Anno Domini

Anno Domini

Sixth alternative universe of the Gundam Saga, Anno Domini has the particularity of using the Gregorian calendar. Indeed, this universe is positioned 300 years in the future according to our era.

The AD features a version of Earth where fossil resources have eventually run out. By building huge orbital elevators connected to two belts of solar panels, civilization was able to continue to thrive. However, conflicts regularly break out because the great world powers, which have built these orbital elevators, keep the monopoly of these elevators, despising the nations which have not contributed to them and constantly seeking to overtake the other blocks.

The world is divided into 3 large blocks, the AEU (Advanced European Union) comprising Europe, part of Russia and the Arctic Islands. The Union, also called World Economic Union, or Union for Solar Energy and Free Nations, is made up of America, Japan, and Oceania. The LRH (League for Human Reform) made up of China, the rest of Russia, and the other countries of Asia. The other nations that are not part of one of these economic blocks, such as the countries of the Middle East or Africa, are then prey to energy conflicts.


In 2051, Aeolia Schenberg was born.

Aeolia Schenberg, then 39 years old, brought a solution to the oil crisis: the creation of Orbital Elevators which would capture solar energy from Earth's orbit. However, the technological level of humanity in 2090 does not allow these theories to materialize. Schenberg also theorized the design of humanoid machines long before Mobile Suits were created.

The following year, in 2091, Aeolia Schenberg proposed her theory on GN Particles and the technology associated with it. Realizing that the world is nothing but hatred and resentment, he sets up an ambitious plan to improve humanity based on the effects of GN Particles.

In 2100 the organization Celestial Being was founded according to the directives of Aeolia Schenberg. The super quantum computer Veda is commissioned and with the help of advanced genetics specialist EA Ray, the living terminals of Veda called the Innovades, are created and cloned according to the genetic heritage of different donors, including EA Ray. In 2101 Aeolia Schenberg disappears from the world, his legacy, that is to say his works for space colonization, are the only thing that remains of him. The world will assume he died on another planet during colonization.

2188, the year of the launch of Europa, a ship which is officially sent to Jupiter to explore it. Unofficially, part of the crew comes from Celestial Being and was tasked with finalizing the design of five GN Drives in Jupiter's orbit. An Innovade named Lars Grise cuts his connection to Veda after killing his wife, he will wish to kill all Innovades on the planet.

The first five GN Drives are finalized and sent to Earth in autonomous capsules in 2200. Incident on the Europa, the ship's crew is decimated by one of them, it was responsible for ejecting all the terminals and to destroy the ship.

It will take five years for a team to join Europa and discover the disastrous spectacle, the team will find a Haro terminal purple containing secret data.

On July 29, 2234, Ralph Eifman will be born in the Union.

The creation of the first orbital elevators is launched in 2250. In 2254, Homer Katagiri will come into the world and Ian Vashti in 2255.

The year 2264 will be marked by several births, January 28 for Sergei Smirnov (LRH), March 19 for Joyce B. Moreno and May 25 for Pang Hercury (LRH). In 2267 it will be the birth of Ruido Resonance and Marlène Vlady.

2271, birth of Alejandro Corner on May 11. June 11, 2275 will be Katy Mannequin's birthday. The following year, in 2276 will be born on April 24 Billy Katagiri, the same year will also be born Chall Acustica. Eco Calore and Robert Spacey will be born in 2277.

The decade of 2280 will be marked by many births too. May 20 it will be Linda Vashti, May 27 Howard Mason, September 10 Graham Aker and October 20 Shirin Bakthiar for 2280. In 2281, August 24 Leesa Kujô and November 2 Daryl Dodge. Lasse Aeon will be born on October 16, 2282. In 2283 will be the year of birth of Marina Ismail on January 12, on March 3 the twins Neil and Lyle Dylandy, on April 9 Klaus Graad, and the same year Deborah Galeina.

In 2284 will be founded the Republic of Moralia (Moralia in VO), in 2285 again births, on March 29 Christina Sierra, July 22 Kinue Crossroad in Japan, and on December 26 Hong Long in China. Lichtendahl Tsery will be born on June 12, 2286. In 2288, February 27 will be born Allelujah Haptism in Kazakhstan (LRH), and during the same year Andrei Smirnov, son of Sergei and Holly Smirnov.

In 2289 the 4th Solar War will break out, but also the "Mars Tragedy". A ship is suffering from an incurable disease near the planet Mars, help will be requested and only Robark Stad Sr., worker on the construction of a colony, will answer the call. A woman will be found, the only survivor of this incident, she will then be accused of being the cause of the incident and sentenced to life in prison. Having heard this story, the Celestial Being organization will invite her to join them, she will accept and will then be known by the code name Marlene Vlady. Also in 2289 will be born Marie Parfacy/Soma Peries on May 21, and Robert Stad Jr.

In 2290 the GN-000 0 Gundam is completed, it is the first MS powered and powered by a GN-Drive. The second generation of Gundam is then started on the basis of the data recovered on the 0 Gundam. Doctor Joyce B. Moreno joins the ranks of Doctors Without Borders and will have Telicyra Herfi, an Innovade, as a partner.

In May of the year 2290, Saji Crossroad will be born in Japan, on July 9 Wang Liu Mei in China and on November 1 Louise Halevy in Spain. April 7, 2291 will be the date of birth of Soran Ibrahim in the republic of Krugis.

