Char Aznable

Char Aznable

Char Aznable was born in UC0057, his real identity is actually Casval Rem Daikun, he is the son of Zeon Zum Daikun and Astraia Tor Daikun. He also has a younger sister named Artesia Som Daikun.

Casval Rem Daikun learns of the death of his father in UC0068, he then decides to watch over his sister and his mother. Protected by Jimba Ral and lodged in his house, the Daikun family will have little respite. During Zeon Zum Daikun's funeral, an explosion will victimize Sasro Zabi, one of the children of Degwin Zodo Zabi (supposedly friend of Zeon who is in fact his murderer). Kycilia Zabi will then take the direction of the house of Ral to talk with Casval, she will confess to him then that she killed her brother who wanted to harm the Daikun, but Casval sees clearly in his game and understands that she now wants to do disappear the Daikun.

Forced to be separated from his mother to survive, he will then be taken by Crowley Hamon in an RTX-65 Guntank Early Type. They then meetFacing a blockade by Dozle Zabi and his Guntank, Casval not admitting defeat fired and rushed at the dam to force it, having caused a great chaos, Casval, Artesia and Crowley took advantage of the situation to escape. Ramba Ral, son of Jimba Ral, drives Casval, Artesia and Jimba in a cargo ship, so that the two children can escape to another friend of their father, Teabolo Mass. They will therefore be fugitives that the Zabi family will constantly pursue to make them disappear. They will be collected in Spain, on Earth, by the Mass family who will adopt them. Casval will then change its name and become Edouard Mass.

In UC0071, Casval and his sister are adopted by Teabolo Mass under the names of Edouard and Sayla Mass, Jimba Ral will stay with the children and will reside with the Mass family.

Jimba will teach him the ideologies of Zeon with the theory of the evolution of Man in space, but also his conspiratorial ideas according to which their father was assassinated by the Zabi.

Found by Kycilia Zabi's secret services, Edouard and Sayla will once again flee with the Mass family to the Texas Colony of Side-5. There, they will live with a friend of Teabolo, the Aznable family. Chance will make that the son of the Aznable family, Char, is the almost perfect look-alike of Edouard with the only difference being the color of their eyes (blue for Edouard and brown for Char).

Although discreet, Edouard will stand out from time to time, he always gives off a disturbing aura. The young man gnaws dark thoughts, but also shows a certain paranoia about the idea of ​​being spied on by the Zabi.

A few years later, Edouard and Sayla will receive the terrible news from Side-3, the death of their mother.

In UC 0074, the son Aznable is so convinced by Zeon's propaganda that he decides to enroll in the military academy despite his father's unfavorable opinion. Edouard will seize this opportunity and offer to accompany him to the spaceport, with the idea of ​​leaving for his higher education.

Orchestrating a scheme and taking advantage of Char's enormous naivety, Edouard will hide a weapon in his belongings to block him at the spaceport security check. In a “charitable” gesture, Edward will offer Char to take his place through security and allow him to leave in time for the Zeon Military Academy. However, Edouard will have taken the opportunity to take his papers, and the shuttle transporting the real Char Aznable will be destroyed by an attack fomented by the secret agents of the Zabi, then registered under the name of Edouard Mass, everyone will think him dead.

Officially taking the name of Char Aznable, Edouard went to the military academy and concealed his unique distinctive trait with two dark glasses. Char will claim a sensitivity to gamma rays, these having also caused a change in the color of the pupils (an excuse of course to hide his true identity).

At the Zeon Academy, Char will meet a new destiny in the person of Garma Zabi, the youngest of the family who is also doing his classes. If their relationship was strained, Garma saw it as a competitor, during a maneuver the two young men will learn to cooperate and a friendship will begin to be born between them. Through their various joint operations, and the fact that Garma will become his roommate, Char will be informed of top secret elements related to the Republic of Zeon. Among these, Garma will tell him about the Mobile Suits project.

Another unexpected encounter will destabilize Char, namely Reno Fernandez. This one is a former student of the same high school as the real Char Aznable and will begin to have suspicions of imposture when seeing that today's Char is much smarter and more harried.

say that he knew. At one point Reno tricks Char into talking about a detail of his life that never existed. The young man will then deduce that Char is none other than Casval, one of the rumors that the latter is a refugee on Side-5.

