AMX-002 Neue Ziel

AMX-002 Neue Ziel

The AMX-002 (AMA-X2) Neue Ziel (ノイエジール Noie Jiiru?) is a prototype

of Mobile Armor for space use featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 OVA  : Stardust Memory. It was piloted by "Solomon's Nightmare" Anavel Gato.


This massive Mobile Armor is given to Delaz's fleet by the remnants of Zeon Axis, who have taken up residence at the Axis asteroid base in the outer reaches of the solar system. Technologically far superior to the Mobile Armor of the One Year War, the Neue Ziel is fast, maneuverable, and is also protected by an I-Field. It has large thrusters throughout its body, giving it great mobility despite its large size. In addition to his arsenal of missiles and particle cannons, he also sports a pair of computer-controlled Wired Claw Arms, which allow even non-Newtypes like Anavel Gato to perform the dreaded "multi-directional all-terrain attack".

  • Propellant Tank

Mounted aft of the waist, the two propellant tanks carry additional propellant for the Neue Ziel's thrusters, improving its speed and operating range. Tanks can be ejected when no longer needed.

  • “Half-Control” System

The "Half-Control" system uses a computer guidance system to operate wire-guided weapons, such as the Neue Ziel's wired claw arms, to perform the "All-Range Attack". Previously only newtypes could perform such attacks, but with this system even non-newtypes can do it. However, conducting such an attack always places a heavy burden on the pilot.

  • I-field Generator

For defense, the Neue Ziel has four generators. Two generators being mounted in the shoulder armor, while the other two being located in the tail skirt armor. Thanks to these generators, the Neue Ziel has 360-degree protection against beam-type weapons.


  • Mega Cannon: Waist-mounted, this high-powered beam cannon is directly connected to the Neue Ziel's generator.
  • Mega Particle Cannon: Nine giant particle cannons were mounted on the Neue Ziel's body, four were installed in the shoulder armor, and the remaining five were mounted in the rear skirt armor. These mega particle cannons were powered by E-Caps and capable of rapid fire.
  • Large Missile Launcher: Four large missile launchers were mounted in the pair of hip-mounted booster binders, with each launcher carrying five large missiles.
  • Small Missile Launcher: The pair of hip-mounted booster binders also carried a missile launcher of 6 tubes each, with each tube carrying ten small missiles. A small 12-tube missile launcher is also mounted in the rear skirt armor, with each tube carrying ten small missiles.
  • Wired Claw Arm: The Neue Ziel's main weapon forearms can be launched at enemy units with wire guidance, then retracted using the same wire. Each Wired Claw Arm is also equipped with a Mega Particle Cannon that can emit a beam-type saber for close combat. Thanks to the new "half control" system, even non-Newtypes can use the wired arms to carry out the dreaded multi-directional "all-terrain attack".
  • Sub-Arm: Two sub-arms are hidden in each shoulder armor. Like the wired claw arms, these underarms are also each equipped with a mega particle cannon that can emit a beam saber.


Developed by Axis engineers under the direction of Haman Karn, the Neue Ziel was one of the most powerful Mobiel Armor of its time. Design for the Neue Ziel began during the One Year's War, but development was postponed due to lack of resources. The construction of the machine was ultimately made possible by advances in various technologies and the wealth of resources in the asteroid belt. He was shipped with the Axis Advanced Fleet when it departed for the Earth Sphere, in unofficial support of Admiral Aiguille Delaz and his fleet during Operation Stardust.

When Delaz's right-hand man and One Year War Zeon ace, Lieutenant Commander Anavel Gato, visited the Axis advance fleet, the fleet admiral told him

transferred as a sign of goodwill. The Neue Ziel allowed Gato to clear the way for Operation Stardust in the latter stages of the battle, and fought evenly against the Federation and its RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium". However, the machine suffered heavy damage from the Federation and its Solar System II (a superweapon), which Gato had previously damaged, and was ultimately destroyed when Gato crashed, kamikaze style, into one of the Federation's cruisers. Salamis class of the Federation.

Did you know?

  • “Neue Ziel” is the German term for “new goal” or “new target”.
  • Designer Mika Akitaka based his design on the image of a swallow-tailed butterfly spreading its wings.
  • In the novel, the Neue Ziel was described as white rather than pale green, and was referred to by Federation soldiers as the "white devil". Later, in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren Greed video game series, Gato would refer to Amuro Ray as the "White Devil of the Federation", causing this nickname to be associated with Amuro and the RX-78-2 Gundam, rather as in Gato and Neue Ziel.
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