The 5th Solar War breaks out in 2292. The GNY-001 Gundam Astraea, GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud, GNY-003 Gundam Adulhool, GNY-004 Gundam Plutone, second generation GN Drive units are completed in the Celestial Being Asteroid Factory , Krung Thep. The AEU is developing its first Mobile Suits, the AEU-05 Hellion, while the LRH is also developing its own with the MSJ-06II-A Tieren. Doctor Joyce B. Moreno leaves Médecins Sans Frontières and Ian Vashti leaves the army, they will both join Celestial Being.

Marlene Vlady and Ruido Resonance, second generation Gundam Meisters will have a daughter, Feldt Grace who will be born on December 28, 2293, the same year marks the birth of Sherilyn Hyde.

Following a sabotage of the Gundam Plutone by the Innovade Beside Pain, its GN-Drive got carried away and led to the death of Ruido Resonance and Marlène Vlady who went to save its pilot, Chall Acustica while they were preventing a terrorist attack on the orbital elevator of the LRH, in the year 2295 This event will then be known to Celestial Being as the Plutone incident. Although having survived, Chall Acustica will have serious consequences following this incident and will remain traumatized by the death of her two friends. 2295 will also be the birth of Leonard Fiennes.

The first Orbital Pillar in Union was completed in 2297. That of the LRH will follow shortly after, that of the AEU is still under construction. A terrorist attack in Ireland caused by the KPSA will cause many victims, including the parents of Lyle and Neil Dylandy as well as their sister.

In 2298, Sergei Smirnov's wife, Holly, dies during a military operation. On November 28, birth of Mileina Vashti, daughter of Ian and Linda Vashti, both Celestial Being engineers. Leesa Kujō graduated from Union International University at the age of 17, she entered the academy with Kati Mannequin to become tacticians for the AEU.

Under the influence of the KPSA led by Ali Al-Saachez, Soran Ibrahim assassinates his own parents, just like a large number of children who will do the same thing, they see themselves carried away in the war between Krugis and Azadistan. Robert Stad Junior joins a Union terrorist group under the name Fon Spaak.

2301, Celestial Being brings the 0 Gundam to the scene of the conflict between Azadistan and the Krugis as a performance test. He will save the life of Soran Ibrahim while his pilot was ordered to leave no traces or witnesses. The Republic of Krugis is annihilated and assimilated by Azadistan, the KPSA is dismantled at the same time.

In 2302, the GN-002 Gundam Dynames , GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh are completed, the GN-005 Gundam Virtue is still in development as well as the GN-001 Gundam Exia . The Innovade Tieria Erde is activated by Veda to observe Celestial Being as Gundam Meister. Grave Violento and Hixar Fermi are tasked with recruiting the Third Generation Meisters. Will be selected: Neil Dylandy under the code name Lockon Stratos, Subject E-0057 under the name Allelujah Haptism and Tieria Erde. Chall Acustica obtains authorization from Veda to form the Fereshte group. Fon Spaak is forcibly enlisted by Celestial Being as a backup Gundam Meister to act with Grave Violento. A civil war breaks out within Celestial Being with the appearance of the CBY-001 1 Gundam and CBY-077 GN Cannon piloted by Beside Pain. This one will finally be stopped by the Gundam Meister 874 and Grave Violento then seriously injured. Gundam Meister 874 will have to take possession of Hanaya's body to pilot the GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie and stop Beside Pain, the Gundam Artemie will be badly damaged in battle and abandoned, Meister 874 will be condemned by Veda to be locked in a terminal Haro for stealing another Innovade's body. This possession will have traumatized Hanaya. Ribbons Almark manipulates data from Veda to make Soran Ibrahim select. He is discovered by Grave Violento who had seen a refusal from all the candidates he had proposed to become the Gundam Meister of the GN-001 Gundam Exia, but Grave then gets shot by Hixar Fermi. Grave Violento is assumed dead in GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel after defeating Beside Pain. After his death, all his data was erased and Hixar Fermi also disappears, he is considered dead by Veda.

Also in 2302, following a base takeover by the LRH, the AEU sends Kati Mannequin and Leesa Kujō to plan the recovery operation. However unconfirmed data errors will cause the two AEU squadrons to kill each other. The incident will traumatize Kujô who will resign from the army, she will lose her love Emilio Ribisi, who died during this incident.

Graham Aker is a test pilot for the YMS-01A Flag, built by the Iris Corporation. He manages to transform the device into flight, which will later be called the Graham maneuver (Graham Special), the Flag is then adopted as a Union mass unit in 2304.

In 2305 GN-001 Gundam Exia is completed, Soran Ibrahim is enlisted in Celestial Being under the code name Setsuna F. Seiei. Leesa Kujô, under the code name Sumeragi Lee Noriega, takes command of Celestial Being's military vessel, the Ptolemy (Ptolemaios in VO), the team will begin training maneuvers for the upcoming operation.

October 6, 2307 marks the start of Celestial Being operations with the interruption of the presentation of the new AEU MS, the AEU-09 Enact by Patrick Collasour, it is Setsuna F. Seiei aboard the Gundam Exia who neutralizes the unit. In duo with Lockon Stratos and the Gundam Dynames, they highlight the number exceeding the quotas imposed by the treaties of military units around the pillar of the AEU in Africa. Simultaneously a neutralization of a terrorist attack against the pillar of the LRH by Tieria Erde with the Gundam Virtue as well as Allelujah Haptism with the Gundam Kyrios.

