CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam

CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam

The CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam (aka Reborns Gundam, Reborns Cannon) is
a transformable Mobile Suit introduced in season two of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and is piloted by Ribbons Almark.


The Reborns Gundam was created using Mobile Suit technologies accumulated in the quantum processing system, Veda, and it served as the personal machine of Ribbons Almark, leader of a group of Innovades who call themselves Innovators. This Mobile Suit was a special machine that inherited the functions, performance and weaponry of all previous MS. The Gundam Reborns can instantly transform between the versatile "Gundam Mode", also known as "Reborns Gundam", and the specialized long-range shooting "Cannon Mode", also known as "Reborns Cannon", it allowing you to manage all combat situations. Additionally, it has great power thanks to the Twin Drive system and matches Celestial Being's GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser in combat. Unlike the other MS deployed by the Innovators, the Reborns Gundam did not receive support from Veda and was therefore unaffected when the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam activated its Trial System to forcibly shut down all machinery related to Veda.

Ribbons named the Reborns Gundam after his own name. The basic design of the Reborns Gundam was based on the general purpose CB-001 1 Gundam and its supporting artillery combat counterpart, the CBY-077 GN Cannon. Both MS were developed by Veda ten years ago for a canceled alternate plan whereby Celestial Being's armed interventions were carried out by the Gundam Meisters, believed to be Innovades instead of human beings. The functions of the 1 Gundam and the GN Cannon were combined into a single machine, the Reborns Gundam, to allow Ribbons to fight independently as he did not want to rely on his comrades. Besides Gundam Mode and Cannon Mode, the MS originally had a third mode, Tank Mode, but it was removed when the Twin Drive system was installed. To differentiate the Twin Drive system-equipped version of the Reborns Gundam from the original version, the latter is known as CB-0000G/C/T Reborns Gundam Origin. The Twin Drive system technology comes from the GN-0000 00 Gundam and was stolen by a spy.

The Reborns Gundam's weapons were upgraded through the use of various Gundam design data stored in Veda, and consisted of a GN Buster Rifle that fires powerful particle beams, a pair of large, high-output GN Beam Sabers, twelve wireless remote-controlled GN Fin Fangs, two Egner Whips for electric attacks, six rapid-fire GN Vulcans and one GN Shield for defense. Most of these weapons can be used in Gundam and Cannon modes, and their usage may change depending on the mode. Gundam mode emphasizes mobility and excels in close-range combat. He mainly uses the large GN Beam SAbers for close combat, the GN Buster Rifle as well as the GN Fin Fangs for ranged combat. Cannon mode's mobility is slightly reduced compared to Gundam mode, but it has high firepower and excels in mid-to-long range artillery fights. He primarily uses the GN Buster Rifle as well as four large GN Fin Fangs which, in this mode, function as powerful beam cannons. Cannon mode also uses Egner Whips to compensate for its poor close combat capability and can wield large GN Beam Sabers as needed.

The Reborns Gundam has a simple transformation structure, with the back of the Gundam mode transforming into the front of the Cannon mode and vice versa. Each mode has its own main unit and manipulators. Unsurprisingly, the Gundam mode has a Gundam-like head, with features such as twin eyes and a large antenna. For Cannon mode, it has a mask-type head and its visor sensors are of the same series as those of the GNX-607T/BW GN-XII Cannon to improve long-range shooting accuracy. It should be noted that the GN-XII Cannon's sensors used technology derived from the GN Cannon. Gundam Mode's controllers each have five fingers to facilitate the use of hand-held weapons like the GN Buster Rifle, while Cannon Mode has three-finger controllers that are used for Egner Whips. To absorb recoil and improve stability during bombardment, Cannon Mode adopted a forward-leaning stance with bent joints at the knees, allowing it to have a shorter head height than Gundam Mode. Additionally, the legs of Cannon mode are wider than those of Gundam mode to increase the contact area with the ground during ground bombardment.

