ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Trooper

ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Trooper

The ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Trooper is a Mobile Suit introduced in the anime



The Gundam Kimaris Trooper is the Gundam Kimaris equipped with an alternate set of armor for ground combat. It can be considered the final combat form of the Gundam Kimaris which is prepared for prolonged combat. It is armed with the Destroyer Lance, a shield, a saber hidden in the shield, and an unknown number of mines stored in the rear skirt armor. A pair of underarms are integrated into the side skirt armor, these can be used to support the Destroyer Spear when in use, or to hold the Kimaris Shield.

The Gundam Kimaris Trooper's main feature is that it can transform into a four-legged hovering form known as the 'Trooper Form', and is one of the few Gundam Frame-type machines with a transformation mechanism. The Trooper form has excellent frontal assault capabilities and emphasizes forward charging rather than turning ability. A hover unit is installed in the rear skirt armor with a movable stabilizer, and hovering is maintained by the same posture/attitude control capabilities used during high-mobility maneuvering in a zero-gravity environment. Hovering helps minimize the effects of gravity and gives the machine great mobility. Thus, hit-and-run attacks with his spear are as effective on the ground as in space. In terms of defensive capabilities, the Trooper Form has no problem parrying or blocking enemy attacks, allowing it to maintain its stationary state for an extended period of time.

  • Sub-Arm

A foldable underarm is mounted in each side skirt armor of the Mobile Suit. When unfolded, they can be used to hold or support the Destroyer Spear or Kimaris Shield.

  • Multi-slot Accelerator

Mounted in the chest, the pair of multi-slot accelerators are revealed when the hatches on both sides of the chest armor open. The function and purpose of this equipment is currently unknown, but it appears to be related to an energy circuit in the chest that is unique to the Kimaris Trooper's Gundam frame, as well as the compression circuit and cooling mechanism related to the reactor Ahab in the machine armor.


  • Destroyer Lance: The primary weapon of the Kimaris Trooper, it is larger than the Kimaris Gungnir, and can be used for close and ranged combat as it has two 140mm machine guns. She also has two thrusters for posture/attitude control during attacks. The Destroyer Lance's greatest appeal lies in its ability to fully utilize the mobility of the MS for frontal assaults.
  • Kimaris Shield: A defensive piece of equipment, it is usually held by the hands of the main arms but can also be mounted on the forearms or under-arms (Sub-Arm). A Kimaris Saber is stored on the inside of the shield.
  • Kimaris Saber: Stored on the underside of the Kimaris Shield, it has a rectangular blade and is used for close-range combat. It can be used by the MS main arms when the Destroyer Lance is held by the sub-arms.
  • Mines: An unknown number of mines are stored in the Kimaris Trooper's rear skirt armor and are released from the six slots on the outer edge of the armor. They can be filled with explosive charges, smoke or napalm. Mines are used for base suppression, or to disrupt enemies during battle.


After Tekkadan arrived on Earth, Gaelio equipped the ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris with alternate armor for ground combat and became the Gundam Kimaris Trooper. He debuts during a rescue operation in Alaska to save Carta Issue and his EB-06rs Graze Ritter Commander Type after the latter was heavily damaged by Mikazuki Augus and his ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos. Gaelio arrives too late, however, and Carta dies on the way home.

On the outskirts of Edmonton, the Kimaris Trooper fought Mikazuki and the Barbatos again. After fighting for a while, Mikazuki left to protect Kudelia Aina Bernstein, Atra Mixta and Orga Itsuka from the EB-AX2 Graze Ein. Gaelio then finds himself facing a new enemy, V08-1228 Grimgerde. Gaelio is shocked to find that the Grimgerde is piloted by none other than his friend McGillis Fareed. Gaelio then attacked McGillis when he learned that McGillis not only sided with Tekkadan, but also manipulated him, Ein, and Carta to further his own agenda. Despite the fierce attacks of

Kimaris Trooper, none managed to damage the Grimgerde. The battle ended when the Kimaris Trooper was incapacitated by the Grimgerde via a shot to the chest. According to official records, the damaged Kimaris Trooper was recovered after the battle and returned to the Bauduin family. In reality, the Kimaris Trooper is brought to the Arianrhod fleet and under Rustal Elion's orders, it is eventually overhauled and transformed into the ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar.

Did you know?

  • In the book Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Mechanical Works, an early version of the Kimaris Trooper shows that his chest is equipped with a pair of Ahab Wave Amplification Device "Sting". The device is described as being directly connected to the Ahab reactor of the Gundam frame, and its function is to project and amplify Ahab waves. The amplified waves affect and destroy the brain of an enemy pilot the Kimaris Trooper faces and are particularly effective against pilots using the Alaya-Vijnana system. When used against a Gundam frame, both units will not be able to move because they both have the same power level. The device allows the Kimaris Trooper to hold the enemy in place and kills the pilot. While the Multi-slot Accelerators have identical chest-mounted and concealed transmitters like the Sting, it is unknown if they have the same functions as this device in concept. However, this is unlikely to be the case, as the current Kimaris Trooper profile did not repeat this description.
  • The Kimaris Trooper's ability to transform into a four-legged hover mode resembles the Vercingetorix from 'Code Geass: Akito The Exiled' who can also transform into a four-legged mode. This is likely a reference to Gaelio and the pilot of the Vercingetorix sharing the same voice actor.
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