GN-000 0 Gundam

GN-000 0 Gundam

The GN-000 0 Gundam (pronounced Oh-Gundam) is the first Mobile Suit equipped

of a GN Drive from the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series. It was piloted by Ribbons Almark and later by Lasse Aeon (in its ACD version).


The 0 Gundam was a general-purpose Mobile Suit developed during the Solar Wars, 15 – 20 years before the reveal of Celestial Being, and was completed around AD 2290. It is the first Gundam created by Celestial Being, it is also known like the first generation machine. The data obtained was used to create the second generation of Gundams, such as the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea. Unbeknownst to the organization, the 0 Gundam's data was copied by Ribbons Almark and the Corner family, which was then used to create the Throne series. Although Ribbons was once the pilot of the 0 Gundam, he was not its official Gundam Meister as the MS did not change its color scheme (white, gray and yellow) to a custom color, a standard procedure every time a Gundam has an official Meister.

Although the completion of GN Drive was an important step in establishing GN Drive-equipped machines, it also required the development of auxiliary technologies and materials like E-Carbon that could withstand the high efficiency machines. No matter how revolutionary a part is, it would not be able to demonstrate its full capabilities until the surrounding technologies have been sufficiently developed. As such, the completion of the 0 Gundam was a triumph as it established the basic concepts and systems for subsequent Gundams. This included using the GN Drive as the main engine, using the GN Drive's high power for beam weapons, having clavicle antennas on the torso to control GN particles, and the V-antenna end mounted on the head as well as the binocular camera.

Compared to previous Gundams, the GN Drive's cone on the back of the 0 Gundam was not only a different design, it was also larger and more protruding because the auxiliary systems/motor mounts were not yet miniaturized. . As for weapons, the machine is equipped with a beam saber, a beam gun and a Gundam shield. During the Celestial Being armed intervention in AD 2307-2308, the 0 Gundam was with the shadow support organization, Fereshte, who usually uses his GN Drive to power their Gundams. Fereshte eventually merges with Celestial Being, bringing about the 0 Gundam. The 0 Gundam's GN Drive was later removed and used to power the GN-0000 00 Gundam, while the MS was stored in one of Celestial Being's resource satellites.

The 0 Gundam was later taken out of storage to be deployed into combat during the final battle with the Innovators. Since there was no GN Drive left to power it, the 0 Gundam was equipped with a large GN Condenser, also known as a Particle Storage Tank, which gave it limited operating time. It also had a new red, blue and yellow color scheme, and was renamed 'GN-000 0 Gundam (Type ACD for Actual Combat Deployment) to differentiate it from its original form. This version uses the same weaponry as the original. Later in the battle, the 0 Gundam (Type ACD) was abandoned by the Gundam Meister Lasse Aeon after its particle reserves were depleted. He was later found by Ribbons, who reactivated the Gundam one last time using a GN Drive he had cut from the 00 Gundam.

  • GN Feathers

    The 0 Gundam can release large amounts of GN particles which, when controlled by the two clavicular antennae on the chest, form a huge angelic wing effect. GN Feathers have multiple functions; they can be used to control attitude when helping to improve the flight stability of the MS, to jam radar and as a means of defense, as the dense cloud of particles can also disrupt enemy attacks. The visual presence of the GN Feathers also creates a powerful psychological effect on those who witness it. For the effects it achieved, this experimental feature was deemed too energy intensive in GN particles, and was not later used in other Gundams. Making it an ability unique to the original 0 Gundam.

    • Trans-Am System

      As the 0 Gundam was equipped with an original GN Drive, it could theoretically use the Trans-Am system to release the full density of GN particles, improving its thrust and defensive capabilities allowing it to operate at three times its normal power for a limited time. However, this system was hidden until AD 2308, when Aeolia Schenberg was killed by a traitor, triggering the system's trap to reveal it. Even then, the machine didn't get a chance to use it as its GN Drive was used by other Fereshte Gundams, and the 0 Gundam didn't see combat until it became the Type ACD The system was also not used when the Type ACD was equipped with a GN Drive from the GN-0000 00 Gundam.

      • Veda-linked Operating System

        The Gundams' operating system is linked to Veda, allowing the quantum computer to provide support to the Gundams and their pilots. As suggested by Ian Vashti, Fereshte severed their ties to Veda when it became apparent that Celestial Being's plans were compromised, and Sherilyn Hyde replaced the Veda-related operating system used in Fereshte's Gundams with a copy of the autonomously operating stand-system. Without Veda's support, piloting the Gundams and completing missions is more difficult for the pilots.


        • Beam Gun: A sidearm for mid-range combat, it fires compressed GN particles as beams and is capable of rapid fire. Unlike current beam weapons, this early model weapon does not have internal GN Condensers, but instead draws energy directly from the 0 Gundam. Despite this, its firepower is comparable to current beam weapons, and its small size makes it easy to handle.
        • Beam Saber: A hand-held close combat weapon that emits a beam-like blade made of GN particles, it is stored on the right side of the 0 Gundam's backpack. His name does not bear the label "  GN  » to indicate that it is a prototype weapon. Blade power can be increased by the driver
        • Gundam Shield: A portable defensive weapon, it is made of E-Carbon and can generate a GN Field on its surface to increase its effectiveness. Its GN Field device is larger and heavier than those of current GN Shields, and as a result, there are instances where the shield is discarded when the emphasis is on speed.


          The 0 Gundam was activated to assist the GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud in recovering the remaining Second Generation Gundams, after an incident during the operation to stop a terrorist attack on the LRH's orbital elevator, which was still in construction. The pilot of the 0 Gundam was unknown.