Using information obtained by Anew Returner, an Innovator spy who infiltrated Celestial Being, the Reborns Gundam was equipped with both the Trans-Am system and the Twin Drive system. When activated, the Trans-Am system tripled the MS's power for a limited time and caused the machine to glow red. The Twin Drive system is a system in which two synchronized GN Drives produce a greater quantity of GN particles than two unsynchronized GN Drives. As the Innovators do not have the original GN Drives, the Reborns Gundam's Twin Drive system used two elbow-mounted GN Drive Tau's. However, this is also the only shortcoming of the Reborns Gundam, as the GN Drive Tau is inferior to the original GN Drive in some aspects, such as limited operating time. Ribbons considered the GN Drive Tau to be the cause of its defeat against the 00 Raiser, but in reality, technological innovations have almost eliminated the difference in performance between the two types of GN Drives.

  • Twin Drive System

Using design data brought back from Celestial Being by the Innovator spy, Anew Returner, the Reborns Gundam was equipped with the Twin Drive system. This made it the second Mobile Suit, after Celestial Being's GN-0000 00 Gundam, to have the system. By synchronizing two GN Drives, the Twin Drive system produces a higher quantity of GN particles than that of two unsynchronized GN Drives. As the Innovators do not have the original GN Drives, the Reborns Gundam's Twin Drive system used two elbow-mounted GN Drive Tau's. Although both types of GN Drives produce GN particles, they do so through different methods, and the Tau GN Drive has a limited operating time, while the original GN Drive can operate semi-perpetually. As such, the GN Drive Tau is also known as the "Pseudo Solar Reactor", "Solar Reactor" being another name for the GN Drive.

A Twin Drive system using two GN Drive Tau is unfortunately not the same as a Twin Drive system using two stock GN Drives. The former is said to be an imitation of the latter and has only some of the effects of the Twin Drive System. While the quantity of GN particles produced by a Twin Drive System using two original GN Drives is squared to that of a single original GN Drive, it is currently unclear whether the quantity of GN particles produced by a Twin Drive system using two GN Drive Tau is square to that of a single GN Drive Tau. However, simulations conducted by the Innovators have shown that a Twin Drive System using two GN Drive Tau has comparable performance to a Twin Drive System using original GN Drives. Additionally, the Reborns Gundam's power is said to rival that of the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, a more powerful version of the 00 Gundam. We know that technological innovations have almost eliminated the difference in performance between the two types of GN drives.

  • Trans-Am System

When activated, this system releases all compressed high-density GN particles accumulated within a machine at once, enhancing its thrust and defense capabilities and allowing it to operate at three times its normal power for a limited time. The entire machine also glows red and afterimages are generated during movements. This system was originally only usable by Gundams equipped with the original GN Drive, but the Innovators created a version usable by their machines equipped with the GN Drive Tau after Anew Returner reported data from Celestial Being. However, the GN Drive Tau becomes unusable after using the Trans-Am and must be replaced, and until then the MS operates using the remaining particles in its GN Condensers.

  • Bit Control System

A system that allows the pilot of a Mobile Suit or Mobile Armor to remotely control the arming of the machine.


