MDX-0003 Gundam Schwarzette

MDX-0003 Gundam Schwarzette

The MDX-0003 Gundam Schwarzette (ガンダム・シュバルゼッテ?) is a
Mobile Suit introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury. It is driven by Lauda Neill.


A Mobile Suit using "GUND FORMAT" technology provided by Prospera Mercury. The Schwarzette is a new generation concept model, designed to succeed the MD-0064 Darilbalde. His GUND-BITs are based on the "Escutcheon" GUND-BITs from the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial.

  • Shell Unit

A control terminal that allows the transmission and processing of large amounts of information between the driver and the machine. It emits light when the operating level of the FORMAT GUND reaches a fixed intensity, for example when using GUND-BITs. Working with Allows scores of up to 5 emits red light, while Allows scores of 6 and above emit blue light.

  • Bit on Form

By connecting the Bit Staves to hard points throughout the machine, not only is it possible to quickly replenish electrical energy and propellant to the Bits, but it also improves the mobility and defensive performance of the Mobile Suit itself.


  • Multipurpose Offensive/Defensive Platform "Guardian": A multipurpose offensive and defensive platform based on the GUND-TBI "Escutcheon" of the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial. Like the Escutcheon, the Guardian is comprised of a next-generation remote-controlled weapons system called "GUND-BIT", which uses the GUND FORMAT to organically bond humans and machines. There are 6 Bit Staves in total: 4 for offense and 2 for defense.
  • Beam Sword: A close-range beam weapon that can be used when the Guardian is in "Guardian Draw" mode. Used with ranged attacks from the offensive bits and electromagnetic barriers from the defensive bits for a combined attack.
  • Bit Stave: Each Bit Stave can be detached to be used as a mobile turret with integrated cannons or as a shield.
  • Arm Revolver Cannon: The forearms are equipped with a rocket launcher that fires explosive cluster munitions.


Prior to the establishment of GUND-ARM, Inc., Vim Jeturk began development of a Gundam-type MS in collaboration with Shin Sei Development Corporation, insisting that the two companies enter the drone industry together.

When Guel became the CEO of Jeturk Heavy Machinery, the incomplete Schwartzette was revealed to him and Miorine by Prospera, much to Miorine's dismay. Prospera suggested using the Schwartzette as a joint development between Jeturk and GUND-ARM, Inc. to gain support from members of the Benerit Group, a proposal which Miorine refused.

Its improved form was then transferred to the Jeturk House of Asticassia, where its presence was questioned by Lauda who was informed that the Schwartzette was a joint venture between their company and GUND-ARM, Inc.

Lauda later piloted the Schwartzette in an attempt to kill Miorine, whom he

blamed himself for his family's recent misfortunes. The Shell Unit was destroyed during the fight against Dilanza de Guel.

The Schwartzette, alongside the FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact, was then controlled by Suletta Mercury via the X-EX01 Gundam Calibarn to create a data embolism powerful enough to remotely shut down the Space Assembly's interplanetary laser transmission system League. The resulting datastorm would eventually disintegrate all nearby machines using the FORMAT GUND, including the Schwarzette.

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