          The 0 Gundam was carrying out an armed intervention test in the Republic of

          Krugis in AD 2301. The pilot of the 0 Gundam, Ribbons Almark, was supposed to kill all the fighters in the area, however, upon seeing the young Soran Ebrahim (who would grow up to become Setsuna F. Seiei), Ribbons perceived the gaze of the boy as absolute admiration and worship, and lets him live. Then, he went to tamper with Veda's files (something Tieria Erde would eventually discover) to recommend Soran as Meister of the GN-001 Gundam Exia. Ribbons would later call this act "momentary impulse...but also a kind of mercy."

          In AD 2302, the 0 Gundam assisted in a flight test of the GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel. The pilot of the 0 Gundam at that time was unknown.

          Along with the four second generation Gundams, the 0 Gundam was also transferred to Fereshte - a shadow group supporting the Ptolemy group. During operations, Fereshte removed the GN Drive from the 0 Gundam, their only GN Drive, and placed it in the second generation Gundam.

          During their missions, Fereshte encountered Team Trinity who tried to claim the GN Drive from the 0 Gundam. Claiming these were orders from Veda, they asked Fereshte to suspend their operations and relinquish control of their only GN Drive. Fon Spaak used the GNY-004 Gundam Pluto to resist the Trinity. After being informed of Fon's disobedience by Johann Trinity, Veda detonated Fon's explosive collar. Fon died of internal bleeding, saved by the intervention of Hanayo who took command of the Gundam Pluto. She sabotaged the MS corps and escaped with the GN Drive and Fon in the Plutone's core fighter.

          Nearly four years after "Operation Fallen Angels", Celestial Being was reborn. Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long visited one of Celestial Being's secret asteroid bases to see recent developments. She wanted to see the first Gundam, Ian Vashti opened the container for her to see the 0 Gundam. Ian points out that the GN Drive from the 0 Gundam was removed and placed in the GN-0000 00 Gundam for testing.

          Ian had tested several combinations of GN Drives for the 00 Gundam's Twin Drive system, but with little success. He hoped that the combination of the GN Drives of the Exia and the 0 Gundam would be the most successful. When the Exia returned to Celestial Being as GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair, compatibility testing resumed with a sync rate of 73% (the minimum of which must be 80%). When the A-Laws attacked the CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, Setsuna risked a Trans-Am in an attempt to level the synchronization of the 00 Gundam's GN Drives. He managed to synchronize the Twin Drive system to 87% and defeated the MS of A-Laws. Without its GN Drive, the 0 Gundam was placed in storage.

          The 0 Gundam was eventually moved to another resource satellite of Celestial Being at Lagrange 5. With the war against the A-Laws and the Innovators at a climax, Celestial Being rallied every Mobile Suit they had, including the 0 Gundam. Without GN Drive, Linda Vashti and her engineers equipped it with a GN particle tank. The 0 Gundam also received a new paint job and became the 0 Gundam (Type ACD). Lasse Aeon then piloted the 0 Gundam (Type ACD), to protect the Ptolemaios 2 and Gundam Meisters from the kamikaze attacks of the Innovators' GNZ-004 Gagas.

          Despite a valiant effort, Lasse exhausted the 0 Gundam's (Type ACD) particle supply, forcing it to abandon the MS. Due to the Ptolemaois 2's movements, the 0 Gundam (Type ACD) drifted out of the hangar until Ribbons, in his badly damaged CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam, found it and installed the GN Drive into it. Exia, which he had removed earlier from the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser. Ribbons then boarded the 0 Gundam (ACD type) to engage Setsuna and his GN-001REII

          Gundam Exia Repair II (which coincidentally used the GN Drive from the original 0 Gundam). The 0 Gundam (Type ACD) was defeated in the final confrontation and its GN Drive was destroyed. The fate of the 0 Gundam (Type ACD) after the battle is unknown.

          Did you know?

          • The fact that 0 Gundam resembles the RX-78-2 Gundam and the fact that Ribbons is its pilot is actually an homage (humorous some might say), as Ribbons shares the same Japanese voice acting as Amuro Ray , the pilot of the RX-78-2.
          • Ribbons Almark was first revealed as the pilot in the novel, which was later confirmed in S2 Ep. 14.
          • The role of the 0 Gundam is a reflection of the RX-78-2 Gundam, in which the former was the precursor to all Gundams in Gundam 00, and the latter is the first Mobile Suit Gundam in the metaseries.
          • The 0 Gundam has the same head height as the RX-78-2 Gundam.
          • The Particle Gauge of 0 Gundam (ACD type) is similar to the Energy Gauge of RX-78-2 Gundam.
          • The design of the 0 Gundam shares some visual traits with the initial concept of the Exia Gundam, such as the enlarged tail cone or the sterile white color scheme.
          • Early in the concept, the 0 Gundam was known as the "King Gundam" which acted as a unit of command for the team, and which can predict combat situations. He was tasked with a powerful quantum computer to aid in his analysis and tactical roles. Like the king in chess, he had no offensive ability. His role in the story was that of an old and important unit that was critical early in the series. Later, the idea of ​​quantum computer would be developed with Veda, while the idea of ​​tactical center developed with Ptolemy. The pilot was supposed to be a character skilled in "Sumeragi" type tactics, which ended up becoming a character, even though the initial concept in question was male rather than female.
          • In Gundam Build Fighters episode 25 "Promise", the 0 Gundam has a cameo wielding two beam guns.
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