Amuro ray

Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray was born on November 4 in the Universal Century -UC calendar year 0063 on earth.

Tem Ray, his father, is an engineer who works for the Earth federation, Tem Ray will be called by the federation to create a new type of weapon, and he will then move to a space colony Side-7. Amuro's mother, Camaria Ray does not want to follow them and decides to stay on earth.

In UC0079, aged 15 and living his life, an attack by Zeon forces on the colony will turn his life upside down. He goes to a shelter with his friend and neighbor Fraw Bow , but when he is safe he decides to go in search of his father. It is while looking for it that he will arrive at the federal base, and that, while trying to escape the surrounding chaos, he will come across the new prototype weapon of the federation, the RX-78-2 Gundam.

He will then take control of the Mobile Suit, and even destroy a Zaku II, but the explosion of the Zaku creates a breach in the colony and will lead to its destruction. Recovered by the White Base, the new Federal ship, the civilians will begin a journey through the attacks of Zeon to reach Earth. Being the only one able to pilot the Gundam, Amuro will find himself in spite of himself swinging in combat and will be quickly attacked by Char Aznable , one of the elites of Zeon. Amuro will only be able to get by thanks to the very advanced technology of the Gundam.

The fact that he will be the first pilot to perform an atmospheric re-entry alone (in his Mobile Suit and not in a ship), as well as his piloting abilities, make him an asset for the federation, which holds him in high esteem. Amuro will however be rebellious against it, which he considers a viper's nest. Later, Amuro's unit is established on Earth. However, the hero's relationship with his teammates deteriorates somewhat, while his piloting skills become evident; these tensions combined with his introverted but sometimes arrogant attitude eventually convince him to desert. However, when he discovers that Ramba Ral plans to lead an attack on the White Base, Amuro rushes to the aid of his friends.

After these events, the White Base ship will join the Federation forces for Operation Odessa. It was during this operation that Amuro would be nicknamed the "White Demon", his prowess in battle against Zeon's elite unit, the Black Tri-Stars, although the death of Matilda Ajan had a profound effect on the hero. , making him realize that war could affect anyone, even those he loves. On the Jaburo base, he will discover the new GM units, based on the Gundam. A Zeon attack led by Char Aznable will cause heavy damage, but also the death of Woody, Mathilda's fiancé.

Returning to space with the White Base, they will soon be attacked by several fleets of Zeon who will once again push Amuro to his limits and thus confirm his nickname and his legend of "White Demon". But it is on the neutral colony Side-6 that the young man will meet his destiny. Amuro will by chance meet Lalah Sune , a young woman with strange gifts who intrigues and seduces Amuro. However, he is totally unaware that this one is actually a Zeon soldier who works with Char Aznable. On Side-6, Amuro will also find his father who disappeared during the attack on Side-7. The mental health of this one will have strongly declined and it will be only more obsessed by it by its works and the improvements of Gundam, leaving Amuro distraught in front of this sad spectacle.

He will still lose one of his friends, Sleggar Law, during the Battle of Solomon. Dozle Zabi who will pilot the MA-08 Big Zam, Amuro will be powerless against the protections of the Mobile Armor, he then attends the sacrifice of Sleggar who will throw himself with his device on the I-Field generator, without being able to intervene. Amuro will then be able to overcome the Big Zam, and will even be impressed by the will of Dozle Zabi, who will attack Amuro with a machine gun, in vain.

Benefiting from improvements for the Gundam, Amuro will gain even more efficiency during combat. He will then be faced with the inevitable, a first confrontation with the MAN-08 Elmeth piloted by Lalah Sune. The Funnels used by this unit coupled with the telepathic exchanges that will take place during the fight will put Amuro in a bad position, he will then have to deal with all this confusion. During their second confrontation, the confusion and hatred on the battlefield will lead to serious errors with Char Aznable who will be on the verge of bringing down his own sister's FF-X7 Core Booster, interrupted by Lalah Sune. This distraction will lower the guard of

Tank which will then be attacked by Amuro who will dismember his MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type. As Amuro was about to deliver the fatal blow, Lalah will intervene and will then be killed in the explosion of the Elmeth. This act will plunge Amuro even more into the trauma that is built during this war, the young man will blame himself for the rest of his life. The death of Lalah will mark even more the rivalry between Amuro and Char, this one turning into a real hatred, the two men are in fact in love with Lalah, and each will reject the death of this one on the other.

