GNX-Y901TW Susanowo

GNX-Y901TW Susanowo

The GNX-Y901TW Susanowo (aka Susanowo) is the upgraded version of the GNX-

U02X Masurao featured in season two of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and is piloted by Mr. Bushido.


The GNX-U02X Masurao was built and completed at a rapid pace, it was then upgraded and remodeled as time became available, reborn as the GNX-Y901TW Susanowo. The main differences that distinguish the Susanowo from the Masurao are the equipping of a GN Condenser on the back, the mounting of a gauntlet on the left arm, a new integrated beam cannon called "Tri-Punisher" and the switch of beam based GN Beam Sabers with solid blade type Enhanced Sabers. The Susanowo also has a new claw weapon, GN Claw, mounted in the side waist packs, larger head antennas, and several parts of its body have been painted different colors than the Masurao. The model number, "GNX-Y901TW", was officially assigned to the Susanowo to reflect its status as a prototype of the ESF Forces' next standard machine after the GNX-704T Ahead.

The Susanowo is assigned as Mr. Bushido's custom machine, much like the Masurao, with its primary weapons being a pair of sabers upgraded to match his preference for close quarters combat. Called "Shiranui" and "Unryu", these solid-bladed swords have the added ability to deploy beams across the surface of their blades, and can also combine into a double-edged form called "Souten". To ensure the stable use of these sabers, a special gauntlet has been installed on the left arm, which is the main arm of the saber. Additionally, the GN Condenser located on the Susanowo's back can power the sabers through the power cable located on the back of the Mobile Suit's head. This GN Condenser also allows the use of the Tri-Punisher, a large beam cannon with three barrels, one hidden in the abdomen and two others in the shoulders. Although Mr. Bushido did not ask for it, the Tri-Punisher allowed the Susanowo to launch powerful beam-type attacks at medium range. As for the GN Claw, these are physical blades located in the lower part of the side waist packs and serve as a backup close combat weapon.

The last known weapon of the Susanowo is carried from the Masurao, the ring-shaped chakram fired between its head antennae. The Susanowo also retained the Masurao's shoulder and elbow GN Field generators for defense. Other features inherited from the Masurao included the pair of GN Drive Tau in the waist side packs, the Trans-Am system which can be activated to briefly increase its capabilities, the GN particle control technology installed in its head antennas and side size binders, the ability to display light patterns on the white part of its head, etc. Additionally, the head of the SVMS-01O Over Flag piloted by the late Daryl Dodge remained hidden in the head of the Susanowo. According to some sources, the Susanowo later served as the basis for the GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type) and the GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type).

  • Gauntlet

A countermeasure against the energy feedback of Improved Sabers, it is equipped on the left forearm. This placement of the gauntlet is due to the fact that Susanowo's left hand is the dominant hand in the handling of his swords, as Mr. Bushido is left-handed. Although not intended for this purpose, the gauntlet is capable of withstanding enemy attacks.

  • Power Cable

Like the Masurao, Susanowo has a power cable extending from the back of its head, but this cable is colored blue instead of black. When the "Souten" is used, the power cable connects to the rear of the left shoulder to power the weapon from the GN Condenser mounted on the back of the MS. If the "Shiranui" and "Unryu" are wielded separately, this cable can connect directly to the back of one of the upgraded sabers. It appears that this direct connection is not possible with the "Souten" as the ports on the Enhanced Sabers for connecting with the cable are blocked when they combine to form the double-edged weapon.

  • GN Field

As with the Masurao, the Susanowo is not equipped with a shield as it wields a saber in each hand. Therefore, he retained the stud-like protrusions on the outer side of the elbows and shoulders that function as small GN Field generators. Additionally, these four small GN Field generators serve as sub-thrusters, improving the machine's air attitude control capability.

  • Trans-Am System

The Susanowo inherited the Masurao's Trans-Am system, which was independently developed by Billy Katagiri based on notes left by Professor Eifman. When activated, this system immediately releases any compressed high-density GN particles accumulated within a machine, enhancing its thrust and defensive capabilities and allowing it to operate at three times its normal power for a limited time. Additionally, the entire machine will glow red and afterimages are also generated during movements. Since the Susanowo's Drive Tau GNs will burn up after using this system and burn out, the Mobile Suit was designed to leave spare particles in its Condenser GNs for the return to base. Unlike the Masurao's Trans-Am system, used on Earth against the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, blood did not come out of Mr. Bushido's mouth when he used the Susanowo's Trans-Am system against the 00 Raiser in space. The reason is unknown.