As the tension between Zeon and the Federation increases day by day, the cadets of the Zeon military academy will demonstrate their skills during a fake battle against a federal battalion. Underestimated by the Federation and constantly mocked, Char Aznable will take advantage of this unstable climate to prepare a blow.

He will then motivate Garma to harness the aura of his name and drive the Feds out of their Academy. Char will mount a tactical operation during which the Zeon cadets will take over the Federal command post installed on site. This operation will be known as the Dawn Rebellion. On this occasion, Char will take the opportunity to get rid of a dangerous element for him: Reno who will be counted among those fallen in battle, in reality trapped by Char who will have put him in a Federal tank and will order his destruction to the others.

The Dawn Rebellion obviously did not please the Federation. Faced with this crisis, the Zabi are taking various more or less symbolic measures to look good. The director of the academy, Dozle Zabi, will be sacked, and he will lay off Char Aznable.

Char will take advantage of this layoff to go to Earth. Before that, he will have asked a favor from Dozle: to be able to participate in the Mobile Suits project. Although reluctant, Dozle will accede at his request. On Earth, Char will work in a mining company that operates the civilian variant of Mobile Suits, the Mobile Workers. During this stay, he will make a new encounter, Lalah Sune. This young girl has disturbing prescient and telepathic talents that will arouse Char's interest. Exploited by a herd of crooks who use her gifts in casinos, she will be saved by Char who will then take her into space.

Some time later, Char will integrate the Mobile Suits project and will carry out many experiments with them to improve the manufactured units. The first real intervention he will participate in will be the recovery operation of Professor Trenov Y Minovsky, fleeing Zeon for the Federation.

During the One Year War which begins in UC0079 Char Aznable distinguished himself as an elite pilot of Zeon, he will obtain his nickname of "Red Comet" during the Battle of Loum. This nickname will come from the fact that his Mobile Suit is red in color and has a propulsion making it three times faster than other units. His agility and speed on the battlefield will make him a role model for Zeon, and a ruthless enemy for the Federation.

During a routine mission, Char will discover the new Federal cruiser: The SCV-70 White Base near the colonial group Side-7. Intrigued, he will follow him discreetly and have the colony infiltrated by a team of 3 Zaku II. There, they will discover the Federal Mobile Suits including the RX-78-2 Gundam. After the first ensuing battle, Char will infiltrate the colony himself to take pictures of the discovered units. His spy mission will be interrupted by a totally unexpected encounter, his own sister Sayla who was looking for survivors for the evacuation of the colony. Revealing his face, this one will recognize him but Char will have to flee quickly because spotted by other soldiers. Returning to his cruiser, he will fight several battles against the Gundam and pursue the White Base until they arrive on Earth.

The atmospheric re-entry of the White Base caused it to drift to Zeon territory, in North America. Char will then be assigned to the forces of his former academy roommate, Garma Zabi. After several skirmishes with the Federation, Char will manage to motivate Garma to launch an ultimate attack against the White Base and thus obtain the honors in front of his family. However, this is actually the first step towards his revenge against the Zabi family. By luring Garma to the ruins of Seattle, he willfully give false information that will dangerously expose him and his Gaw fleet. Falling into Char's trap, Garma will then discover the betrayal of the one he believed to be his best friend when the latter explains his motivations to him, not without a certain passion. After Garma's death, Char will be fired once again by Dozle Zabi who will hold him personally responsible for this incident. During Garma's funeral where Gihren will make one of his most famous speeches, Char will assume his position by believing that Garma died "because he was a brat".

With the balance of power beginning to shift during the war, Char would eventually be reinstated by Kycilia Zabi to lead a covert attack operation against the Federation's central base, Jaburo. He will then command a submarine squadron and pilot an MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type in the field. Tracking down the White Base, they will thus manage to locate the Federation base and infiltrate it in an attempt to destroy the Gundam-based RGM-79 GMs. Discovered, a battle will ensue during which the explosives placed on the GMs will manage to be removed in time. In the chaos of this confrontation, Char will once again find Sayla and will urge her in a very imperative way to leave the Federation. After the failure of this mission, Char will return to space to other assignments.

Char will return to Lalah Sune, whom he had left in the hands of the Flanagan Institute and find her on Side-6. It is in her company that his NewType faculties will develop and the two will share a very strong empathic bond, marked by Lalah's great admiration for Char. During their stop on Side-6, neutral territory, Char will unknowingly encounter Amuro Ray, the Gundam pilot and his rival, for the first time. Lalah will also form an empathetic bond with Amuro and this will confuse Char. Respecting the neutrality of the territory, Char will help Amuro who had gotten bogged down by the Colony's rains and let him go.

