GNX-U02X Masurao

GNX-U02X Masurao

The GNX-U02X Masurao (aka Masurao) is a custom Mobile Suit

introduced in season two of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and is piloted by Mr. Bushido.


Developed by an MS development team consisting of Billy Katagiri and other former Union engineers, the Masurao was a prototype for the Earth Sphere Federation's upcoming servicing machine that would replace the GNX-704T Ahead and the GNX- 609T GN-XIII. The Masurao was initially based on the Ahead, but when Billy agreed to Mr. Bushido's request to turn it into his custom machine, with the fastest speed and strongest sword, its development was restarted from zero, with a Union Flag series machine serving as the new base. To be exact, the SVMS-01X Union Flag Custom II became the basis for the Masurao, whose model number, "GNX-U02X", indicated its status as the next machine in line.

The Masurao's appearance and close combat specialization are based on Mr. Bushido's preferences. His main weapons are a pair of LARP beam sabers named after Mr. Bushido's fallen wingmen: Howard Mason and Daryl Dodge. Other weapons included the beam chakram, fired from the tips of its head antennae, and low-powered weapons for interception, for anti-personnel purposes. Depending on the sources, these weapons would be head-mounted laser machine guns, head-mounted and/or chest-mounted GN Vulcans, or a mix of head-mounted laser machine guns and chest-mounted GN Vulcans. For defense, the Masurao can generate a GN Field from the four small GN Field Generators on its shoulders and elbows. It should also be noted that the Masurao's main unit was built around the head of the SVMS-01O Over Flag flown by the late Daryl Dodge.

The Masurao (even in its original form based on the Ahead) also doubled as a test machine for the Trans-Am system, which at the time, was only usable by the original GN-equipped Gundams Original drive. The installation of a Trans-Am system usable by GN Drive Tau was made possible by Billy's analysis of the late Professor Eifman's notes on the GN Drive. The Masurao then became the first GN Drive Tau equipped machine to have and use the Trans-Am system, which caused it to glow red and increase its output three times for a short period of time. Additionally, the Masurao's Trans-Am system was designed to fully utilize the MS's dual GN Drive Tau, giving it an overwhelming output that is impossible to achieve with a single GN Drive Tau.

Although the Masurao has been equipped with two GN Drive Tau, one installed in each waist-mounted side pack, this is not a Twin Drive system, as the two Drives are not synchronized. Data from the GNX-603T GN-X and GNX-704T/AC Ahead Sakigake were also used to develop the Masurao. Its head antennas and waist-mounted side packs include the GN-X series' X-shaped clavicle antenna technology to control GN particles, as it has proven effective in stabilizing the Mobile Suit during attacks. aerial melee combat. Furthermore, it is through the particle control ability of the head antennae that the beam chakram can be formed and fired. Like the Ahead Sakigake, the Masurao has a cable on the back of its head to power various weapons.

Other features of the Masurao include the ability to display light patterns on the red part of its head, which are similar to the luminescence patterns of the Over Flag's face, and cover armor inspired by the crest of the Over Flag. Union mounted at the rear of the machine. The center of this cover shield features a charging connector for mounting an additional GN Condenser. When the Masurao was later modified and upgraded to the GNX-Y901TW Susanowo, it became standard for a GN Condenser to mount on this charging connector. Subsequently, the Masurao design was combined with AEU technology, leading to the creation of the GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type) and GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type).

  • GN Field

As the Masurao wields a saber in each hand, he is not equipped with a shield. Instead, he has stud-like protrusions on the outer side of his elbows and shoulders that function as small GN Field generators. The generated GN Field is small, but it is still viable defensive equipment. Despite their usefulness, Mr. Bushido is said to dislike this equipment and has never used it. Additionally, these four small GN Field generators serve as sub-thrusters, improving the Mobile Suit's air attitude control capability.

  • Trans-Am System

A system that, when activated, immediately releases all compressed high-density GN particles accumulated within a machine, enhancing its thrust and defensive capabilities and allowing it to operate at three times its normal power for a limited time. Furthermore, the whole

of the machine will glow red and afterimages are also generated during movements. This system was originally hidden in the black box of the original GN Drive unit equipped by the Gundams, and usable only by them. However, by analyzing handwritten notes left by the late Professor Eifman in his study room, Billy Katagiri was able to create a Trans-Am system usable by machines equipped with GN Drive Tau, the Masurao being the first to have and be able to use this system. This also means that the Masurao's Trans-Am system was developed independently of that used by the Innovators.

