FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact

FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact

FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact (ガンダム・ファラクト Gandamu Farakuto?) is

a mobile suit introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam the Mercury Witch. It is piloted by Elan Ceres.


Gundam-type mobile suit developed by Peil Technologies. The Pharact uses new boosters known as Blast Boosters, which give the unit the flight capabilities Peil is known for. The FORMAT GUND also allows it to effectively regulate inertia, allowing it to engage in combat on all three axes whether in space or under gravity. The Pharact apprehends enemies with the "stun" function of its GUND-BITs, and can attack from any position thanks to its high mobility and precision shooting skills. All thanks to the Pharact's GUND-ARM system and its pilot, Elan Ceres.

  • Blast Booster

Equipped on the shoulders, they give the Pharact superior mobility.

  • Shell Unit

Equipped on thighs, chest, shoulder and forehead.


  • Beak Foot: The foot units were designed to mimic a bird's beak with a beam cannon inside. They are extremely effective in space battles.
  • Beam Saber: Close combat weapon stored in the forearm. The unit can deploy this weapon instantly by opening its forearm armor.
  • Beam Arquebus: Specialized hand-held firearm of the Gundam Pharact designed for stable fire. The GUND FORMAT sensory link used by this weapon significantly increases its shooting accuracy. He carries magazines on his back.
  • Corax: The GUND-BIT system is stored in the rear storages attached to the shoulders. The electromagnetic beam produced by a pair of bits is capable of stunning enemy MS, temporarily disabling any part of a unit upon contact. Multiple Corax units create a barrier to trap targets.


The Pharact was first used in a duel between Elan Ceres and Guel Jeturk. It displays high performance under the pilotage of Elan, easily overtaking the Dilanza in low gravity. It was then used in a duel against Suletta Mercury piloting the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial during which, despite its high

performance, he was eventually deactivated and defeated by the Aerial.

The Pharact was then infiltrated by Norea and Sophie in order to hack its GUND format, before attempting to destroy it, until they were confronted by Nika, who threatened to reveal their identities to the Benerit Group. Unmoved by his threats, Norea pilots the Pharact in an attempt to crush Nika until Suletta saves her and challenges the duo to a duel at the Rumble Ring.

During the Rumble Ring exhibition, the Pharact was piloted by Elan who was fighting for the Earth House alongside Suletta in her XVX-016RN Aerial Rebuild and Chuchu's Demi Trainer, until the event was disrupted by another attack from Dawn of Fold. He fought against Norea and her EDM-GA-02 Gundam Lfrith Thorn, and her MS GUND-Bits Gundvolvas.

The Pharact was last seen controlled by Sulleta piloting the X-EX01

Gundam Calibarn alongside the MDX-0003 Gundam Schwarzette to create a powerful data embolism, in order to remotely extinguish the Space Assembly League's interplanetary laser. It was then disintegrated along with all nearby Gundams using the GUND format after using its data embolism.

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