GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam

GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam

The GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam is the star Mobile Suit of the OVA Mobile Suit

Gundam SEED CE 73: STARGAZER. It is piloted by Sol Ryuune The Angel and under-piloted by Selene McGriff.


The GSX-401FW Stargazer is a civilian Mobile Suit designed to explore regions of space beyond the orbit of Mars. To accomplish this task, the MS is designed with two unique features. First of all, due to the vast expanses of space, the speed limit of light and the limited space of a cockpit, it is impossible for a human pilot to carry out the mission of exploration of deep space from the Stargazer. That's why the Stargazer's two-seater cockpit is modular in design and can be replaced with an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) that will control the machine. The AI ​​is a learning computer that uses data entered by the pilot to learn how to behave correctly. This data comes from the human pilots who fly the Stargazer. To reach its maximum potential, the AI ​​needs piloting data totaling ten thousand hours.

The second important feature is its Light Car propulsion system. The Stargazer version of the Light Car is designed specifically for interplanetary propulsion. She works by capturing the solar wind on a curtain of light generated by the ring on her back and converts its energy into strong light pressure which is then used as thrust. The system can also convert energy from an energy beam fired from an external source (e.g. a Beam Rifle shot) instead of solar wind to propel the MS. When used, the system interrupts the spatial structure of the environment. The Stargazer's ability to deflect and capture incoming rays to create a field of usable ray cutters during the battle against Phantom Pain is likely an unintended side effect of this disruption to the spatial structure. The rear-mounted ring structure doubles as a mobile thruster, it can be separated and moved as needed, giving the Stargazer exceptional mobility.

The black "seams" around the MS are able to glow and are a subsystem of the Light Car. They are connected to the ring located at the back and allow to adjust the balance of the thrust of the MS. The Stargazer also has a nanomachine repair system and has no armament as it is designed as a non-combat unit. However, he can use the ray gun used by the UT-1D Civilian Astray DSSD Custom to defend himself.

  • AI

    Designed as an exploration Mobile Suit, the Stargazer can be equipped with a removable artificial intelligence unit where the cockpit is usually located. Surprisingly, the structure of the AI ​​is similar to that of a human brain and can learn from operational data recorded by pilots. The end goal is for the AI ​​to take full control of the MS for the exploration mission.

    • Nanomachine Repair System

      Since the MS is designed for long voyages without access to maintenance and/or repair facilities, the Stargazer is equipped with the Nanomachine Repair System. As the name suggests, maintenance and repair of some degree of damage is done automatically by nano-sized machines.

      • "Car Light" Propulsion System

        The Stargazer's most important technological element is the "Light Car" (or "Solar Sail") interplanetary propulsion system, which uses the concept of capturing and converting energy from solar winds to propel the machine. An energy beam from a DSSD satellite, "Apollo A", can also be used instead of solar winds. The rear-mounted ring captures these winds or energy beam with its thin curtain of light particles and uses a special conversion process to transform them into strong light pressure which is then used as thrust. This system also allows the Stargazer to increase its speed over time as it travels between planets. In accordance with Newton's laws of motion, the Stargazer accelerates indefinitely as long as it continues to move. Variants of the "Car Light" system are used by the GSF-YAM01 Δ Astray, ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam , ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam, MMF-JG73L Turn Δ and MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai.

        • Operating System

          The Stargazer uses the Advanced Operational Support System Guide UN- manned Deployment A utonomic Manipulation , created for space research purposes. However, its performance in a combat situation is comparable to that of a combat MS operating system.


          • KMS71/J Beam Pistol: A beam gun designed by DSSD. It has a unique variable power system and focuses more on rate of fire than range or power. However, only one of his shots can destroy an MS when it hits the machine's vital parts.


            In late CE73, the Deep Space Survey and Development Organization (DSSD) developed an advanced space exploration Mobile Suit, the Stargazer. As part of its exploration mission, the Stargazer was to be unmanned and controlled by artificial intelligence. This unique machine was to make it possible to reach the depths of the solar system, beyond the already colonized planet Mars.

            In October of CE73, the Stargazer was stationed at a DSSD station on Earth when terrorists dropped the remains of the Junius Seven factory on Earth, in an incident later known as "Break the World". the world). The tidal wave caused by the falling pieces engulfed a coastal town and threatened the DSSD station, but the Stargazer was launched into space safely. Development of the Stargazer continued with short-range testing of its "Light Car" system on the DSSD Troya station.

            Later, the Earth Alliance's secret Phantom Pain unit launched an attack

            on the DSSD station to seize the artificial intelligence unit of the Stargazer. To repel the attack, DSSD researchers Selene McGriff and Sol Ryuune The Angel boarded the MS and sent the Stargazer into battle. Using her ability to reflect beam weapon fire, the MS destroyed several GAT-01A2R 105 Slaughter Daggers from Phantom Pain, until she was confronted by Sven Cal Bayang and his GAT-X105E Strike Noir Gundam . The Stargazer uses its ray catch ability again and creates a ray cutter field around it, causing some damage to the Strike Noir. Selene then ejects Sol from the cockpit and uses the satellite's energy beam to propel the Stargazer and Strike Noir out of Earth's sphere, near Venus. Afterwards, Selene rescued Sven and used the Strike Noir's last energy reserves to power the Stargazer for its long journey back to Earth. Approximately 27 days and 21 hours later, the Stargazer reaches the Earth sphere and is found by Sol, its two pilots surviving.

            Did you know?

            • The Stargazer Gundam is a reference to the USS Stargazer from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both were built for deep space exploration, rather than direct combat, but they had defensive combat capabilities. The Light Car's propulsion and ray-catching capabilities also bear similarities to the Picard Maneuver, a legendary tactic invented by Captain Jean-Luc Picard that made the USS Stargazer, and its captain, famous.
            • The ZGMF-X11A Regenerate Gundam's Lightcraft propulsion system is similar to the Stargazer Gundam's Lightcraft system in that, like the Stargazer and Apollo A, the Regenerate can use energy from GENESIS Alpha to boost its speed.
            • The words spoken by Selene while piloting the Stargazer suggest that the Mobile Suit is designed with a nuclear reactor but does not have an N-Jammer Canceller. Therefore, it has to rely on a battery that can only power it for 17 minutes. The fact that the Stargazer needed energy from the damaged Strike Noir near the end seems to imply that the machine was not equipped with a nuclear reactor when launched.
            • The design of the nuclear reactor is likely due to the fact that the Stargazer was intended for deep space exploration and primarily used solar wind for its propulsion. When the Stargazer gets far enough from Earth, it is out of range of the N-Jammer Cancellers and can use its nuclear reactor without issue.
            The Stargazer's artificial intelligence unit, capable of autopilot, could be a reference to Mobile Suit Gundam Wing's Mobile Dolls. If the Earth Alliance succeeds in seizing the AI ​​unit and putting it into mass production for their MS, a scenario similar to Gundam Wing could occur.
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