MS-05 Zaku I

MS-05 Zaku I

The MS-05 Zaku I (MS-05ザクI?) is a Mobile Suit featured in the series

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin MSD Cucuruz Doan's Island, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA, Mobile Suit Gundam THunderbolt, Mobile Suit Discovery design. Developed by Zeonic, Inc. from the MS-04 Bugu , it was the Autonomous Republic of Zeon's first mass-produced Mobile Suit. They were first deployed at the Battle of Mare Smythii and saw action in early battles of the One Year War, such as the Siege of Granada and the Battle of Loum.


Because it was an attempt to create a perfect humanoid mobile weapon equipped with a compact fusion core, the previously developed MS-04 Bugu ended up being too expensive a machine to mass-produce. It was therefore redesigned to create the MS-05 Zaku I, intended for mass production and combat deployment. The supply pipes attached to the exterior of the Bugu as part of its fluid pulse system were fitted under the armor to prevent damage from enemy attacks, but as a result its mobility and maneuverability were slightly lower than those of the Bugu. Nevertheless, he addressed all the production and maintenance issues associated with using a large number of machines on the battlefield.

  • Head

The head of the MS-05 was equipped with a mono-ocular camera and sensors, with an exhaust heat duct in the center.

  • backpack

A backpack equipped with two thrusters and power pipes stored inside the main armor. The backpack of the MS-05 had taken on a simple structure compared to the previous backpacks of the YMS-03 Waff and MS-04.


  • Machine Gun: Portable weapon developed especially for Mobile Suits. The ammunition is packaged in a drum magazine, which is more practical in terms of mobility compared to the standard "belt" magazine.
  • Heat Hawk: A hatchet type weapon for close combat. The blade can glow a red glow from heat high enough to melt an MS's armor. Many other machines were also equipped with this weapon.
  • Bazooka Type A2: A rocket launcher carried by Mobile Suits and equipped with three rockets. He showed his destructive power mainly in anti-ship (ship) combat.
  • Bazooka Type A1: Used by Mash's unit. Unlike the Type A2, it has no magazine, and has to be reloaded after each shot.
  • Anti-Space Ship Rifle ASR-78: A rifle developed specifically for Mobile Suits. Used primarily in anti-spacecraft combat. It fires special high-velocity bullets, which scatter shrapnel after penetrating the ship's armor, destroying ships from within. It was particularly devastating when used against a ship's deck or engine.
  • Shield: A protective armament worn on the arm. It provided good mobility but its bulletproof ability fell below the MS-06 Zaku II's L-shaped shield. It was excluded from the standard equipment of the MS-05 because it was deemed more effective in repelling attacks from MS and naval vessels.
  • Shoulder Shield: An L-shaped shield that can be mounted on the right shoulder, made of steel and several types of shock absorbing material. Spare magazines for the Bazooka Type A2 can be mounted on it.


  • Black Tri-Stars Units

The three test pilots Gaia, Ortega and Mash participated using the first mass production types of the MS-05 Zaku I, painted dark gray. Gaia's and Ortega's machines were armed with Zaku machine guns, Mash's machine carried a Bazooka Type A1, and they all used the same short shield as the MS-04 Bugu.

  • Char Aznable Unit

The unit driven by Char Aznable was one of the first mass production types deployed at the Battle of Mare Smythii. Courtesy of Dozle

Zabi, who was responsible for its development, Char participated in the Battle of Mare Smythii in a machine painted in his personal red colors, which he chose after the Dawn Rebellion, which would ultimately lead to his honorary title of "red comet".

The backpack of this device was equipped with a fixing latch at the back. Char would later fly the MS-05S, a variant fitted with armaments intended for the MS-06.

  • Kycilia's Forces Units

While the normal version was painted in green colors, machines deployed with some special forces received unique decorations and colors to allow easy identification of their assigned unit. The Zaku I assigned to the special service commanded by Major General Kycilia Zabi, who led a campaign on the lunar surface directly after the outbreak of the Zeon War of Independence, had a crest-like decoration on her head. Normally markings were painted on the MS to identify its machine number and the unit assigned to it. But it is believed that the machines of the forces led by Major General Kycilia, who often carried out special missions, used different specifications from the usual version as a special measure.

The backpack of this device was equipped with fixing latches on both sides. Additionally, the crest-like decoration on the head was modeled after the steel helmet worn by the Munzo Police cavalry. The crest made her slightly taller than the normal version, and her sinking pattern was purple, the same color as said cavalry.

  • First Refined Type 185th Airbirne Paratrooper

The MS-05 Zaku First Refined Type 185th Airborne Paratrooper Use is a variant featured in the Solomon Express design series. It was designed by Makoto Kobayashi and featured in the October 1999 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

First deployed by the 185th Airborne Parachute Division during the first land drop operation, this upgraded variant of the MS-05 Zaku I featured the inclusion of parts from the MS-06, and for this reason it is strikingly similar to the Zaku II apparently. Among its various modifications, it was fitted with a different head component, significantly improved arm parts with additional armor on the shoulders, an "anti-drop" chain, and an I-field generator for anti-radiation purposes. . Its main armaments were a ZMP-50D/120mm machine gun, an atomic bazooka which was to be used as an anti-fortress weapon, and a thermal knife, although this weapon would be replaced by a Heat Hawk. Most notable among the pilots of this unit is the distinguished Alan "Bravo" Sinclair, a veteran of the British operation.