Following these actions, a message from Aeolia Schenberg is broadcast by Veda on all means of communication explaining the intentions of the organization.

Celestial Being's secret support branch, Fereshte, is officially activated. It is led by ex-Second Generation Gundam Meister Chall Acustica and includes Fon Spaak as lead Meister, Eco Calore as secondary Meister, Hanayo/Meister 874 in supervision, and Sherylin Hyde as lead technician. The organization will use the four improved second generation Gundams but will only have the 0 Gundam's GN Drive to share between the 4 machines.

Celestial Being will chain the armed interventions, with an intervention on the conflict of the islands of Ceylon, the conflict will not cease following this action, but the fact that Celestial Being attacks the two camps will prove to the world its will to put an end to the conflicts.

Faced with Celestial Being, the big blocks react. The Union creates the 8th Independent Tactical Squadron which has the unofficial goal of being a specialized squadron on the tracking, the study, and the possible capture of a Gundam. The squadron will include Mobile Suits expert Ralph Eifman, Billy Katagiri as second engineer, Graham Aker as primary pilot, Howard Mason and Daryl Dodge as secondary pilots. The real name of the squadron is “Anti Gundam Investigation Unit”.

The LRH also set up its Celestial Being tracking unit headed by Colonel Sergei Smirnov, the Chobu unit will integrate the Soma Peries ensign from the Super Soldiers research institute.

Fereshte secretly supports one of Lockon Stratos' missions with the help of the superior sensor battery of the Gundam Sadalsuud piloted by Fon Spaak in a very difficult area of ​​reconnaissance. He will manage to stop a terrorist threat against the pillar of the LRH.

La Taribie announces that she wants to leave the Union, Celestial Being sees this as a provocation that could turn into a conflict. The organization will intervene and destroy a major part of the country's army. The government of Taribia will then renounce its intentions, this maneuver was a devious method of Taribia to obtain what it wanted, at a high cost. A few weeks later the AEU and the Republic of Moralia mount a military exercise to lure Celestial Being and attempt to capture a Gundam. After 5 hours of combat, the organization will get the better of Moralia's army. This disaster for the republic will bring it closer to the AEU which will concentrate their efforts in the development of new weapons. Setsuna will also find there a former member of the KPSA, Ali al-Saachez, head of the organization.

The terrorist group La Edenra launches indiscriminate attacks demanding the dissolution of Celestial Being, the organization will find the base and put an end to the actions of La Edenra.

Shortly after, the year 2308 begins, the Chobu team of the LRH mounts an operation to capture a Gundam and manages to locate the mothership of the organization, the Ptolemy (Ptolemaios in VO, Ptolemy in VA) . Thanks to the mental interference (quantum waves) that Soma Peries inflicts on Allelujah Haptism, he ends up losing consciousness and is captured. The Gundam Virtue is also about to be seized because overworked by its too fast enemies, Tieria Erde will be forced to play a card that was not planned and will have to prematurely reveal the existence of the hidden GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh under the armor of the Virtue. The Kyrios will manage to break free as well by destroying the container ship it was in, the pilot, Allelujah Haptism, regaining control by waking up his other Hallelujah personality.

Celestial Being attacks the LRH super soldiers research institute and destroys the facilities, this initiative proposed by Allelujah and validated by Veda caused the revelation of these laboratories, which caused a huge scandal in the LRH, the super power will have to announce officially its abandonment by arresting all those who worked on the project.

The Kingdom of Azadistan gets help to build its own generator to receive energy from the orbital pillars. This causes tensions between the two main political parties and the country threatens to descend into civil war following the kidnapping of the leader of the conservative party, Immad Massoud Rachmadi. The Union will launch a rescue operation to prevent war from breaking out, but without success. Celestial Being will release the hostage and manage to stop the emerging conflict, the Exia will hand over Massoud Rachmadi to the royal palace, unarmed, marking public opinion with the role of Celestial Being who only seeks to put an end to the conflict. In parallel, Fereshte was sent to support the actions of Celestial Being on the tensions of Azadistan, Fon Spaak will eliminate several opposing units with the Gundam Abulhool and will find himself confronted with Ali Al-Saachez.

The three super powers join forces by mounting a fake military exercise, in order to lure Celestial Being in an attempt to capture one or more Gundams. By revealing to a terrorist group the position of a secret uranium warehouse, they will provoke an intervention from Celestial Being, aware that it is a trap she cannot ignore the consequences of a terrorist attack against an ancient uranium deposit. After 16 hours of fierce combat, the Gundams are on the verge of failing and being captured due to the large number of enemies launching a continuous assault. Team Trinity will then appear to rescue the Gundams with their Gundam Throne, with the GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei using a cloud of particles to cause enemies to flee. Fon Spaak witnessed the fights with an Enact and was under orders to observe only.

The Celestial Being Watchers hold an emergency meeting regarding Team Trinity and the Gundam Thrones which are unknown to Veda. They decide to officially recognize the team and also take stock of the current Celestial Being team, deciding to keep the current squad despite some blunders.

Team Trinity attacks the Union's MSWAD base and kills Professor Ralph Eifman as he was about to uncover the secret of the GN Drives and Schenberg's plan. The Trinity attack numerous bases of the super powers causing immense damage and numerous military and civilian deaths.

