The GNX-603T GN-X (aka GN-X) is a mass production Mobile Suit

used by the United Nations (UN) Forces in Season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


The GN-X is a mass-produced Mobile Suit equipped with the GN Drive Tau secretly developed in 2308 by Alejandro Corner, United Nations ambassador and traitor to Celestial Being, whose true goal is to rule the world. It was developed based on the GNX-509T Throne Varanus prototype, which was in turn based on Team Trinity's GNW-001~003 Gundam Thrones. Thus, the GN-X would also be based on Gundam Thrones. Alejandro took great care to conceal the production of the GN-X, he contacted civilian factories around the world to manufacture the MS parts and lied that they were intended for work machines. these parts were then assembled into complete machines in secret factories within the orbital elevators. Thirty GN-Xs were produced in this manner and distributed evenly with their GN Drive Taus to the three main power blocks  : AEU, LRH and Union. The three blocs then formed a military alliance overseen by the United Nations - the United Nations Forces (UN Forces), which used these GN-Xs extensively in victory over Celestial Being and its Gundams.

Designed to destroy Celestial Being, the GN-X was designed to fight Gundams. Unlike Gundams where each unit has its own combat specialization, the GN-X is a versatile unit. Therefore, the GN-X's performance is slightly lower than Gundams in certain situations, but with its excellent mobility, ability to use beam-type weapons, and independent flight capability, all thanks to the GN Drive Tau, it is still much higher than the MS used by the three blocks until now. Moreover, since the basic combat tactic of GN-X is to rely on numerical superiority to overwhelm Gundams, there is no need to have higher performance than the latter. Additionally, the performance gap can also be compensated by the use of formations during battles. The use of superior numbers and formations to combat the Gundams on an equal level was seen during LRH Team GN-X's battles against Team Trinity, and when the UN Forces fought the team of Ptolemy.

Similar to the Gundam Thrones, the GN-X Drive Tau is installed in the torso, but the GN-X lacks the Gundam Throne's GN Drive Tau start-up mechanism. Its GN Drive Tau is activated using an external starting mechanism in a specialist hangar. Compared to the original GN Drive of the Ptolemy Team Gundams, the GN Drive Tau can only produce a limited amount of GN particles and has inferior performance, such as limited operating time, but its ease of production is a advantage. It was planned to equip the GN-X with the original GN Drive initially, and although this was later abandoned, the specifications for installing the original GN Drive remained in the machine design . It is believed that with simple settings it is possible to activate the GN-X using an original GN Drive. The lack of a GN Drive Tau starting mechanism on board is also a holdover from this abandoned plan, as the original GN Drive drive does not require this mechanism. The specifications for installing the original GN Drive remained in the GN-X series until 2312, with the performance of GN Drive Tau improved to a point comparable to the old one. As with Gundam Thrones, the GN-X's frame structure also serves to transport GN particles to each part of the Mobile Suit's body.

With its four eyes and its oval part on the forehead, the GN-X seems to have two faces. Due to the ability of GN particles to disrupt the radar, the four-eye design is adopted to improve the visual analysis function of the machine. The oval part of the front contains a large computer for the visual analysis system, this computer is also a sub-control system which assists the pilot in basic operations such as evasion and targeting, and compensates for variation in driving styles among the pilots of the three major powers. This sub-command system is equipped taking into account that the pilots of the three blocks are not familiar with the use of MS other than those of their own armed forces. Additionally, the specifications of the GN-X cockpit control system can be customized to suit pilots in each block, allowing them to operate the MS using controls similar to those they are familiar with. . As such, pilots from all three blocks were able to use the GN-X and fight the Gundams without special training.

Unlike most Mobile Suits, including Gundams, the GN-X's cockpit block is in the front of the waist instead of in the torso. This is because the space in the torso is taken up by the GN Drive Tau's large control units, making it impossible to fit a cockpit. Compared to the Gundam cockpit, the GN-X cockpit has a simpler structure and is equipped with minimal equipment. Due to its high degree of finish and operability, the same cockpit layout is used by successive GN-X models and even the GNX-704T Ahead series. Due to the unique cockpit location, the GN-X pilot can survive even if the machine's upper body is destroyed. The four protruding units on the sides of the waist and chest that collectively form an "X" shape are called GN Particle Generators. These units were developed based on the Gundams' clavicle antennas and intended to help block pilots, inexperienced with GN Drive Tau-type MS particle controls, achieve stable machine control. Another unique feature of the GN-X is that the front of each foot and heel flap can fold down during flight and high-speed movements.