  • "Shiranui" Enhanced Saber & "Unryu" Enhanced Saber: The Pair of Enhanced Sabers are solid-bladed swords that serve as the Susanowo's primary weapons. Of the two, the "Shiranui" is the longer and is used in the left hand, while the "Unryu" is shorter, slightly thicker, and is used in the right hand. The blade of these sabers can open slightly and beams can be emitted to cover their surface, making them combination swords that have the advantages of a strong blade and a beam saber. This combined technology would come from the plasma technology used in the sonic blade of the SVMS-01 Union Flag. The beam generator of the “  Shiranui  ” was taken in the GN Long Beam Saber of the GNX-U02X Masurao, while the beam generator of the “  Unryu  » was taken in the GN Short BEam Saber of Masurao. THE "  Shiranui  " and the "  Unryu  » can be stored on the mounting latch located under the side waist packs, one saber per pack. It is also possible to attach these mounting latches to the side of the black colored rounded section at the top of the packs.
  • Suten: A double-edged weapon formed by connecting the pair of sabers to their attachment sections, with the "Shiranui" becoming the top section and the "Unryu" serving as the base. The Souten can be stored on a fastening latch attached to the back of the waistband.
  • Tri-Punisher: A cannon of great power, and a large radius, built into the body of the Susanowo, it has three exits, one hidden in the abdomen and one hidden in each shoulder. When used, the beams emitted from the three exits converge in front of the Mobile Suit, forming a massive ball of energy which is then launched at the enemy, allowing the Susanowo to attack at medium range. Although there is a lag in launching its attack, the Tri-Punisher's destructive power as a built-in ranged weapon is top-notch. This weapon is not equipped on the predecessor of the Susanowo, the Masurao, nor commanded by Mr. Bushido who prefers close combat. The Tri-Punisher was installed because the Susanowo served as a test model for the next main machine of the ESF Forces that the Susanowo development team wanted to build.
  • Beam Chakram: A sharp, ring-shaped beam formed between the tips of the Susanowo's large head antennae which is then launched to restrict enemy movement. This experimental weapon was first installed in the Masurao and uses GN particle control technology integrated into the pair of head antennas, which are advanced versions of the clavicle antennas.
  • GN Claw: The GN Claw, consisting of a pair of white-colored blades, integrated into the lower half of each side waist pack. Used for striking and grabbing attacks, the blades separate from each other and extend outward when deployed. Also called "GN Claw Arm" or "Claw Arm", they are considered backup close combat weapons.


Mr. Bushido was ordered by the Innovators to accompany Louise Halevy and Andrei Smirnov to the abandoned colony "Eclipse, in Lagrange 5. With the Susanowo he will find the 00 Raiser and hold it hostage. Setsuna F. Seiei accepted the request of Mr. Bushido, namely an honorable duel, Setsuna then recognized Graham Aker, who is hiding behind the identity of Mr. Bushido.

Distracted by the fight between Louise Halevy and Nena Trinity not far away, Setsuna tried to intervene, but he was quickly brought back to the reality of his duel by Aker. The two machines fired a crossfire, which canceled each other out, continuing in close combat, in a Trans-Am duel.

The two machines engaged in a Trans-Am confrontation generated a huge concentration of purified GN particles, enveloping both pilots, sending their consciousness into the quantum ethereal plane.

As Graham became aware of what was happening, he wondered if he had reached Nirvana. Setsuna suddenly appeared to correct him, noting that they were in the place where the quantum waves converged together. Graham was perplexed, but Setsuna continued to speak of Aeolia Schenberg's true goal, the reformation of humanity. Graham wondered if this reform was the ultimate mystery that Setsuna had mastered. He then remembers when he decided to pursue the path of Bushido, reflecting on his own perversity, Graham understood that he could only reach his ultimate mystery if he fought Setsuna, who could only fight like him, once moreover.

Coming back to reality, Graham declared that it was for the ultimate victory. Setsuna was perplexed and Graham asked him if there was anything else. Combining his GN Swords II into dual spear mode, Setsuna replied that there was obviously

more, a tomorrow that connects them to the future. Graham quickly attacked the 00 Raiser and disarmed it with one blow. He struck a killing blow, but Setsuna grabbed and broke the Susanowo's blade, quickly followed by stabbing both of Susanowo's shoulders with the 00 Raiser's GN beam sabers. This attack caused several minor explosions in the Susanowo's cockpit, and the damaged shoulders quickly exploded, with the explosion splitting its head armor and revealing an SVMS-01O Over Flag head unit hidden within. The cockpit of the Susanowo subsequently opened, letting out an injured Graham.

The 00 Raiser pointed one of his GN sabers at him, Graham shouted at Setsuna to finish him off and thus obtain victory. However, Setsuna refused to do so, deactivating his Trans-Am and GN sabers. Graham was surprised, but Setsuna declared that he wanted to live, and fight for tomorrows, and that Graham had to fight to live.

Did you know?

  • The name, Susanowo (スサノオ?), (also romanized as Susano'o, Susa-no-O and Susanoo) is the Shinto god of the sea and storms.
  • Although the Susanowo appears to have the same openings for Laser Machine Guns and/or LARP Vulcans on its body as the Masurao, none of the official sites, Model Kit manuals, or sourcebooks have confirmed the existence of these weapons on the Mobile Suit, although some video games have featured them as usable weapons.
  • The Susanowo's weapon, "Shiranui" (シラヌイ?), is named after shiranui, an atmospheric optical phenomenon observed in Japan. The name was previously used for the "Shiranui" space pack of the ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam from Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • The name "Unryu" (ウンリュウ?), on the other hand, means "earth dragon".
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