The Trinity tell Fereshte that the organization is disbanded and demand that they turn over the 0 Gundam GN Drive to them. Fon Spaak will come out with the Gundam Plutone to counter them but the Trinity will ask Veda to blow up his explosive necklace, seriously injuring him. He will be rescued by Gundam Meister 874 which will eject the Plutone's Core Fighter and self-destruct the machine, fleeing with the 0 Gundam's GN Drive used by the Plutone. Fon Spaak will be treated secretly on board the Ptolémé thanks to the contacts that Chall Acustica has kept with his old friends Ian Vashti and Doctor Moreno. Ian justifies their passage for a refueling, which will then remain secret from the eyes of the rest of the crew.

United Nations Ambassador Alejandro Corner reveals to pilot Deborah Galiena and historian Robert Spacey the GNX-509T Throne Varanus, the prototype of future GN-Xs. Alejandro reveals his Celestial Being affiliation to them and persuades the pilot to test the machine. Its data will be used to design the GNX-603T GN-X.

As the missions follow one another for the Trinity team, Nena Trinity attacks a civil wedding ceremony to pass her nerves. Louise Halevy's entire family will die there, Lousie will be the only survivor and she will be seriously irradiated and mutilated by the attack.

Celestial Being will not accept these methods, Setsuna F. Seiei will attack the Trinity recognizing them as conflict provocateurs. The Trinity will reveal Setsuna's real identity to Lockon Stratos by telling him that he was part of the terrorist movement which caused the attack in Ireland, the attack perpetrated by the KPSA and which caused the death of the family of Lockon. They will end up fleeing the fight following the activation of the Trial System by Tieria Erde. Tieria Erde will at that time be revoked from Veda by Ribbons Almark and will no longer be able to use the system, as the Trial System needs support from Veda.

Laguna Harvey, a powerful industrialist and also Observer of Celestial Being, will hand over to the three powers the Tau GN Drives following their design by stealing data from Veda. The great nations will unite under the banner of the United Nations Forces and will launch an Anti Gundam campaign with their new weapons, this operation will then be called Fallen Angels. The reporter Kinue Crossroad then investigates the links between Laguna Harvey and Celestial Being, she is murdered by Ali Al-Saachez. Saji Crossroad, his younger brother, will not learn the news until his return, he is at that time in Spain with Luise Halevy.

The first battles of the GNX-603T are against the Trinity team, the operation is a semi-success, forcing the three Thrones to flee against the power of the new machines the United Nations forces finally know their first victory.

Alejandro Corner accompanied by Ribbons Almark goes to the dark side of the Moon in order to discover the location of Veda. Laguna Harvey is assassinated in his office by Ali Al-Saachez, Corner orders all Watchers removed and finds where Veda is hidden.

The United Nations attack the Trinity base with their GN-X, the team will be forced to flee and continue to be tracked, out of breath, the Trinity will be found by Ali Al-Saachez he kills Michael then steals the Gundam Throne Zwei, with the Throne Zwei he will kill Johann Trinity, Nena Trinity will manage to escape with the help of the Exia who engages in combat with Al-Saachez. Meanwhile Alejandro Corner gains full control of Veda with the help of Ribbons Almark and reveals the presence of Aeolia Schenberg's cryosleep body. By killing him he triggers a scenario hidden in Veda which will delete the Gundam Meisters data and activate the Trans-Am function of the GN Drives. Thanks to this new function Setsuna F. Seiei will regain the upper hand in his fight against the Throne Zwei who will flee.

The Union and AEU lead a joint operation piloted by Kati Mannequin to flush out and attack Celestial Being's mothership. Several GN-Xs will be destroyed. During the operation, Corner will cut the link that unites the Gundams to Veda, thus deactivating the third generation. With the help of an autonomous OS on board as a preventive measure, the Ptolemy team is able to regain the upper hand, the OS will activate on all Gundams except the Virtue, an interference due to its nature of 'Innovade and its connection with Veda. Lockon Stratos will intervene to help Tieria Erde, the Gundam Dynames will be severely damaged and Lockon injured (he will lose an eye). Celestial Being will manage to beat the GN-X thanks to the new equipment and the Trans-Am. But the assaults against the Ptolemy do not stop, the GN-X forces present on Earth are sent into space to eliminate Celestial Beings once and for all.

Setsuna F. Seiei, still on Earth, also returns to space with the GN-Arms Type E support unit. As he tries to reach the Ptolemy, the ship faces a new assault, the Dynames comes out equipped with the Arms Type D and manages to destroy two of the three Virginia-class ships. He will find himself facing the Gundam Throne Zwei, piloted by Ali Al-Saachez, blinded by revenge Lockon suffers serious damage and will have to abandon the Dynames, he asks the embarked Haro unit to return with the Dynames aboard the Ptolemy. Lockon Stratos will use a GN-Arms cannon to destroy the Throne Zwei, a crossfire will damage both units, Ali Al-Saachez will come out seriously injured, as for Lockon he will perish while the Exia arrives for the 'help.

The Mobile Armor GNMA-XCVII Alvatore piloted by Alejandro Corner himself then enters the scene during Lockon's fight, the devastating power of this machine causes heavy damage to Celestial Being and manages to bring down the Ptolemy. Lichtendahl Tsery, Christina Sierra and Joyce B. Moreno will find death in the destruction of the ship, Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Feldt Grace and Ian Vashti will have been able to flee before.