  • GN Buster Rifle: A portable weapon with a long attack range and capable of firing powerful particle beams. The red colored lower part of the rifle is connected to the forearm of the Reborns Gundam, allowing the weapon to extract GN particles directly from the elbow's GN Drive Tau. The GN Buster Rifle is used in both Gundam Mode and Cannon Mode, with Gundam Mode being able to grip the rifle's handle using its five-finger manipulator. In Cannon mode, the rifle remains connected to the machine's forearm and is operated without being held by the Cannon mode joystick. However, the rifle becomes unsuitable for precise shooting in this mode
  • GN Shield: Mounted on the forearm of the Reborns Gundam, the GN Shield is made of E-Carbon and can deploy a GN Field on its surface. The top half of the GN Shield stores four small GN Fin Fangs, two on each side. These small GN Fangs can be launched from the shield to function as remotely controlled wireless weapons or serve as small beam cannons when stored on the shield. The sections of the shield that store the small GN Fangs slide left and right to allow them to launch from the shield, and when deployed as reduced beam machine guns when stored on the shield.
  • Small GN Fin Fang: The Reborns Gundam is equipped with eight small GN Fin Fangs, four stored on the GN Shield and four more stored on the Gundam Mode's Rear Skirt Armor/Cannon Mode's Front Skirt Armor. These wireless remote-controlled weapons can fire beams or emit a beam blade from their tips to attack the target from various directions simultaneously. Although their small size has resulted in low attack power, it also makes them difficult to intercept. Additionally, they can be deployed quickly, have high speed and maneuverability, and can be used in a variety of ways. The four small GN Fin Fangs stored on the shield are mainly for defense, such as intercepting missiles and arming the enemy from a distance, but they can also be used for attack. These four GN Fin Fangs serve as small beam cannons when stored on the shield.
  • Large GN Fin Fang: Four large GN Fin Fangs are stored on the back of the Gundam mode, and as the name suggests, these wireless remote-controlled weapons are larger than the small GN Fin Fangs. Large Larp Fin Fangs can fire powerful beams from their tips to attack the enemy from different directions. In fact, they have one of the highest attack power among ranged wireless weapons, but their maneuverability is one of the lowest. The four large GN Fin Fangs face forward and are located on both sides of the chest in cannon mode. Cannon mode uses the large GN Fin Fangs as powerful fixed beam cannons, and they are also called "GN cannons" in this mode. Thus, they play the role of the main guns of the gun mode and display high bombardment capabilities. In fact, since large GN Fin Fangs are connected to the MS when firing in this mode, they exhibit higher firepower than when operating as ranged weapons. In Cannon mode, large GN Fin Fangs can fire individually, or they can fire in unison to produce a much larger and extremely powerful beam shot.
  • Large GN Beam Saber: A close combat weapon of the Reborns Gundam, it emits a beam-like blade during use. Not only is the Large GN BEam Saber larger than the sabers used by other Gundams, but it also has a higher output. The Reborns Gundam mounts two Large GN Beam Sabers on the red-colored armor sections above the pair of upper storage racks for the Large GN Fin Fangs, and they are held in the machine's manipulators when they are used. GN Beam Sabers fold into red-colored armor sections in cannon mode, as this mode is not intended for close-quarters combat. Despite this, Cannon Mode is fully capable of wielding GN Beam Sabers when necessary.
  • Egner Whip: Cannon Mode's left and right manipulators can be launched as wire-guided electric shock weapons called "Egner Whips". When in use, the Egner "whips" are powered by two small thrusters located on the back of each manipulator, one on the left side and one on the right side, and additional thin wires can be deployed from the fingertips manipulators to better capture the enemy unit. Egner Whips can penetrate GN Fields, and the powerful electric shock they deliver serves to damage the enemy machine's internal precision equipment as well as injure the enemy pilot. Egner Whips of various models were previously used by the GNMA-Y0001 Empruss and GNMA-0001V Regnant, and proved effective against Celestial Being's Gundams. The whips also served to compensate for the poor close-quarters combat capabilities of cannon mode.
  • GN Vulcan: The tips of Cannon Mode's three-finger manipulators are equipped with GN Vulcan, which have excellent rapid-fire capabilities and are used to limit enemy movement.


    Unable to regain control of Veda, Ribbons comes out in his Mobile Suit, the

    CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam, in an attempt to regain control of the situation. While out with the MS, Ribbons takes down Tieria Erde's GN-009 Seraphim Gundam.

    A fight begins between Ribbons and Setsuna F.Seiei and his GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser. The Reborns begins the fight by firing several volleys of particle beams with its Cannon Large GN Fin Fangs and GN Buster Rifle against the 00 Raiser. Setsuna wanted to fight back, but the Twin Drive System, still in charge, did not allow him to fight back, forcing him to stay on the defensive. The Reborns then fired its left Egner Whip, but the 00 Raiser managed to avoid it as well. As Ribbons continues to fire, Setsuna sees his chance and charges through the barrage of the Reborns Cannon for a point-blank strike with the GN Sword III. Ribbons managed to parry the strike with the Reborns Cannon's Large GN Beam Saber, causing the 00 Raiser to crash onto the surface of the Celestial Being station. To Setsuna's surprise, the Reborns Cannon transforms into the Reborns Gundam, revealing its Twin Drive system.