After the Battle of Solomon, in which he did not participate, Char will travel to the now abandoned and deserted Texas settlement of Side-5 to follow a trap set by Colonel M'Quve against the Gundam. On this occasion, Char will obtain a new model, the then experimental MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type. This unit much more powerful than the Zaku will allow him to fight on almost equal terms with the Gundam. However, during the

combat, Char will be outclassed by Amuro who has since developed NewType abilities and high-level combat techniques. He will have to retreat when M'Quve is finally killed by Amuro. (the duel with M'Quve has been deleted in the films, and is therefore only available in the series)

Under the orders of Dozle Zabi, leader of the Mobile Assault Unit following Zeon. During the Battle of Loum, he demonstrated an extraordinary sense of combat, single-handedly destroying five heavy combat ships (Magellan series), which earned him his nickname "Red Comet". Following this battle, he was exceptionally promoted to lieutenant-colonel.

In seeking to leave the colony, Char will once again cross paths with Sayla and again encourage her to leave the Federation, believing that war is not for her. He will explain to him the cause of his presence in the army with his desire to infiltrate the Zabi to eliminate them. To motivate her to leave the White Base, he gives her a suitcase full of gold bars asking her to live a peaceful life on Earth.

Later, Char and Lalah will fight the White Base several times and he will note that the empathetic bond between her and Amuro disturbs her in battle. During one of the fights, Lalah will end up attacking Amuro and Char will support her. He will fight the Gundam and be repeatedly distracted by the G-Fighter (replaced by the Core Booster in the movies). The moment he tries to get rid of it, Lalah stops him and Char realizes he was about to kill his own sister. Disoriented and vulnerable for a moment, Amuro will take advantage of this opening to attack Char and put him in a difficult situation. When he was about to deal the fatal blow, Lalah will intervene and will then be killed by Amuro. Horrified and distraught by this loss, Char will hate without limits against Amuro who took the one he loved so much.

During the battle of A Baoa Qu, Char will be assigned to pilot the MSN-02 Zeong and will only have the objective of shooting down the Gundam. The duel between the two Mobile Suits will be of rare violence and the two pilots will end up in fists when their units are completely out of order. Amuro will chase Char through the corridors of the fortress and a saber duel will ensue between the two rivals. Amuro will manage to pierce Char's helmet, inflicting a wound on his forehead that will leave a scar. Sayla will have followed them and will manage to come across them and reason with them. Char will then realize that his rivalry with Amuro has caused him to lose track of his real objective and will then invite him to join him in finishing off the Zabi. This one will refuse and during an explosion in the room where Char will protect his sister, he will flee after having asked Sayla to become a good woman. A dying Zeon soldier will tell Char that Kycilia Zabi is about to leave the base with her flagship. At the Fortress's spaceport, he'll grab a bazooka and give the Zeon salute in front of his ship's bridge windows before firing into the bridge, decapitating Kycilia with the warhead and destroying her cruiser. His revenge completed, he will disappear in the explosion.

Char will join the Gwazine ship which takes on board many survivors of Zeon en route to the remote asteroid base Axis at the end of the war. While no one knows what he did to the Zabi, he will be offered to become the commander of the armies of Zeon. Char will refuse and prefer to transfer command to Haman Karn, making her the regent of Mineva Lao Zabi.

During the time spent on Axis, Char will aid the survivors of Zeon by protecting them against several Federation attacks. In 0082, he will return to Side-3 with Haman to make an inspection trip to the capital. At that time, he will be offered to join a paramilitary organization of the Federation. Char will prefer to stay with Axis, especially because of the announcement of a fatal illness contracted by Maharaja Karn, the father of Haman and leader of Axis, in May UC 0083. They will return to Axis with Haman to find themselves entangled in a civil war started by a branch wanting to wage war against the Federation. Shortly after the end of this civil war, Haman's father would die from his illness, making her the new leader of Axis.

Shortly after this episode, Haman's assistant, named Natalie Bianchi, with whom Char is having an affair, is murdered while pregnant (murder inadvertently caused by Haman), which has the effect of bringing Char down. in a deep depression. This and differences of opinion with Haman on the future of Axis and Zeon lead him to leave the asteroid for good on October 29, 83, taking six hundred soldiers with him.

