MD-0064 Darilbalde

MD-0064 Darilbalde

MD-0064 Darilbalde (ダリルバルデ Darirubarude?) is a Mobile Suit

introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury. It is piloted by Guel Jeturk .


Developed as a concept for Jeturk Heavy Machinery's 5th generation Mobile Suit, the Darilbalde is produced with a priority on adapting next-generation military drone technology to an MS, equipped with unmanned drone technology. When adapting a drone equipped with an AI decision-making extension capable of self-learning and autonomous operation to a Mobile Suit, the team attempted to add fundamental kinesthetic integration to the unit. The Darilbalde does not have the revolutionary technology of the FORMAT GUND in its design. However, unlike the Gundams which use "cursed" technology, this unit prides itself on being a legitimate evolution of the Mobile Suit as a platform.

  • Shell Unit

Equipped on the chest, waist, shoulders and Ambika.

  • Decision Making AI Extension

This AI gave the Darilbalde the ability to operate and enter combat without the need for a pilot, making decisions on its own during combat, although its artificial intelligence appears to lack responsiveness, suggesting that it may still be in the testing phase when in use. The AI ​​also possesses limited learning abilities, having demonstrated combat behaviors and maneuvers learned in previous battles.


  • Beam Vulcan: Firearm located in the head, used for tactical diversion and interceptions. These are the same as those installed on the Dilanzas.
  • Beam Javelin: Close combat weapons, capable of using beam technology, having two ends, one anchor-shaped and the other claw-shaped, which can be connected together by the handle. Power is delivered to these two high energy output weapons via direct coupling through the unit's arms, giving the Darilbalde fearsome cutting capabilities.
  • Iśvara A Type: Name used for Darilbalde drones. The A Type configuration features two arm units with manipulators, including a beam-type kunai anchor.
  • Iśvara B Type: The B Type has two Beam sabers installed directly in the forearms, bringing this type of weapon to four in number.
  • Beam Saber: Short-range weapons housed in the Iśvara B Type, but can also be used as beam cannons in drone mode. Attaching them to the upper arms of the device can increase the power of its sabers.
  • Ambika: Protective drones in the form of massive shields. Ambiká units are attached to the shoulders of the Mobile Suit and are capable of autonomous defensive operations thanks to the Darilbalde's AI.
  • Shackleclaw: Wired weapons that can be used to contain enemy units. In addition to latching onto other MS, Shackle Claws can cause damage to electronic equipment and even the device's driver through electric shock.
  • Pellet Mine: Micro mines found in the "Knee Crusher" knee units. Mines are capable of covering a large area.
  • Gussa Iśvara: Improved Iśvara drones in different colors (painted black). The upgraded Darilbalde carries four of these drones on his backpack.
  • Daya Ambika: Drones equipped with an improved and larger shield are carried in the new weapon arsenal. Can be visually identified by the green cross-shaped sensor on the front panel.


The Darilbalde is first seen tested in space. He easily escaped the beam shot of two MD-0031 Dilanza and slices them using his Ishvara bits, destroying them. Later, Vim Jeturk asks his son Guel Jeturk to pilot this machine during his second duel against Suletta Mecury . Initially, the Darilbalde and its decision-making AI demonstrate high performance in the battle against the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial, partly due to the Aerial's beam weapons being weakened by the fire suppression system. However, after the fire extinguishing system is disabled by Miorine Rembran , the Darilbalde fights against the GUND-BIT of the Aerial.

The Darilbalde's AI proves ineffective against the GUND-BITs, being tricked into taking a direct hit with a simple feint. Angry, Guel destroys the AI's console panel and takes full control. It briefly overwhelmed the Aerial, until the latter managed to defeat the Darilbalde by cutting off its horn and winning the duel. The damaged Darilbalde is removed by the Jeturk company.

The Darilbalde, now upgraded with new weapons, makes its appearance again in a duel against the Gundam Aerial Rebuild, after Guel re-enters the academy and begins to take control of the Jeturk Company. The Darilbalde struggles against the upgraded Gundam due to Guel's trauma. Although Guel has regained the upper hand, Aerial reaches Score 8 and takes control of Darilbalde's Isvaras, severing an arm and a leg. However, before the Aerial can finish the battle, it is stopped by Miorine and Guel takes the opportunity to cut off the Aerial's head antenna, winning the duel.

The Darilbalde is used by Guel to confront Shaddiq and his team as they approach Astacasia. As the Dominicus engaged Grassley's team, Guel and Shaddiq had a fierce confrontation, with the latter's Mobile Suit limiters having been removed, causing the Darilbalde to fight against the CFK-029 Michaelis fully operational. Despite this disadvantage, Guel managed to defeat Shaddiq and his replacement Sabina and deactivated their MS while the Darilbalde suffered critical damage. Before the machine explodes, Guel ejects from the cockpit of the Mobile Suit and is caught by a MSJ-0P122 Half Garrison approaching the scene of the fight.

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