ASW-G-64 Gundam Flauros

ASW-G-64 Gundam Flauros

The ASW-G-64 Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go) is a Mobile Suit of the second

season of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS and is piloted by Norba Shino.


The Gundam Flauros' strength lies in the rear-mounted long-range firing unit and to maximize its power, a transformation mechanism is incorporated into the machine's frame. This allows the Flauros to transform into a quadrupedal form known as "Shelling Mode", which excels at extremely long-range shooting and is primarily suited for ground combat. The mode's quadruped form improves the accuracy of the Mobile Suit's machine guns and helps absorb recoil due to its low stance, and because the MS is attached to the ground surface. It also promotes immediate escape while shooting. The machine's cockpit rotates to accommodate different modes and, as a result, it has two different hatches. One at the top of the chest for use in Shelling mode, and another at the front of the chest for MS mode.

As Tekkadan failed to reactivate the Flauros after discovering it

in a Semi-metal mine, they sent him to the Saisei. The Saisei's mechanic team found that its two Ahab reactors were in a dormant state, successfully reactivated and overhauled the MS. Unlike the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos and ASW-G-11 Gusion Rebake, the overhaul of the Gundam Flauros did not require feedback based on pilot data, but focused on restoring its original functions. As an example, damaged guns were replaced with new units based on Teiwaz data. Other modifications include changing the color of the machine's nanolaminated armor to match the pilot's preference based on Tekkadan's controls and a Teiwaz MS-series cockpit, but with a seat compatible with the Alaya-Vijnana system, was installed in place of the MS's missing cockpit. The restored Gundam Flauros was nicknamed 'Ryusei-Go IV' by its pilot, Norba Shino
  • Alaya-Vijnana system

An organic device system, this old man-machine interface was developed during the Calamity War to maximize the machine's capabilities. Therefore, most Mobile Suits of this era, such as Gundams, are compatible with it. The system has two parts, one part is installed in the MS and the other part is implanted in the pilot's spine. With this system, the driver can connect to the MS computer and directly process the machine data. It also allows the pilot (even an untrained one) to use an MS for combat without reading the instruction manual, and can make difficult weapons like aiming cannons much easier to use. The implant in the driver also improves spatial awareness. The decline in technical capabilities after the Calamity War, combined with the use of an incomplete version of the system in areas of the outer sphere (such as Mars and Jupiter), lead to implant surgery having a low success rate and not can only be performed at a young age, in order to allow the implant to fuse as the driver grows. As the original Flauros cockpit was missing, it is equipped with the Alaya-Vijnana System interface and a MS cockpit from Teiwaz to enable the system to function.


  • Railgun: A pair of rear-mounted electromagnetic launchers for ultra-long range firing, they swivel on the shoulders to fire in MS mode. In Shelling mode, the output of the two Ahab reactors is focused on the railguns (linear cannons), allowing them to fire bullets at explosive speed. They can fire special bullets made from the rare alloy used on Mobile Suit frames due to the use of superior mechanics, and during the Calamity War they were heavily used as weapons that could even pierce armor in nanolaminate. These weapons are known as Dainsleif, and their use was banned after the war because Gjallarhorn considered them an inhumane weapon. However, Tekkadan uses conventional warheads, so it's in the gray area in terms of banning, Shino nicknamed the weapon 'Galaxy Cannon'. Teiwaz engineers later recreated the Dainsleif bullet used during the Calamity War, which is shaped like a spear and loaded forward into the barrel. When using this warhead, Shino nicknamed the railgun 'Super Galaxy Cannon'.
  • Short-Barrelled Cannon: A pair of short-barrelled cannons can be mounted at the rear instead of railguns and are usable without the machine transforming into Shelling mode. Although their firepower is weaker than railguns, they can be used for ramming on the move and are effective in melee.
  • 120mm Machine Gun: A pair of 120mm machine guns exclusive to Gundam Flauros, they are mounted on the backpack and can be fired directly under the arms. They can also be held by hand if necessary.
  • Assault Knife: A hand-held blade weapon of the Gundam Flauros, it is suitable for use in very close-range combat due to its small size, and can also be used for emergency self-defense. Its design focuses more on speed than power. Can be used in duplicate, and stored on the MS when not in use.
  • Shield: Mounted on the forearms, both shields have claws on their tips which are used to anchor the MS to the ground during Shelling mode.