The Gundam Exia engages the Alvatore, the GN Arms Type E support will be destroyed during the assault seriously injuring its pilot, Lasse Aeon. The Exia will achieve damage the Alvatore which will then reveal the GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron, a Mobile Suit hidden in the Alvatore. Alejandro Corner will be killed in action upon learning of Ribbons Almark's treachery who used him to find Veda.

Allelujah Haptism is shot following a fight between him and the Smirnov/Perries duo. The Gundam Kyrios will be badly damaged. Allelujah will be seriously injured in the head but his second personality, Hallelujah, will let himself die in his place. He will be captured by the United Nations. The Gundam Nadleeh is also seriously damaged, following the fighting Fereshte recovers the GN Drive of the Gundam Kyrios then adrift. Tieria Erde will come out unscathed, Patrick Colasour is not killed in combat and will proclaim himself the indestructible.

Graham Aker engages in a duel with Setsuna F Seiei, Aker pilots a Flag equipped with a pseudo GN-Drive. The fight will end in a draw, the Gundam Exia will be badly damaged, Graham Aker seriously burned in the partial destruction of his Over Flag, as for Setsuna F. Seiei will be missing as well as the Exia.

The United Nations announces having triumphed over Celestial Being, Ribbons Almark comes out of the shadows and launches with the help of Veda his movement of Innovators.

Development of the GN-0000 00 Gundam has begun.

The Hixar Fermi Innovade reappears, known as the "Eye of Veda" within Celestial Being. He will steal the Gundam Sadalsuud Type F from Fereshte with the help of the Innovade Hanaya, Hanayo's Haro terminal/Gundam Meister 874 is destroyed by Hanaya, Hanayo is reintegrated into Veda.

In 2309, a rumor about the imminent reappearance of the Gundams, the United Nations denies everything and puts in place a control of the media. Fon Spaak leaves Fereshte to engage in personal operations and leaves with the Astraea Type F2, Chall Acustica will declare him a traitor and order Hixar Fermi, who has integrated Fereshte with Hanaya, to hunt him down and capture him.

Sherylin Hyde manages to rebuild Hanayo's Haro terminal, she frees her from this Haro by giving her the ability to download into any other terminal.

After acting with a terrorist group to find out more about the United Nations and confronting the new model United Nations, the GN-XII, Fon Spaak goes back into space and manages to steal the CBS-68 Euclides from Celestial Being. He disappears for a while with Hanayo's help.

The United Nations proclaims the establishment of the Federal Planetary Government in 2311.

Hixar Fermi manages to locate Fon Spaak, this one has a plan to project asteroids on the Earth. The Federation send countermeasures to prevent this attack but Fon detonates them first, his goal was to cause a dust screen in front of the Union's solar panels. Observing the priority rerouting of energy, he managed to locate Veda's location on the lunar surface, Fon Spaak is attacked by clones of the Hixar Innovades Fermi and Grave Violento aboard a rebuilt Gundam Rasiel as well as several copies of the Second generation Gundam. With the help of the real Hixar Fermi he will take down all the Innovades sent by Ribbons Almark. Fon will manage to enter Veda's facilities, he will be greeted impersonally by Ribbons Almark who will congratulate him for his determination but deactivate this data center to transfer Veda to a mainframe located in the astroidal base Celestial Being.

Following these events Fereshte is absorbed into Celestial Being. In response to the terrorist attacks, the Federation sets up the Autonomous Peacekeeping Force, the A-Laws, this elite body is placed under the direction of Homer Katagiri.

The GNX-704T Ahead is fielded and becomes the standard A-Laws unit.

328 member states of the Federation approve the dissolution of most of the nations' armed forces in favor of a single army, the Army of the Planetary Federal Government, in 2312. The Federation begins mass production of the GNX-609T GN-XIII and Ribbons Almark supports the President of the Federation along with the other Innovators he leads. Ribbons Almark meets Louise Halevy and offers her a treatment for the cellular degeneration caused by the red GN Particles (following the attack of Nena Trinity), he promises her to have her revenge against Celestial Being in exchange for the financial support of her family , Ribbons brings Louise into the A-Laws.

The A-Laws organization causes 14 massacres in the name of planetary unity, the acts are hidden from the public and misinformation is relayed with the help of Veda and Ribbons Almark. The A-Laws launch the real-life test of the GNX-704T Ahead on the Lazarus Space Station to track down Katharon dissidents, various people suspected of being Katharon members are captured. Saji Crossroad will be among the captured despite his innocence, he is sent to the Proud colony, under construction to undergo forced labor. The A-Laws organization intends to get rid of its prisoners by sending Automaton to exterminate them, Sestuna F. Seiei who was investigating the actions of the A-Laws will intervene by destroying most of the death machines. He will save the life of Saji Crossroad who will then discover the real identity of his ex-neighbor, he will be attacked by the squadron in which Louise Halevy is assigned and the partially repaired Gundam Exia will not be able to fight. Setsuna will be saved by the arrival of Tieria Erde and the GN-008 Seravee Gundam.

Following this incident revealing that Celestial Being is still active, the Federation places the Federal Security Agency under the control of A-Laws, following the incident on Proud are transferred Soma Peries, Kati Mannequin and Mr. Bushido (alias Graham Aker) within the A-Laws. The Innovade Leif Recitativo is activated with the mission to recruit a group of 6 Innovades without explanation of the reason. He is assisted by Innovade Telicyra Herfi.

The Royal Princess of Azadistan, Marina Ismail, is arrested by the Security Agency for having been in contact with Celestial Being four years previously.