  • Living Dead Division

The Zaku I used by the Living Dead Division of the Principality of Zeon is equipped with sealed joints to protect against debris in the sector

Thunderbolt. Additionally, the MS backpack features propellant canisters on the sides for better mobility, as well as a foldable underarm that can hold firearms.


In UC0078. On the dark side of the moon, Ramba Ral led the Black Tri-Stars, in their MS-05 Zaku I, to reach the edge of the Mare Smythii in 12 hours. Private Char Aznable had already taken the lead and was standing on the open cockpit of his MS-05 when the others caught up with him. An FF-1F Hog spotted the Char unit and was quickly destroyed by its machine gun. The Char unit destroyed another Hog. Ortega's Zaku I opened fire on a Hog shooting at him, too. When the RCX-76-02 Guncannon First Types deployed, Gaia laughed as her Zaku I destroyed a Guncannon VB107. Mash then destroyed a Guncannon VB105 with a single Bazooka shot from his Zaku I and Ortega destroyed a Guncannon VB106. Seeing this devastation, the captain of the Pizarro-class mobile transport ship ordered a recall of the Guncannons but lost his voice when the red shadow of the Char unit loomed in front of the ship. It was a mobility that exceeded

away his imagination. The red machine fired from the machine gun it held on the deck of the ship. The ship's triple-mounted anti-aircraft gun reacted and bombarded the red MS, but it effortlessly evaded the attack, and fired one round at the rear engine. Engulfed in flames, the ship sinks into the Mare Smythii. Ortega bludgeons the head of the Guncannon VB102 with his Heat Hawk. Gaia dodged a shot from Guncannon VB104 like nothing happened and bent her Zaku I for Mash to get up and land the final blow with a bazooka. Ortega continued to bludgeon a Guncannon, Gaia chased an armless Guncannon VB103 and was ordered by Captain Ral to let the Guncannon go, Gaia ignored the order and sliced ​​the Guncannon's backpack reactor , causing it to fall on the Dr. Minovsky. Char in his Zaku I stood next to the wreckage of the Pizarro class.

With the outbreak of the Zeon War of Independence in UC0079, the MS-05 Zaku I was officially adopted as the primary weapon of the Principality of Zeon forces, but it later lost its position as the primary machine due to the adoption of the MS-06 Zaku II.

On 3 January, General Kycilia Zabi's Chivvay-class deployed her assault force's MS-05 Zaku I units to occupy Granada, then her main force of Musai-class light cruisers attacked the Salamis and Magellan-class ships of the Federation above Von Braun. When a Magellan class was destroyed, Char's MS-05S Zaku I fired its machine gun as if it were three standard Zaku I units.

On January 23, MS-05 took part in the Battle of Loum alongside MS-06. Denim piloted a unit equipped with a machine gun while Slender piloted a unit equipped with a shoulder shield and Bazooka Type A2.

On Luna II, Gadem's Papua-class supply ship had caught fire and the Falmer was surrounded by enemy MS on all sides. Gadem had taken an MS-05 Zaku I to deliver the Zaku II units to the Falmer. Kai continued to fire from his RX-77 Guncannon, but Gadem's Zaku I appeared out of flames, much to Kai's surprise. Gadem sought to avenge his ship, even in a second-hand MS. After hitting Kai's Guncannon, he attempted to grab it. Ryu and Hayato's Guntank then appeared behind the Guncannon, putting the Zaku I off balance with its long barrels. Hayato aimed the Zaku I and destroyed it, killing Gadem.

In Peru, Intelligence Agent Tachi had pulled every possible string to procure an old model Zaku and two Magella tanks, which had been delivered to Hamon in the Fat Uncle. When the White Base landed on a ledge in Urubamba Gorge to avoid the Fat Uncle, Sayla Mass sensed enemy hostility. It was Tachi, piloting the Zaku I. The Zaku I (with its Bazooka Type A2) and the Magella tanks fired into White Base. After Kai destroyed a Magella tank, the Zaku I hit his head with a Heat Hawk. Job's Guncannon then grabbed the Zaku I from behind to let Danny's Guntank destroy it, killing Tachi.

During Operation Odessa, Hjalmar ran into a Gundam Marine Type attack that targeted the MS-05 marine pilot, Kalka. Hjalmar's Gogg and the Gundam Marine Type are engaged in a tough fight. It was almost impossible for Kalka to snipe enemies in this state. Kalka pulled the trigger, killing hesitantly and in rage. Damaged by the hit, the Gundam Marine Type withdrew.

In the Thunderbolt Zone, shortly after the appearance of the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam, Daryl Lorenz received a Zaku I due to a shortage of an operational Mobile Suit in the Living Dead Division. During a skirmish in the Thunderbolt sector, Daryl nearly destroyed the Gundam with a shot from the Big Gun, but a bolt of lightning blocked the attack. The Zaku I was badly damaged by the Gundam before using a "cracker" grenade to escape. In the OVA, Daryl lost his left hand during the battle. In the manga, several other Zaku I have been seen in the fleet.

Did you know?

  • The MS-05 Zaku is in fact identical in terms of design to the MS-05B Zaku I, only their stories differ.
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