ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar

ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar

The ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar is a Mobile Suit introduced in the second season of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. It is piloted by Gaelio Bauduin, who adopted the alias "Vidar".


At some unknown time, the damaged Kimaris Trooper Gundam was brought to the Joint Fleet in Outer Lunar Orbit (aka Arianrhod Fleet) and under Rustal Elion's orders, it is revised into the Vidar Gundam for Vidar's use. During the overhaul, damaged parts of the Gundam Frame were replaced with new parts made using current technology. As part of the revision process, the MS first became the ASW-G-XK XK to test its systems, before reaching its current final form. Overall, the machine has spent a lot of time being maintained and adjusted, and only Rustal and a few other members of the Arianhod fleet are aware of its existence.

The Gundam Vidar's cockpit structure has the characteristics of the Gjallarhorn MS and does not contain the connectors of the Alaya-Vijnana system. Instead, it is equipped with a pseudo Alaya-Vijnana system, the Alaya-Vijnana Type E, which has the same strength as the original but without the risk. The details of this system are only known by certain people responsible for the development of the machine.

Another special feature is the third Ahab reactor on the back of the Gundam Vidar, in addition to the two in the Gundam Frame which already produces more than enough energy to power the MS. The true purpose of this third reactor is to grant the machine a new Ahab wave frequency, thus hiding its true identity. The scanners simply report the Gundam Vidar as "Gjallarhorn Unit No. 21". The additional weight of the third reactor does not affect the mobility of the MS thanks to the excess output of the two Ahab reactors. To further conceal the identity of the MS, its weapons reject those that would give the image of Kimaris, and center around fast and light weapons.

  • Alaya-Vijnana Type E

A pseudo version of the Alaya-Vijnana system based on Ein Dalton's remaining brain, with his Alaya-Vijnana installed as a support system. Vidar uses this system when faced with an enemy he cannot face alone. When activated, the cables connect to the Alaya-Vijnana Type E implant in the back of Vidar's neck and bind him to the machine system counterpart, which then takes over his body and controls the Mobile Suit in its place. It is as effective as the real Alaya-Vijnana system, with Vidar still in charge of target selection. As the Alaya-Vijnana system was originally designed to exceed human limits to combat Mobile Armor, it exceeds the limits of the human body and causes great strain on the brain. However, thanks to Ein's brain in the Alaya-Vijnana Type E, Vidar can pilot the Vidar Gundam to its full potential without endangering his own body. The system is most effective in a duel, but has some difficulty with a melee on the battlefield. Vidar's implant also helped him walk.

  • Glider (for Mobile Suit)

Shaped like a large shield, it is used to protect the Gundam Vidar from intense heat when it enters a planet's atmosphere from space. Due to its robustness, it also protects the MS from ground attacks while landing.


  • Burst Saber: The primary weaponry of the Gundam Vidar, this thin saber is used in fighting styles like striking and charging. Its blade can be disconnected from the hilt to serve as a napalm-based explosive, or if it becomes entangled. Replacement blades are stored in the side armor, three blades per armor. When you attach a new blade to the saber, the side armor slides back to expose the blade. The burst saber is stored on the side armor when not in use.
  • 110mm Riffle: A very versatile rifle that can be used in any situation, it is stored on the side of the side armor when not in use. It is manufactured by the Gjallarhorn Development Department, and is in the testing phase when adopted by the Gundam Vidar.
  • Handgun: A compact, easy-to-use, short-range shooting weapon stored in the front skirt armor. It is mainly used to contain the movements of enemy MS in close combat. Both handguns can be used simultaneously for concentrated fire.
  • Hunter's Edge: A close combat weapon consisting of two extendable blades per foot, one in the toe and the other in the heel. Classified as blunt weapons, they are incapable of cutting. They show their true value when used in combination with leg-based attacks such as kicking and stomping, turning the entire leg into a weapon.


The Gundam Vidar is first deployed in PD 325 after a long period of repair and upkeep, fighting against a group of rebels in the space colonies who seek independence from the Oceanic Federation. He was then sent alongside Julieta Juris' EB-08 Reginlaze to Mars to investigate the Mobile Armor Hashmal, as well as what happened to Iok Kujan's team who lost contact with the Arianrhod fleet. On Mars, the Gundam Vidar briefly confronted McGillis Fareed and Isurugi Camice before leaving to meet Iok and Julieta.

The Gundam Vidar's last stand took place during McGillis' coup in Gjallarhorn. After understanding McGillis' reasons for reforming Gjallarhorn and revealing his true identity as Gaelio Bauduin, Vidar challenges him to a duel, but is interrupted by Mikazuki Augus in the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex. After a brief battle against the Barbatos Lupus Rex using the Alaya-Vijnana Type-E, Vidar retreated to the fleet flagship Arianrhod where Gundam Vidar's armor and the third Ahab reactor were removed and upgraded into the ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Vidar.

Did you know?

  • Unlike other Gundam Frames in the Post Disaster timeline, the Gundam Vidar is named after the Æsir god of vengeance from Norse mythology instead of a demon in the Ars Goetia.
  • The story section of the mobile game Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS G revealed that Gaelio personally named the Gundam after the god Æsir when Yamazin Toka wonders what its name should be.
  • The color of Vidar's cockpit matches his pilot's personal color, purple.
  • Given some of the Middle Eastern and Asian influences in the series, there is an odd phonetic coincidence as Vidar also means "Awake" or "Aware" in Persian and a few other Indo-European languages ​​of the region (Old Persian, Pashto , etc.). This is similar to how the Kujan family may be a reference to the Kushan Empire in real life. The term "Awake" or "Awaken One" would suit Gaelio as he is awakened to the true nature of his former friend, McGillis.
  • The Alaya-Vijnana Type E system has some similarities with the EXAM system of the Universal Century. Both greatly increase the capabilities of the Mobile Suits they are installed in, and activation of each system is indicated by the color red (the machine's sensors glow red for EXAM, and a pair of red lights for Alaya-Vijnana Type E in the cockpit). However, the Alaya-Vijnana Type E is based on a person's brain, while the EXAM system is based on a person's consciousness. Additionally, the Alaya-Vijnana Type E does not drive the MS crazy unlike the EXAM system.
  • The red lights on the Alaya-Vijnana Type E reference the single red eye on the EB-AX2 Graze Ein.
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