Setsuna F. Seiei recruits Neil Dylandy's twin brother, Lyle Dylandy, to succeed him as Lockon Stratos. He also brings back Sumeragi Lee Noriega who had fled following the events of the Battle of Lagrange 1, she had found Billy Katagiri, an ex-college friend, with whom she was taking refuge, Billy will then learn his true identity. Saji Crossroad will join the crew of the Ptolemy 2 by force of circumstance.

The first fourth-generation Gundam, the GN-0000 00 Gundam, is fielded for its first battle, along with the GN-Drives of the 0 Gundam and the Exia. It will be used to protect the Ptolemy 2 from the A-Laws as Setsuna returns to the ship with Lyle and Sumeragi, this will be the first fielding of a Twin-Drive System.

Agent Wang Liu Mei sends Celestial Being the location of the prison where Allelujah Haptism is located in LRH territory, Celestial Being launches a rescue mission during which he will be recovered, as well as Marina Ismail who was detained there, several members of Katharon will be freed by the rebel agency at the same time. The GN-006 Cherudim and GN-007 Arios will be fielded for the first time on this mission.

Major Aber Rindt is sent to work in conjunction with Kati Mannequin in the pursuit of Celestial Being in the Middle East, Rindt will send the GNMA-04B11 Trilobite for underwater combat against the Ptolemy 2, GNX-704T/AC Ahead Sakigake from Mr Bushido and Peries' GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron will also make their first outing. Ribbons Almark sends Ali Al-Saachez to destroy the Kingdom of Azadistan with the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam.

Celestial Being gains a base in Katharon in order to drop off Marina Ismail there, her location is discovered by the A-Laws, Saji who has left the base is intercepted by United Nations soldiers who transmit the information to the A-Laws. As Celestial Being leaves the base, A-Laws sends Automaton to kill soldiers and civilians indiscriminately. The A-Laws launch a new assault on Katharon's base, but Celestial Being manages to repel them and protect the survivors.

The Innovade Revive Revival is transferred to A-Laws with a standalone license, it will be joined shortly after by Bring Stabity, another Innovade. They are both members of the Ribbons Almark Innovators group.

During one of the operations against Celestial Being, Soma Peries and Allelujah Haptism are mutually slaughtered and crash land on a nearby island, Soma Peries regains his original identity, Marie Parfacy. They will be found by Colonel Sergei Smirnov who will let them go, declaring that Soma Peries is officially missing in action and wishing him to live his happy life. During the search to find Allelujah and the Arios Gundam, Tieria Erde will meet her Innovade genetic double, Regene Regetta, who will reveal to her their existence and what he is, an Innovade. Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy will be found by Lockon Stratos, Marie will join the crew of the Ptolemy 2.

A Federal reception where A-Laws financiers meet takes place, Tieria Erde and Setsuna F. Seiei had infiltrated to get information on their enemy but were discovered, Ribbons Almark presents them unmasks Tieria (alros in disguise as a woman) and Louise Halevy meets Setsuna, it will be Billy Katagiri who will recognize Setsuna and report him.

A-Laws launches an operation to trap the Ptolemy 2 underwater but the ship will take advantage of the attack to flee into space, during this attack, Revive Revival tests for the first time in a real situation the GNZ-003 Gadessa. The Ptolemy 2 joins the base of Lagrange 3 for supplies. First test of the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser which exceeds theoretical expectations.

A-Laws uses the orbital cannon Memento Mori to destroy the capital of the Kingdom of Suille, the organization manages to locate Celestial Being's base on Lagrande 3 and attacks it. They had to beat a retreat following the remarkable performance of the 00 Raiser, Anew Returner joined the crew of the Ptolemy 2, the GNR-101A GN Archer was commissioned. Saji Crossroad becomes the pilot of the GNR-010 0 Raiser.

Ribbons Almark orders his Innovators to capture the 00 Raiser and sends Hilling Care and Devine Nova as reinforcements.

Katharon launches an attack on the Memento Mori but is surprised by the weapon's angle of attack, with the majority of the fleet wiped out. Celestial Being allies with Katharon to destroy the cannon. The Ptolemy 2 will succeed in destroying the Memento Mori cannon thanks to the combined action of the Seravee and the Cherudim, but above all to a precise shot from Lockon Stratos.

The Innovators attack the Ptolemy 2 in direct retaliation with the destruction of the Memento Mori, the ship is forced to crash in Europe but A-Laws manages to locate them thanks to Anew Returner who is an undercover Innovator agent unaware of what she is. The Mobile Armor GNMA-Y0001 Empruss is thrown into battle, it is eventually destroyed with the use of the Seravee's hidden asset, the Seraphim Gundam.

Setsuna is separated from the Ptolemy following the chaos that followed the destruction of Memento Mori and returns to the former republic of Krugis. There he meets Ribbons Almark who asks him to surrender and return the 00 Raiser, he refuses and Ali Al-Saachez wounds him with his gun.

The A-Laws launches a big attack against Celestial Being in Europe, the battle turned in favor of A-Laws but they have to retreat because a terrorist attack is triggered on the pillar of the AEU. Mari Parfacy/Soma Peries becomes a volunteer pilot for the GN Archer. Setsuna finds refuge in the Middle East base of Katharon where he will be treated, leaving to find the Ptolemy 2 he will be intercepted by Graham Aker and his GNX-U02X Masuaro, the first MS using a GN Drive Tau capable of Trans Am. rescued in time by his partners before losing consciousness.

