J.

On December 24, AC196, Dekim Barton returns to carry out the original Operation Meteor. As L3 colony X-18999 nears completion, Dekim reveals to the people of Earth the leader he has put in place for the future: Mariemaia Khushrenada, the daughter of Treize Khushrenada. During this time, Mariemaia gave a speech to the Earth Sphere declaring independence from X-18999 while declaring war on the Unified Earth Sphere Nation. From the MO-III resource satellite, Dekim told the newly resurfaced Zechs Merquise of his intention to drop X-18999 on Earth. Ironically, the colony drop is foiled by three Gundam pilots, who were originally meant to restore order to the chaos created by the destruction of X-18999 in the original plan of operation.

Zechs destroys MO-III, but not before Dekim Barton escapes in a shuttle. Mariemaia's forces occupy Brussels, the capital of ESUN, establishing control of the Barton family. However, Zechs, Noin, and the Gundam pilots engage the Mariemaia forces guarding the presidential residence. They neutralize most of the Mobile Suits without harming their pilots before being outnumbered and cornered. However, the Wing Zero appears and fires at the Presidential dugout using its Twin Buster Riffle, breaking through all of its defensive layers. Dekim, believing he is not yet defeated, asks Mariemaia to rise to rule the Earth Sphere. Mariemaia complies, but Relena slaps her and brings her to her senses. Dekim refuses to let her brainwash her granddaughter and shoots Relena. But Mariemaia shoots in her place and collapses on the ground. Dekim isn't worried, because he can always make another puppet. But before he can fire again, he is killed by a soldier loyal to Treize, who apologizes to Treize for betraying his ideals, thus ending Mariemaia's rebellion.

During the early spring of AC197, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei destroy their Gundams. Zechs and Noin leave the Preventers to help terraform Mars. Lady Une takes Mariemaia to Treize's grave.

Duo returns to a colony with Hilde, Trowa joins the circus with Catherine, Quatre takes over his father's company and helps finish building X-18999 with the Maganac Corps. Relena Darlian plans to run for president of ESUN. During the period of April 7-9 AC197, Sanc Kingdom Castle is stormed by terrorists during Relena Darlian's birthday party. Preventer attempts to round up Gundam pilots to form a counterattack team. Dixneuf Noinheim forces Relena Darlian to activate the PPP virus. Designating herself as the target, Relena Darlian was seriously injured during the incident.

Later that same year, in order to prevent the PPP from being activated by her death, Relena goes into cryo-sleep in the Little Prince's capsule. Heero Yuy soon follows her into the Sleeping Beauty capsule.

All Mobile Suits, including Gundams, are destroyed and never seen again.

The Mars Century

The Mars Century, or MC for short, is a continuation of the After Colony timeline from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and its follow-up New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, in which the events of the novel New Mobile Report Gundam Wing take place: Frozen Teardrop.

Due to the difference in the revolutions of the planets, there is a dissonance in the flow of time that passes between Mars and the Earth (1 Martian year = approximately 2 Earth years).

Thus MC-0001 corresponds to AC182, marking the beginning of the colonization of Mars.

During MC-0012, Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schbeiker part ways, shortly after Duo migrates to Mars.

Trowa Barton and Catherine Bloom also migrate to Mars during MC-0014. Duo Maxwell has a motorcycle accident on Mars in which several of his limbs are broken, he is rescued by Trowa Barton and brought to the hospital.

In MC-0015, while recovering, Duo reunites with Hilde who has settled in the Republic of Lanigreen as a librarian and moves in with her. They end up getting married, Duo leaves shortly after their wedding to wander the Martian desert.

The Martian Federation deploys its first Mars Suits (Mars-specific MS) in MC-0016, in protest, Trowa and Catherine join the anti-military movement. Duo returns to Hilde, who has become a nun in a church orphanage and files for divorce due to debts incurred. Duo becomes a bounty hunter in order to pay off their debts and begins calling himself "Father Maxwell". During the Martian summer four disassembled Gundam frames are found in a resource satellite belonging to the Winner family.

During MC-0017 Father Maxwell, who is traveling to Mars as a bounty hunter, encounters Zechs Merquise (aka "Cyrene Wind") and his daughter Naina Peacecraft while hunting a bounty. The father is given custody of Naina while Zechs pursues the bounty, and takes her to live at Hilde Schbeiker's orphanage in the Republic of Lanigreen. Father Maxwell and Naina arrive at Lanigreen's Republic. Father Maxwell meets his son, Duo Maxwell (II, or Junior), for the first time.

Father Maxwell returns to Schbeiker's orphanage on Christmas of the year MC-0018 for a visit. During this visit, an attempted kidnapping of Naina Peacecraft takes place, the attempt is foiled by Father and Zechs/Cyrene Wind, who brings Naina back with him.

MC-0019, Katherine Oud Winner and her friend Stella (who has partially recovered from a congenital heart and lung condition) both enroll in St. Minerva Elementary School.

The girl Stella was cloned from is involved in an accident and ends up brain dead. Her organs are used to replace Stella's failing organs, after this event Stella and Katherine begin to grow distant from each other.

In MC-0020, during a battle between the Rebels and Federation forces from Mars, Stella is killed. Katherine grabs a Martian MS and battles Federation forces, becoming a rebel herself. Afterwards, his brother Quatre Raberba Winner and Doktor T arrive to take him to their base.

The Epyon is discovered hidden in the Republic of Lanigreen and its design data is taken by Master Chang in MC-0021. "Billiardo Peacecraft" is assassinated by "No-Name". Trowa Phobos is recruited by Instructor W and Katherine Oud Winner to become a Gundam pilot. It is here that "Sans-Nom" meets Catherine Bloom for the first time.

Relena Peacecraft is awakened from her cryogenic slumber and rises to power as president of the Mars Federation, declaring it a pacifist nation. Katherine Winner meets Relena, Naina Peacecraft and Milou Peacecraft, in MC-0022. At the same time, Professor W completes Snow-White and Warlock, but Doktor T is still working on completing Prometheus and Sheherazade, which are only 80% operational. Epyon White is finished by Master Chang.

Doktor T sends instructions for Catherine Bloom and Trowa Phobos to return to Mars, as there has been an unexpected turn of events in the election of Mars' new president, Relena Peacecraft. Trowa Phobos and Catherine Bloom return to Mars after their training, and encounter a transport with a damaged radiation shield. They narrowly repair the shield in time to save the transport's occupants before a solar flare hits both ships.

After this event, the two spacecraft travel together until they reach Mars orbit. Once there, they are contacted by Katherine Winner. During the conversation, Trowa observes that Katherine seems somewhat troubled.

Heero Yuy is awakened from his cryostasis. Operation Mythos begins. The Republic of Lanigreen declares independence from the Mars Federation, led by a nano-hologram clone of "Zechs Merquise". Katherine Oud Winner passes alongside Relena Peacecraft, taking with her the MS Prometheus.

Heero, at the controls of the Snow White, and Duo, at the controls of the Warlock, leave the arctic base of Preventer Mars to intercept Katherine at the controls of the Prometheus. They are welcomed by Trowa Phobos who pilots the Scheherazade, all these events take place during the same year, namely the MC-0022.


  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Battlefield of the Pacifist
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Dual Story:G-Unit
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Sidestory: Tiel's Impulse
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Ground Zero
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Blind Target

Did you know?

  • The After Colony is one of the rare universes of the Gundam saga that does not include any evolution of Man. The human beings present in this universe do not present any form of evolution, nor regression at any time.
  • Despite the fact that the Mars Century is the continuity of the After Colony, timeline mismatches are visible.
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