The Gundam Flauros is the 64th of 72 Gundam Frames created by Gjallarhorn towards the end of the Calamity War to counter the threat of powerful Mobile Armor such as the Hashmal. With a white and blue color scheme, it finally

been sent to Mars to fight the Mobiel Armor there. It was then abandoned in a semi-metal mine alongside the Hashmal, where they remain hidden and dormant for over three centuries.

In the year 325 PD, the Flauros Gundam was discovered and excavated alongside the Hashmal by Tekkadan. While the true nature of the much larger Mobile Armor initially remained unknown, Tekkadan immediately recognized the Flauros as a Gundam Frame. It is salvaged and sent to the Saisei for repair and overhaul, with its original colors replaced by the distinctive magenta color favored by Norba Shino. Once the repairs were completed, Flauros was sent back to Mars to aid Tekkadan against the awakened Hashmal. Using its machine guns, the Flauros was able to separate the Hashmal from its support units, Pluma.

When the Turbines were framed for illegal possession of the Dainsleif-type Tailguns and suffered the assault of Gjallarhorn, the Flaurosloyés Gundam, alongside the STH-16/tc Shiden Custom (Riden-Go) and the ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City, to aid in the escape of non-combatants. This is the first time Gundam Flauros fights with the short-barreled cannons and the assault knife. After this, the Flauros Gundam was deployed in Tekkadan's vengeful assault on JPT Trust, where it destroyed numerous enemy machines, as well as bombarding the enemy ship from a distance using its short-barrelled cannons causing significant damage. .

In the battle between McGillis Fareed's coup faction and the Arianrhod fleet led by Rustal Elion, the Gundam Flauros lost its left arm and was left with a short barrel after being caught in a bombardment from Dainsleif. However, Shino insisted on targeting the fleet flagship Arianrhod, using the Super Galaxy Cannon, but the shot with the Dainsleif projectile missed the bridge due to interference from Julieta Juris in the EB-08jjc Reginlaze Julia. Despite this, Shino refused to give up and charged towards the fleet. The fleet opens fire, and when the attack ends, only the damaged torso of the Gundam Flauros remains and Shino is killed in battle.

Did you know?

  • Flauros is the 64th demon of Ars Goetia. He is depicted as a terrifying leopard who can transform into a man with fiery eyes and a horrible expression. This is reflected in the Gundam Flauros by its fierce face and alternate quadrupedal form.

  • On page 110 of the book Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Mechanics & World 2, Kanetake Ebikawa reveals that the name he gave the MS must have been Bael, as he felt the spider-like demon mirrored the quadrupedal form Shelling mode. However, he later found Flauros to be even more suitable.
  • The pilots of Tekkadan's two other Gundam Frames, Mikazuki and Akihiro, both referred to their machines by their original names, sometimes adding name modifications of Teiwaz. Shino, however, exclusively calls his machine "Ryusei-Go", never referring to his Gundam Frame as "Flauros".
  • Although the Gunpla kit, Calamity War Type, was released with the short guns, the anime and sourcebooks (such as Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Mechanics & World 2) noted that the Gundam Flauros was equipped with the Railguns during the war of calamities.
  • On page 16 of the book Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Mechanics & World 2, it is speculated that Gundam Flauros and Gundam Barbatos may have been on the same team during the Calamity War as both machines were later discovered on Mars .
  • In November 2018, Japanese site announced that Gundam Flauros had won an online census, where fans voted for a new 1/100 scale Gunpla Master Grade to celebrate the release of the MG ASW-G- 08 Gundam Barbatos. There has been no follow-up regarding a hypothetical MG of Bandai's Gundam Flauros since.

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