The African orbital pillar is taken hostage by Pang Hercury who attempts a coup to make the public aware of the actions of A-Laws. Because of the disinformation caused by A-LAws who manipulates the images in his favor, Hercury passes for a terrorist and the public sees images of civilians being murdered by terrorists when in reality it is automatons who have sown the carnage. A-laws will fire the Memento Mori 2 against the pillar which will manage to damage it, despite the destruction of the weapon by the 00 Raiser. Sumeragi will call on all armies on site to destroy the debris that threatens to ravage the inhabitants below, Sergei Smirnov who was secretly sent to negotiate and Pang Hercury will be killed in action by Andrei Smirnov.

Four months after the African Pillar incident, A-Laws continues to pursue Celestial Being who has launched no less than 20 operations. Thanks to their control of the media, public opinion is largely supportive of A-Laws' action following the African Pillar incident.

The Innovade Revive Revival is captured during an operation against Celestial Being and is taken prisoner on the Ptolemy 2. Revive Revival activates Anew Returner and the two Innovades take control of the ship, Revive will attempt to steal the 0 Raiser but it will be intercepted by Setsuna who will force the docking with the 00 Gundam and the help of the Haro unit present in the cockpit.

The two Innovades will flee, but they directly launch an operation following this infiltration to try to destroy one of the Gundams, taking advantage of Lockon Stratos' feelings for Anew, but Anew Returner will be killed in battle by Setsuna.

Wang Liu Mei arranges to meet the Ptolemy 2 on the abandoned colony Eclipse, promising them the coordinates of Veda. She is followed by Nena Trinity who decides to betray her for the benefit of Ribbons, but also because she could never bear to be at their service. Hong Long is killed protecting Wang Liu Mei. The Innovade Regene Regetta gives Wang Liu Mei the coordinates of Veda.

Setsuna F. Seiei and Wang Liu Mei reunite on Eclipse. She gives him the coordinates then they separate, Wang is intercepted by Nena with the Gundam Throne Drei which destroys the shuttle in which she was. Shortly after, Ribbons tells her that she is no longer needed for his plan, he sent Louise Halevy with the Mobile Armor GNA-001V Regnant who manages to get revenge on her family by killing Nena Trinity, the one responsible for the massacre .

Setsuna F. Seiei begins to awaken at the natural Innovator stage.

Under the direct command of Homer Katagiri, a mass offensive is sent against Celestial Being towards Lagrange 2, the Innovades leave A-Laws on orders from Ribbons Almark to fortify their ranks.

Celestial Being collects the 0 Gundam to increase its numbers, as well as equipment for the other Gundams.

Regene Regetta attempts to dethrone Ribbons Almark and kills him, but in reality he only killed one of his clones, Regene is killed by Ali Al-Saachez who is still operating in Ribbons' shadow.

Celestial Being manages to locate the base where Veda is located, a huge camouflaged asteroid vessel in lunar orbit, the Celestial Being.

Allied with Katharon, the Federal Forces decide to arrest the A-Laws for barbaric acts, Ribbons Almark has the majority of the autonomous forces destroyed with the Memento Mori type cannon of the Celestial Being, Ribbons launches into battle the Gaga suicide squads piloted by Serial clones of Devine Nova and Bring Stabity.

Patrick Colasour attempts to sacrifice himself to protect Kati Mannequin's ship and survives.

First activation of 00 Raiser's Trans Am Burst following Setsuna's full awakening to Innovator rank. The Ptolemy 2 tries everything and rushes to the Celestial Being base, Tieria Erde infiltrates the Celestial Being and finds Ribbons in the Veda room. He is shot by the leader of the Innovators but he was able to transfer his consciousness into Veda and regain control of it, Tieria will deactivate all of the Innovades' MS with the Seraphim Gundam's Trial System that he pilots thanks to his link to Veda.

Ribbons Almark decides to take out his ultimate asset, the Reborns Gundam, he will destroy the Seraphim Gundam, freeing the other Innovades. The members of Celestial Being manage to take down the various pilots of Ribbons Almark's group.

The 00 Gundam and the Reborns Gundam engage in combat and are partially destroyed in the clash, Ribbons gets their hands on the 0 Gundam and manages to activate it with one of the GN Drives stolen from the 00 Gundam. Setsuna receives the Gundam Exia Repair II from the Ptolemy. A final duel then takes place between Ribbons Almark and Setsuna F. Seiei, the 0 Gundam is destroyed, Ribbons killed in battle.

The Federation announces the dissolution of A-Laws, many changes are made to the government.

Homer Katagiri commits suicide according to the Seppuku ceremony to avoid dishonor.

Kati Mannequin and Patrick Colasour are getting married. Allelujah Haptism and Soma Peries go on a trip, they decide to travel the world.

Celestial Being returns to the shadows and secretly rebuilds its manpower and weaponry, they will test Seven Sword/G gear for the 00 Gundam. The Federation proclaims a new pacifist policy oriented towards the maintenance of world peace.

Following this, between 2312 and 2314, Celestial Being begins the development of replacement units for GN-006 Cherudim and GN-007 Arios which were heavily damaged during the Battle of Lagrange 2. Linda Vashti leaves Earth in the direction of Jupiter to design two new GN Drives, but also the beginning of the design of the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] .

In 2314, the Federation which took control of Veda discovers the existence of the Innovators, Veda then designates Descartes Shaman as Innovator, he will be officially recognized as the first Innovator.