The GN-X's versatility and considerations for its pilots are also reflected in its armament: the GN beam rifle can be converted into a GN long beam rifle for long-range attacks, while its GN shield incorporated the defense bar, as AEU and Union pilots are accustomed to such defensive weaponry. Other weapons include GN Sabers, GN Vulcans and GN Claws. The thirty GN-Xs provided by Alejandro were actually unpainted, with the colors on his body being the natural colors of his armor and structural materials. During battles against Gundams, usable parts from destroyed GN-Xs were salvaged and assembled to create functional units. New pilots were recruited to operate these units as well as other units that had lost their original pilots. Despite the key role played by the GN-X in defeating Celestial Being and the Gundams, the general public knows very little about the machine and this is due to the strict control of information by the UN Forces. The UN Forces also distorted the truth about the GN-X, claiming to have developed the MS, and refused to admit the machine's connection to Alejandro.

After the victory of the UN Forces, the world moved towards unification and the dismantling of each nation's army began, but there were forces that resisted and the UN Forces deployed newly produced GN-Xs to shoot them down. The United Nations Forces have also developed a pilot variant, the GNX-604T Advanced GN-X, and a successor aircraft, the GNX-607T GN-XII. However, mass production of the GN-X did not begin until 2311, when the UN transformed into the Earth Sphere Federation. It was suggested that the three-year gap was because the UN needed time to analyze GN-X technology and prepare production lines. The GN-X mass model produced in 2311 of the Anno Domini was known as the GNX-603T GN-X ESF Type and it was intended to be the primary MS of the Earth Sphere Federation Forces that would be officially established one year later. This model was unfortunately soon replaced by the GN-XII for the large-scale deployment of the GN-X series. When the army was officially established, the new GNX-609T GN-XIII was adopted as the main MS. For the GN-X series, older models can be upgraded to newer models by replacing parts, and the continued use of this series over the years is a testament to the excellent basic performance of the GN-X .

  • GN Particle Generator

The four large protrusions on the sides of GN-X's waist and on its chest that collectively form an "X" shape are called GN Particle Generators. These devices do not generate GN Particles despite their name, but they are enhanced, redesigned versions of the clavicle antennas used by Gundams to control GN Particles, and can also be used as thrusters. Thanks to their control of the GN particles surrounding the GN-X, they stabilize the aerial posture of the Mobile Suit, allowing it to "  hold  » stably in the air. They also stabilize the GN-X during vigorous movements and, essentially, they allow the rider to achieve stable control of the machine. GN Particle Generators are adopted considering pilots who are not familiar with using MS with GN Drive Tau that require the aforementioned particle control. and for this reason, the size of these devices is reduced as particle control became more common later. The GNX-U02X Masurao and its derivatives continued with the X-shaped placement due to its effectiveness in stabilizing the MS during aerial melee combat.