No matter how the Trans-Am system was developed, the GN Drive Tau will burn out and shut down after using said system. Thus, the Masurao was designed to leave spare particles in its GN Condenser for the return to base. Using the Masurao's Trans-Am system, Mr. Bushido was able to place Setsuna F. Seiei and his GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser on the defensive, then fight on equal terms when Setsuna activated the Trans-Am system of the 00 Raiser. However, this system appeared to place a heavy burden on Mr. Bushido, as streams of blood flowed from the corners of his mouth as the battle progressed. The exact cause of this situation is still unknown. Billy later tweaked the Masurao and even improved its Trans-Am system, but the details of the improvement implemented are never revealed.

  • Power Cable

Like the GNX-704T/AC Ahead Sakigake, the Masurao has a cable extending from the back of its head that can connect and provides power to various weapons.


  • "Howard" GN Long Beam Saber & "Daryl" GN Short Beam Saber: The GN Long Beam Saber and GN Short Beam Saber are the Masurao's primary weapons, and are used in his left and right hand respectively. Each saber's beam generator, and the entire weapon by extension, was named by Mr. Bushido after his fallen wingmen: Howard Mason and Daryl Dodge. Both sabers have the same abilities, but the GN short beam saber is shorter, as the name suggests, and is also slightly thicker. When not in use, sabers are stored on the mounting latch under the waist-mounted side packs, one per pack. Furthermore, the sabers can be stored in packs (one per pack) and accessible through a flap on the underside. Each saber also has a pair of thrusters on the back, allowing them to automatically fly from the packs in the Masurao's hands when they are needed. Another characteristic of both sabers is that the shape of their hilt is modeled on the Union coat of arms.
  • Beam Chakram: An experimental remote beam-type weaponry installed in the Masurao's head. Thanks to the high GN particle control ability of the large antennas on Masurao's head, a ring-shaped particle beam can be formed between the tips of these antennas and then launched at the enemy.
  • Laser Machine Gun/Gn Vulcan: A small caliber laser gun is mounted on the left and right of the head. As both cannons fire lasers instead of particle beams, they have low destructive power, but excellent accuracy and rapid fire capability. Ineffective against Mobile Suits, they are used to respond immediately to small targets, such as humans and aircraft. However, some claim that the Masurao is armed with GN machine guns rather than laser machine guns. There is also another allegation that he has a combination of two laser machine guns in his head and two Vulcan GNs in his chest. Like laser machine guns, GN Vulcans have low firepower, but excellent rapid fire capability. They are used for anti-personnel purposes, to intercept approaching enemy units, etc. The location and number of Vulcan GNs on Masurao vary depending on sources. Most simply stated that they existed, but provided no location or number. One will say he had two Vulcans without specifying the location, while another says he had four Vulcans, two in the head and two in the chest.


After suffering damage to his Ahead Sakigake, Mr. Bushido then visited his old friend, Billy Katagiri, who had just become the leader of the

development of A-Laws. After congratulating Billy on his new position, Mr. Bushido said that he wanted the Mobile Suit prototype Billy was working on to be tailored to his personal tastes. He wanted it to be the fastest and with the strongest sword. Billy agreed to his request, on the condition that Mr. Bushido destroy Celestial Being for him. When the MS was completed, Mr. Bushido noted the machine's resemblance to the Flag. Named GNX-U02X Masurao, Billy had installed a special system that he had made based on notes on the GN Drives left by the late Professor Eifman. Learning that the coup forces had taken control of the Africa Tower, Mr. Bushido waited nearby for the arrival of Celestial Being. There, he intercepted the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser alone.

Mr. Bushido was happy to see his rival, but unfortunately, Setsuna didn't feel like fighting him. Dismayed, Mr. Bushido activated the Masurao's Trans-Am system to force Setsuna to take him seriously. With the Masurao's incessant attacks, Graham managed to gain the upper hand over a reluctant Setsuna. Setsuna did his best to repel the assault, even deploying the 00 Raiser's GN Field, but he eventually gave in and responded with his own Trans-Am when the Masurao was about to breach the GN Field. Mr. Bushido was delighted, and the two engaged in a high-speed fight. Suddenly, a barrage of beam fire forced them to break off the fight, the other Gundams had arrived to support the 00

Raiser, with the Ptolemy II not far behind. With his GN particles almost exhausted, Mr. Bushido decided to retreat and told Setsuna not to forget him.

Four months after the tragic Break Pillar Incident, Celestial Being successfully destroyed the second Memento Mori, although they were attacked by the A-Laws over 20 times during this time. With Celestial Being's latest operation, the A-Laws have launched another operation against them in space. Although Mr. Bushido and his refined Masurao were sent, he did not participate in the attack on Celestial Being. Instead, he simply observed the battle from a nearby asteroid, and noticed that the fighting was all half-hearted. He also noted that he would have to try a more brutal approach to make Setsuna a worthy rival.

Did you know?

  • His name is derived from the Japanese word '益荒男', meaning "a strong/brave man".
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