ASW-G-11 Gusion Rebake Full City

ASW-G-11 Gusion Rebake Full City

The ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City is a Mobile Suit introduced

in the second season of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS and is piloted by Akihiro Altland.


Like the Barbatos, the Gusion Rebake suffered severe damage through repeated battles, so it was upgraded into a new form by Teiwaz. The process used newly acquired mechanical data from the Calamity War era, restoring the machine's original performance, and combined it with Akihiro's battle-based equipment data collection. As a result, the Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City is a hybrid of old and new. Its exterior and equipment are all new, but it retains its predecessor's basic structure and features, such as Sub-Arms, high-sensitivity sensor in the head, and alternate head modes.

The MS's equipment overhaul also improved the transfer rate of the enormous energy generated by its two Ahab reactors. The new weapons added included those that are more specialized for close combat, as Akihiro requested. The MS's handheld weapons change as needed, allowing it to adapt flexibly to close or ranged combat. With its close and ranged combat capabilities, as well as the usefulness of Sub-Arms, the machine can be used in more tactics than other Mobile Suits.

  • Alaya-Vijnana

An organic device system, this old man-machine interface was developed during the Calamity War to maximize the capabilities of the Mobile Suit. Therefore, most MS of that era, such as Gundams, are compatible with it. The system has two parts, one part is installed in the machine and the other part is implanted in the rider's spine. With this system, the pilot can connect to the on-board computer of the MS and directly process the data of this MS. It also allows the pilot (even uninstructed) to use a Mobile Suit for combat without reading the instruction manual. The implant in the driver also improves spatial awareness. The decline in technical capabilities after the Calamity War, coupled with the use of an incomplete version of the system in outer sphere areas (such as Mars and Jupiter), leads to implant surgery having a low success rate and not can only be performed at a young age to let the implant fuse together as the pilot grows. The Alaya-Vijnana system installed on the Gundam Gusion Rebake was salvaged from a Man Rodi, it was not present in its ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion form. With this system in place, compatible pilots like Akihiro Altland can display the Gundam's original performance, which Kudal Cadel could not do when piloting the Gundam Gusion. Thanks to the system, the pilot can see things impossible with the naked eye in aiming mode, while in normal mode, a feeling similar to the distance of the living body is transmitted to the pilot. The system helps to control the four arms of the machine (two main arms, two sub-arms).

  • Sub-Arms

Derived from the arms of the Graze, a sub-arm is stored in each of the booster pods of the backpack. The performance of these weapons is comparable to that of the Gusion Rebake's main weapons and can fire the Graze's 120mm rifle with great accuracy. They can also be used in melee, attacking the enemy with the halberd.

  • Sight Mode

Similar to the original Gusion Rebake, the head of the Gusion Rebake Full City can change into a compact form known as "Sight Mode". Thanks to the sensitivity sensor in the head, Sight Mode provides high accuracy even when the MS is using four 120mm long-range rifles.

  • Long Range Flight Backpack Unit

The latest booster pack. e Gusion Rebake Full City, is sandwiched between unit parts when in use. As it was built in a hurry, it uses JEE-M103 Kutan Type-III amplifiers. Equipped with a detachable Railgun, it allows a Mobile Suit to move at extremely high speeds and cover great distances in a short time.