  • GN Beam Rifle: The GN-X's primary weapon, it is a hand weapon that fires compressed GN particles like beams. The GN beam rifle has a higher destructive power than the physical projectile weapons of conventional machines, and such a powerful weapon was previously only equipped on Gundams. Designed for rapid fire at close range, the GN Beam Rifle is a match for Gundams' beam weapons and is capable of damaging their armor. Shots from the rifle can also penetrate the GN Field if the compression rate of its GN particles matches that of the defensive barrier. This effect is canceled if the compression rate of the GN Field particles is changed. To reduce its reliance on and consumption of GN particles from the GN-X Drive Tau, which can only produce a limited amount of particles, the rifle is installed with a large GN Condenser which is filled with particles before launch. Through the use of optional parts, the GN beam rifle can be transformed into a GN Long Barrel Beam Rifle.
  • GN Long Barrel Beam Rifle: An alternate form of the GN Beam Rifle, it is equipped with optional parts, such as a longer barrel, for long-range shooting. In addition to an increase in firing range, the GN Long Barrel Rifle also has improved long-range accuracy, but its firepower remains unchanged and its rapid fire capability is reduced. This weapon is also known under the names of "  GN Long Rifle  " and of "  LARP Long Range Rifle  ".
  • GN Beam Saber: A melee weapon that emits a beam-like blade made of GN particles when fired, one is stored in each thigh. When the weapon is needed, the front thigh armor slides down and the GN saber flips around to be grasped by the GN-X's hands. The GN-X's GN beam sabers have the same performance as those of the Gundams and can penetrate/cut the Gundams' defensive weaponry as seen with the weapon damaging the full shield of the GN-002 Gundam Dynames and the shield of the GN-003 Gundam Throne Drei. In addition to having high power, the absence of a blade when the saber is stored reduces obstacles during the mission. However, saber power may be reduced due to atmospheric conditions and beam scattering measurements. Additionally, it cannot replicate certain actions of physical swords, such as using the blade to press down on the enemy.
  • GN Shield: A defensive weapon made of E-Carbon and mounted on the left forearm. The GN Shield is also equipped with a defense rod in the center and can deploy a small GN Field on its surface to achieve high defensive capability. The defense bar is incorporated since the majority of GN-Xs are flown by AEU and Union pilots, who are accustomed and trained in its use. When deployed, the defense rod pops up slightly, then rotates counterclockwise to deflect/ricochet incoming enemy fire. Although designed to defend against physical and beam-type attacks, the GN Shield proved insufficient against the Gundams' enhanced weapons.
  • GN Vulcan: A pair of small beam cannons mounted in the head of the GN-X, they are similar to those on the forearms of the GN-001 Gundam Exia. Vulcan LARPs have low firepower and their initial purpose is limited to limiting enemy movement, but as their beams can be fired intermittently quickly, they are used to create a barrage and have great utility in shooting at missiles. GN Vulcans have also been shown to be capable of destroying the Fangs of the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei.
  • GN Claw: Unlike Gundams, GN-Xs have sharp fingers that can be used directly as melee weapons. Additionally, their destructive power can be increased through the use of the GN Field. GN Claws were originally designed as non-GN particle weapons and mounted in case the GN-X was low in power.


Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Season 1

The GN-X was developed in 2308 by the traitor to Celestial Being, Alejandro Corner, as part of his plan for world domination. 30 GN-Xs were secretly built under Alejandro's orders and his accomplice, Laguna Harvey, distributed these units and their GN Drive Taus to the three major power blocks. Units 1 to 10 were given to the AEU, units 11 to 20 to the LRH, and units 21 to 30 to the Union. These units were assigned to the ace pilots of the respective blocks, such as Patrick Colasour (unit 1) of the AEU, Sergei Smirnov (unit 11) and Soma Peries (unit 20) of the LRH and Daryl Dodge (unit 22) of the 'Union. Along with GN-X, the AEU, LRH, and Union formed a military alliance, the United Nations Forces (UN Forces), with the goal of destroying Celestial Being.

Shortly after, LRH's Chobu GN-X team, led by Sergei Smirnov, debuted in battle against Team Trinity's Gundam Thrones at LRH's Guangzhou base, forcing the latter to defeat retired. Later, Team Chobu GN-X headed towards Team Trinity's base in Africa, but Team Trinity anticipated the attack and fired a preemptive shot, downing one GN-X. A fierce battle broke out but Team Trinity managed to escape. In space, the AEU and Union launched their 19 GN-Xs (Unit 21 assigned to the Union's Graham Aker was not deployed as his GN Drive Tau was used at other ends) to attack Ptolemy's team. Led by Patrick Colasour and Daryl Dodge, the GN-Xs gave Team Ptolemy's four Gundams a hard time, but were forced to withdraw when the GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E joined the force. battle. After the battles, a public announcement was made that UN forces had launched Operation Fallen Angels to defeat the Gundams.

On Earth, Team Chobu GN-X continued their pursuit of Team Trinity, but

failed to bring them down. However, this did not bother Sergei, who explained to Soma Peries that with the destruction of the African base, the GN Drive Tau from Gundam Thrones would soon reach its operational limit. Team Trinity was eventually eliminated by Ali al-Saachez, who also stole the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei. Some time later in space, the remaining 26 GN-Xs of the UN Forces and their pilots joined forces with Ali and the Throne Zwei to take down Ptolemy's team. During the battle, 13 GN-Xs were lost due to the Gundams' improved weaponry as well as their new Trans-Am system. Additionally, Daryl and his GN-X perished when he intervened in the duel between the Throne Zwei and the GN-002 Gundam Dynames. This duel ended with the destruction of the Throne Zwei and significant damage to the Dynames.