Marina Ismail, who has become a representative for the Middle East, is targeted by Colony Public Corporation of Colony SOE, an assassination attempt against Marina will be foiled by Celestial Being.

After 130 years of abandonment, the spaceship Europa leaves the orbit of Jupiter and heads for the Earth, the Federation tries to repel the spaceship by firing salvoes of missiles at it, but it is unscathed. Another squadron led by Andrei Swmirnov is sent but the ship can only be destroyed with the intervention of Descartes Shaman and the GNMA-Y002V Gadelaza, the multiple debris of the ship crashes on Earth. Strange events are triggered on Earth following this incident and near the crash sites of the debris. Machines act on their own, humans seem attacked and begin a partial transformation into metal. Only people with the faculties to become Innovator are targeted, Billy Katagiri, assisted by Mina Carmine are sent by the Federation to investigate.

In view of the incidents happening on Earth, Celestial Being sends Setsuna and Lockon to see if their comrades are not in danger. Setsuna manages to narrowly save Louise Halevy and Saji Crossroad being attacked by a metallic clone of Ribbons Almark, Allelujah Haptism and Soma Peries are also attacked in Mongolia and saved by Lockon with the Dynames Repair.

The Federation discovers the origin of the incidents, an extraterrestrial entity that manifests in metallic form. She will call them the ELS for Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters, they confirm that the ELS attack people with quantum brain waves, the potential Inonovators.

Tieria Erde obtains a new body from Veda and has finalized the design of a new personal unit, the CB-002 Raphael Gundam, he immediately takes off from the Celestial Being base to find the Ptolemy 2.

The Europa reappears and heads towards Earth again, it is actually a copy made by the ELS, it is intercepted by Celestial Being who launches GN-010 Zabanya and GN-011 Harute for the first time, as well as the GN-0000 Gundam Condenser Type, but Setsuna quickly loses his temper due to the ELS' mental attacks. Tieria Erde intervenes in time with the CB-002 Raphael Gundam and destroys the ship.

A huge hole forms in Jupiter and destroys its satellites Ios and Ganymede, a huge mass comes out of it, it seems to be the base of the ELS, it is heading towards Earth, estimates speak of 95 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes, 42 seconds before it arrives.

The Federation initiates a plan to lure the ELS with Shaman's brainwaves to lure them to Mars. The operation works but the number of ELS is colossal, Descartes Shaman will be killed in battle not being able to manage so many ELS, but weakened by the waves of the ELS interfering in his brain.

Celestial Being will also intervene, Setsuna will seek to activate the Trans Am Burst in an attempt to communicate with the ELS, the attempt fails and Setsuna falls into a coma. Tieria once again sacrifices his body to save his comrades, he will use the hidden asset of the Raphael Gundam, the Seravee II which will recover the cockpit of the 00 Raiser then destroy his two units to allow Lockon and Allelujah to flee, resulting in the destruction of the GN-0000+GNR010 00 Raiser Condenser Type, CB-002 Raphael Gundam and Seravee II.

Celestial Being will be rescued by the Sol Brave Squadron led by Graham Aker. GNT-0000 00Qan[T] is finally completed and delivered to Ptolemy 2. The Federation sets up a line of defense to counter the ELS with all their space forces, and the Celestial Being base, Setsuna F. Seiei is still in the coma.

The defensive assaults of the Federation hardly slow down the advancing ELS and assimilate many ships and GN-XIV, 30% of the Federal forces are destroyed. In addition, the assimilated units serve as models for the ELS, they thus create copies of the Earth's armaments and become even stronger.

The Gundam Zabanya and Harute are sent as reinforcements, the ELS manage to cross the Earth defense line, Andrei Smirnov will be killed in battle, sacrificing himself to protect the Earth like his parents.

Setsuna manages to wake up and goes into battle with the 00 Qan[T], he is assisted by Tieria Erde who is present via a Terminal Veda. Setsuna decides to use the 00 Qan[T] Quantum System to attempt dialogue within the very heart of the ELS mothership. He is escorted by his comrades and also by the Sol Brave squadron which is decimated, Graham Aker will be killed in action opening the way to Setsuna, crushing his GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type) .

Gundam Zabanya and Harute are destroyed in combat, but their pilots are safe.

Setsuna manages to infiltrate the ELS ship, the majority of Earth ships including the Ptolemy 2 and the Celestial Being are about to be assimilated, but by activating the Quantum System, Setsuna manages to establish contact with the ELS which will suspend the attacks. Following their mental exchanges they manage to grasp the misunderstanding and understand their origin, at that moment, the ELS mother ship turns into a desert flower, a symbol of peace for Setsuna. The 00 Qan[T] leaves the solar system with the help of the Transition System to join the home planet of the ELS and better understand them.

In 2364, 40% of humanity awakened to Innovation. The GNW-100A Sakibure is commissioned, and the Sumeragi spacecraft is chartered to explore space, it will be commanded by Klaus Graad.

Setsuna returns to Earth 70 years after the end of the conflict with the ELS to find Marina Ismail, he merged with the ELS and the Qan[T] too.


Here is the list of the works of the Anno Domini in chronological order of the course of the story (some of them have parallel or overlapping timelines).

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00P
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (season 1)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00F
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Season 2)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00I
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Bonds
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: In Those Days
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00- Awakening of the Trailblazer
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00I 2314
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