Their last confrontation will be during the battle of A Baoa Qu. Char at the controls of the MSN-02 Zeong will damage the Rx-78-2 Gundam, which despite everything will manage to destroy the body of the Zeong. Char will eject with the head of the MS to set a trap for Amuro, the young man will leave what remains of the Gundam in automatic mode, which will manage to destroy the head of the Zeong. Char and Amuro will then engage in a saber duel, to settle their differences once and for all. They will be interrupted by Sayla Mass who is tired of seeing so many deaths.

Amuro will then join the Gundam after letting Char go, he will take control of the Core Fighter to escape, he will then use his Newtype telepathic abilities to warn the White Base crew of the impending explosion of the ship, still stuck in the fortress.

These events will mark the end of the One Year War.

Living on earth since the end of the war, Amuro is in fact the prisoner of a golden cage, the luxurious house where he lives is in fact a means of monitoring him. He works as a trainer and supervisor at the Cheyenne Mobile Suits Academy. His fights during the One Year War deeply disturbed him, he has since suffered from chronic fatigue, but also from a fear of the cockpits of MS, as well as a fear of space.

Amuro will, despite himself, be involved in the Gryps conflict during UC0087. He reunites with his friend Fraw Bow, who is now married to Hayato Kobayashi , they adopted the three orphans from White Base. Regaining some of his combativeness, he will leave his luxury home and join the ranks of Karaba (the equivalent of the AEUG on earth).

It was during joint operations with the AEUG that he would reunite with his former rival...Char known as Quattro Bajeena. The two men will join forces, forgetting the resentment for a time.

Despite everything Amuro is still very marked by what happened during the One Year War, it is the death of Four Murasame during the battle of Kilimanjaro which will mark Amuro again. Reminding him of Lalah's death, but also that all his tragedies just keep repeating themselves.

He will become the commander of the 18th tactical squadron of the Karaba air forces, in command of the MSZ-006A1 Zeta plus A1.

Amuro will be sent into the conflict against Neo Zeon on earth (UC0088). With the Gyps conflict over and the Titans defeated, the AEUG and Karaba then turned to Neo Zeon.

Karaba will send several units into space to help the AEUG, Amuro is one of the pilots sent aboard a Zeta-type unit under the code name White Unicorn.

During the year UC0093, Amuro would join the forces of Londo Bell assembled after the first Neo Zeon War and led by Bright Noa . He will be assigned to the combat ship Ra Cailum and squadron leader of the Mobile Suits. Worried about the return of Char Aznable and Neo Zeon, they will fight several battles on the asteroid Axis which is now under Federal aegis. Thanks to the connection between Londo Bell and Anaheim Electronics, Amuro will build the RX-93 v Gundam that he will have personally designed.

During this new conflict, Amuro will see the instability of various NewTypes forced by war such as Quess Paraya. This one is still strongly traumatized and even haunted by Lalah Sune and when he meets Char on the Londenium colony they will come to blows very quickly.

During the final battle on Axis, Char manages to ignite the asteroid's thermonuclear engines to propel them to Earth. Having succeeded in putting Char's MSN-04 Sazabi out of action, he will recover its cockpit and slam it against the asteroid with the RX-93 v Gundam. With the Nu Gundam's PsychoFrame reacting to the waves emitted by both Amuro and Char, as well as any pilots desperately trying to fend off the asteroid, the unit will eventually overload and explode with a huge green glow. This event, known as the Axis Shock thereafter, will split the asteroid in two and push its pieces beyond Earth's orbit. During this explosion, Char and Amuro will disappear, thus ending their rivalry.

Did you know?

  • Although Amuro Ray's Japanese name is almost always written entirely in katakana, Tomino has at least twice assigned the "mountain ridge" kanji (嶺 Rei) to his surname, once in Mobile Suit Gundam Setting Document/Draft, and during an interview published by Animage near the end of the original 1979 TV broadcast.
  • Amuro can be written with the Kanji "安室" and is more common as a surname in Japan. Japanese musician Namie Amuro mentioned this fact in her song Defend Love, whose music video features Amuro Ray.
  • Tomino shared that he didn't know "Amuro" was a name that existed around the world, as he likes his characters to have weird names. However, he was informed shortly after the original TV series premiere that Amuro is an Okinawa island. Tomino traveled to Amuro Island after the film's production ended to bury a Gundam coin in the sand, which he considered a commemoration of the film's release.
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