After being reinforced by the large Mobile Armor, the GNMA-XCVII Alvatore, the 12 surviving GN-X launched a final assault on the Ptolemy. Announcing the start of the battle, the Alvatore fired two powerful long-range beams, as the GN-Xs moved forward to fight the Gundams. They then encountered the Assault Container, carrying the GN-001 Gundam Exia and the GN Arms Type-E, but were powerless to prevent it from passing through to engage the Alvatore. Team GN-X then split into two teams to fight GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh. One unit from each team was quickly lost to surprise attacks from the Gundams. As the Kyrios destroyed another GN-X, a third shot from the Alvatore arrived. This shot destroyed Kyrios' right arm and leg, but also destroyed a GN-X near the Gundam.

The GN-Xs battling the Nadleeh were put on the defensive when the Gundam activated its Trans-Am, losing three units in rapid succession. Fortunately, a fourth shot from the Alvatore damaged the Nadleeh, forcing him to stop his Trans-Am. The two remaining GN-Xs, one of them piloted by Patrick, took this opportunity to further damage the Nadleeh. Despite being heavily damaged, the Nadleeh turned towards the GN-Xs and fired its final two shots. At the same time, Patrick's GN-X fired at the Nadleeh, blowing its head off. The other GN-X was destroyed by the Nadleeh's first shot, while Patrick's GN-X lost its upper body by the second shot. The fight ended with the lower body of Colasour's GN-X and the damaged body of the Nadleeh drifting in opposite directions.

In the other battle, three GN-Xs charged at the damaged Kyrios and were

attacked by the remaining assault container attached to CBS-70 Ptolemy. One of the GN-Xs went to attack the ship and managed to destroy its deck, but was in turn taken by the assault container. The other two GN-Xs, piloted by Sergei and Soma, initially struggled to fight the Kyrios, but as the Gundam focused its attack on Soma's GN-X, it was caught off guard when the GN-X Sergei's -X stepped in and took an attack intended for his teammate. The battle ends as Soma's GN-X takes its chance and fires at the Kyrios several times, rendering it inoperable.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00:00F

After the victory of the UN Forces, the world moved towards unification and the dismantling of each nation's military began. However, some disagreed with this dismantling, including some of Moralie's mercenaries. In response, UN forces deployed their GN-Xs to quell the mercenary rebellion. Mercenary MS and GN-X fought in the hilly regions, and the battles ended in victory for the UN forces. GN-Xs have also been used to protect orbital elevators from terrorist attacks, but the first line of defense appears to be older MSs without GN Drive Tau, such as the MSJ-06II-AC Tieren anti-aircraft gun type.

In Africa, despite the various measures taken by the UN to support the region, some residents still have strong feelings against the UN and have even taken up arms against it. To combat the MS deployed by the anti-UN armed group, the UN forces launched their GN-X. In one such battle, one of the UN Forces' GN-Xs detected the cloaked GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F observing the situation. The GN-X was about to attack the Sadalsuud Type F, but was cut in half by the GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type F2 that suddenly appeared. Meanwhile, the battle between the anti-UN group and the UN forces appears to have ended with the UN victory, but some members of the anti-UN group managed to escape.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00:00N

Shortly after the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation government in 2311, it was announced that the GN-X was to be mass produced and officially adopted as the primary machine of the Earth Sphere Federation Forces that would be officially established in a year. The first such unit, the GN-X ESF, was then unveiled to the public. However, the GN-X ESF Type was a short-lived machine as production quickly shifted to new GN-X series units.

Did you know?

  • The GN-X's debut is reminiscent of Virgo from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, GM from Mobile Suit Gundam, and Strike Dagger from Gundam SEED, as they turned the tide of battle with technology and weapons.
  • The formation of the GN-X in Episode 22 parallels the formation of the FX-9900 GX-Bit from Gundam X.
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