    The Reborns Gundam and the 00 Raiser then attacked each other, locking in a sword fight. As their swords clash, Setsuna seems to struggle to match the strength of the Reborns Gundam. The Reborns Gundam knocks back the 00 Raiser and switches to Reborns Cannon mode to fire a volley of particle beams at it. Setsuna tries to avoid them, but the 00 Raiser's right leg is blown off by one of the shots.

    As the Reborns Cannon, and Revive Revival's GNZ-003 Gadessa and Hiling Care's GNZ-005 Garazzo continue to fire at Setsuna's 00 Raiser, Hiling and Revive attack the 00 Raiser. Setsuna begins to have trouble keeping up with enemy attacks as the fight is three against one. Hiling's Garazzo managed to distract Setsuna enough to give Revive's Gadessa an opening to fire her GN Mega Launcher at the 00 Raiser. Setsuna cannot escape the attack, but is saved by the GN Shield Bits from the GN-006 Cherudim Gundam. Lockon and Allelujah, with their Gundams, arrived in time to help Setsuna. Hallelujah, along with his alter ego, Hallelujah, took on Hiling while Lockon faced Revive. With the battle now fought on equal terms, Setsuna resumed his fight with Ribbons.

    During the fight, Ribbons witnesses Hiling's death at the hands of Allelujah/Hallelujah. To prevent the Super Soldier from becoming an additional threat, Ribbons throws four of the GN Fin Fangs from the Reborns Gundam at the 00 Raiser and the GN-007 Arios Gundam. Allelujah / Hallelujah failed to destroy the GN Fin Fangs and finds himself out of combat, while Setsuna manages to destroy the two GN Fin Fangs targeting him. The CBS-74 Ptolemy II appears and begins providing covering fire for Setsuna. Ribbons escapes Ptolemy II's fire and responds with the Reborns Cannon. The Ptolemy II was hit and suffered major engine damage, but was still able to launch smoke missiles to temporarily blind Ribbons and aid Setsuna.

    Setsuna takes advantage of the smoke to track down the Reborns' position and charge. Ribbons anticipates and launches two more GN Fin Fangs as he transitions from Reborns Cannon to Reborns Gundam. The LARP Fin Fangs stab the 00 Raiser's left forearm and right hip, causing damage. Ribbons, seeing his opportunity, charges in with the Reborns Gundam to finish off the 00 Raiser. After a split second of contact between the two Gundams, Setsuna managed to cut off the Reborns Gundam's right forearm.

    The two pilots lock themselves in a sword duel. Reborns going out of fashion

    Cannon in MS mode throughout the fight. Wanting to end the fight, Ribbons activated the Reborns' Trans Am, and Setsuna activated the 00 Raiser's. The Reborn releases all of the Gundam's remaining Large GN Fin Fangs to attack Setsuna. Setsuna manages to destroy one of the GN Fin Fangs, but the others destroy the right wing junction and the head of the 00 Raiser. While a Large GN Fin Fangs charges the 00 Raiser, the MS performs a quantized move and charges the position of the Reborns Gundam. Setsuna slashes the Reborns Gundam's back with the 00 Raiser's GN Sword III, dealing serious damage. However, Ribbons was able to spin the Reborns Gundam and cut off the 00 Raiser's left arm, as well as the GN Drive and left wing.

    Ribbons escapes with the damaged Reborns Gundam, holding the 00 Raiser's left GN Drive. While crossing paths with the Celestial Being, the Reborns Gundam suffered a minor explosion. Ribbons fears that his victory will be short-lived until the sensors detect the abandoned GN-000 0 Gundam. Ribbons installs the captured GN Drive at the 00 Raiser and installs it on the 0 Gundam, abandoning the Reborns Gundam.

    Did you know?

    • The Reborns (リボーンズ) Gundam has a nearly identical katakana spelling to its pilot's name, Ribbons (リボンズ) Almark, aside from a long vowel.

    • The Reborns Gundam is a homage to the RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam (Gundam mode) and the RX-77-2 Guncannon (Cannon mode).
    • The Reborns Cannon crouching on an asteroid as it takes down the Seraphim Gundam is a nod to the pose of the RX-77-2 Guncannon.
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