  • Scissor-Variable arear Armor: Large rear waist armor can be removed and used as a shield, or transform into a scissor-like melee weapon that can be used to crush enemy MS. The scissor form manages to fully utilize the maximum power of the machine's Ahab Reactors.
  • Knucle Guard: Stored in the forearm armor, it is attached to the wrist via a ring. When in use, the knuckle guard slides out from under the hand, rotates, and mounts to the back of the hand. In addition to serving as small shields, the pair of knuckle guards can also be used offensively, and particularly excel in point-blank combat where the enemy is caught by the Gundam's Sub-arms.
  • Rocket Gun: Stored in the forearm armor, it only has one rocket and doesn't deal much damage to MS. To use the rocket, the Knuckle Guard must be installed on the back of the hand. The weapon's barrel extends when in use, and the gas is vented out the back when firing the rocket.
  • 120mm Long Range Rifle: Modified long range version of the Graze's 120mm rifle, created by Teiwaz engineers, who are with the Turbines. Thanks to the longer barrel and the extra range, its long-range accuracy has been greatly improved. However, its rate of fire is slower than that of the Graze's 120mm rifle. The Gusion Rebake Full Ciy can carry 4 of these weapons simultaneously thanks to its Sub-Arms.
  • Smoothbore Gun: The same weapon used by the Gundam Barbatos. It is a 300mm caliber cannon with a 60mm machine gun on the bottom, although the emphasis has been on power rather than accuracy. Although it is produced for use primarily in the non-gravity environment and space, it seems to work very well when used under gravity. The Gusion Rebake used a pair in their first battle against the Hashmal.
  • Gusion Rebake Halberd: A battle ax with an extendable handle. When the hilt is fully extended, it has higher attack power when swung, as well as a wider effective range. By retracting the handle, it can be used as a short ax for closer range combat or as a ranged weapon. When not in use, it is stored behind the shield as a short axe.
  • Railgun: A weapon that comes with the Long Range Flight Backpack, it can fire while attached to the unit or detached and carried by the Gusion Rebake Full City.


The Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City was first deployed in the Space Battle against the Dawn Horizon Corps, where it was tasked with defending the Isaribi and Hotarubi against hordes of Garm Rodis using four long-range rifles , and nearly cutting through a Garm Rodi with his Scissor-Variable Rear Armor before the enemy pilot surrendered.

Later in the Arbrau-SAU War, the Gusion Rebake Full City was deployed alongside the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus and some Shidens to aid the Terran Branch of Tekkadan during the conflict. After Akihiro learned of Aston's death, he pursued and defeated Galan Mossa, who was responsible for his death. However, Galan activated a self-destruct function in his Geirail. Luckily, Akihiro survived unscathed, with his MS sustaining little damage.

The Gusion Rebake Full City was later deployed to Mars, where it attempted to prevent the rampaging Mobile Armor, Hashmal, from reaching Chryse City. As Akihiro closed in on the MA to get his attention, his Alaya-Vijnana System's limiter activated, knocking him out and disabling the pursuit.

It was then deployed alongside the ASW-G-64 Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go) and the Riden-Go, for a rescue from the Turbines after they were trapped

by Gjallarhorn, for the transport of the illegal weapon Dainsleif. Together, the trio help save fleeing non-combatants from Gjallarhorn's indiscriminate attacks. As revenge for the assault on the Tubines, which led to its disbandment and the deaths of Naze and Amida, the Gusion Rebake Full City, along with the rest of Tekkadan, launched an attack on JPT Trust, which had conspired with Gjallahorn to eliminate the Turbines.

After carrying out their revenge, the Gusion Rebake Full City were to defend the Hotarubi and Isaribi while supporting McGillis Fareed's revolution within Gjallahorn. Tekkadan and McGillis were subsequently forced to retreat to Tekkadan HQ on Mars. On its final deployment, the Gusion Rebake Full City was deployed alongside the organization's remaining MS to help buy time as the other Tekkadan members escape from the base. Eventually, only the Gundam Gusion Rebake

Full City and the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex were left behind, as Akihiro and Mikazuki managed to convince the other MS pilots to escape as well. The machine was heavily damaged when the Arianrhod fleet launched an orbital bombardment using the Dainsleifs. Before succumbing to his wounds, Aikihiro managed to use the damaged Gusion Rebake Full City to kill Iok Kujan, a member of the Seven Stars of Gjallahorn, who had been instrumental in taking down the Turbines.

Did you know?

  • Full City is a reference to the Full City Roast, a coffee machine.
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