Char Aznable will enlist in the Federal forces as Quattro Bajeena in September UC 0084, the primary purpose being to spy on the Feds. He will soon find himself battling with the new elite body of the Federation, the Titans, and will quickly discover their extremist actions against the colonies. After his meeting with the politician Blex Forer, they will form together the Anti Earth Union Group, the movement of opposition to the barbaric methods of the Titans, better known by the acronym AEUG.

In UC 0087, he will infiltrate the Green Noah colony of Side-7 where he will discover the new Gundams developed by the Titans, the RX-178 Gundam Mark II. By launching an operation to capture these units, he will mark the first act of war of the AEUG against the Titans. On this occasion, he will recover a promising young civilian piloting Mobile Suits and like NewType, the young Kamille Bidan. Quattro will act as a mentor for Kamille although his behavior is difficult to handle. Over the course of his actions with the AEUG, he will have to compose and ally himself with several former rivals and enemies of the One Year War, such as Bright Noa whom he will have to serve under the others, but also Amuro Ray and Hayato Kobayashi who will fight on Earth within Karaba, the terrestrial equivalent of the AEUG.

His "real" identity as Char Aznable will be discovered gradually by the various members of the AEUG who did not know him during the One Year War, where the others will unmask him very quickly. Nevertheless, after the assassination of Blex Forer, Quattro will have to assume an increasingly political role and will end up denouncing before the Federal Parliament of Dakar the actions of the Titans, justified by an attack of these during his speech while the assembly is filled with important Federation politicians.

It is when Axis returns to the War chessboard that things will get worse for Quattro. Taking advantage of the relationship with Zeon that Char maintained, the AEUG hoped to find in Axis a weighty ally against the Titans by moving towards a common objective. However, Char's emotions against Haman will betray him and he will grow sick seeing that she has finally taken over the warlike goals of the pro-war factions of Axis. He will also denounce the indoctrination of Mineva with the poisonous ideas of the Zabi. Unable to find a hearing ground, the AEUG will eventually find themselves enemies of Axis who will ally with the Titans now under the control of Pattimus Scirocco.

At the end of the war, despite the victory of the AEUG following the destruction of the Titans, Char Aznable will be missing after being beaten by Haman Karn in battle.

Like a ghost, Char Aznable will return from the dead after the First Neo-Zeon War declared and lost by Haman. He will take over Neo Zeon during the year UC093, taking advantage of the eternal Federal laxity to attract the sympathy of the colonies. Assuming in front of everyone his real identity as the heir of Zeon, he will decide to force all human immigration into space by threatening to bombard the Earth with asteroids to make it uninhabitable. All under cover of the NewType ideology advocated in his time by his father.

With Londo Bell, led by his former AEUG allies now against him, Char will manage to redeem Axis from the Federation and enact his plan to launch him against Earth. He will also developped by Anaheim Electronics the PsychoFrame, a technology intended to allow NewTypes to pilot Mobile Suits almost instinctively. Knowing deep down that he is doing something terrible there, he will let Anaheim use the technology to develop the RX-93 v Gundam, designed by Amuro Ray himself.

Engaging the engines of Axis to execute his plan, he will fight mercilessly against Amuro and the two rivals will finally be able to put an end to their internal conflict. Amuro will once again manage to beat Char and keep his life pod with him. He will try to repel Axis with the power of the Gundam and will be assisted by all the soldiers still present on the ground, from both factions. With all the psychic energy stored in the Psycho-Frame, caused by the thought of all Men present at the time, the unit will go into overload and trigger a phenomenon that will be known as the Axis Shock. The explosion of the Psycho-Frame will release a wave of energy so intense that it will manage to push the asteroid out of Earth's orbit. Char and Amuro will be missing in action, presumed dead in the Psycho-Frame explosion.


Did you know?

  • The name of Char Aznable finds its origin with two characters. the first name Char comes, among other things, from a character named Charkin from the Yusha Raideen mecha series (also created by Tomino), but also and above all, the first and last names are a tribute to the singer Charles Aznavour, whose pronunciation is identical in Japanese than that of Char Aznable, a singer of whom Tomino is a fan.
  • the nickname "Red Comet" and the red color of the different units piloted by Char are a tribute to an ace of aviation, Manfred Von Richtofen, famous German pilot better known under the pseudonym of "Red Baron".
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