MS-05S Char's Zaku I

MS-05S Char's Zaku I

The MS-05S Char's Zaku I (MS-05S ザクシャア専用機?) is a Mobile Suit

featured in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, its OVA adaptation, and Mobile Suit Discovery. This was Char Aznable's customized MS-05 Zaku I.


Anticipating a war of independence, the forces of the Principality of Zeon prepared for the outbreak of war by mass-producing the MS-05 Zaku I. The MS-05 Zaku I was armed with ranged weapons and a shield attached to its forearm, and in close combat it was designed to perform attacks using the armor attached to its shoulder LEFT. However, a few ideas for revisions were suggested based on the mobility test data. A new type of right shoulder-mounted shield was developed, which could protect the machine over a wider area. And for attack, a new type of armor on the left shoulder has been introduced, with spikes installed to increase damage during ramming attacks. In addition to the standard MS machine gun (drum magazine type) and the MS bazooka A1 type machine gun, the MS machine gun (belt-fed type) was developed, which increased the number of ammunition through a mechanism of power supply mounted on the back of the machine. This new equipment, which eliminated the problems of the MS-05 Zaku I, was intended to be used by the improved MS-06 Zaku II which was in the production phase. However, since the Zeon War of Independence broke out just before the MS-06 Zaku II went into mass production, some units of the MS-05 Zaku I were outfitted with this MS-06 Zaku II gear and deployed to the fights like a special type. Char Aznable will get his own unit, painted in his color, namely red.

  • backpack

The backpack has been replaced by the MS-06 backpack for better propulsion. It is equipped with two main thrusters and two auxiliary Vernier thrusters.


  • Machine Gun: Portable weapon developed especially for Mobile Suits. The ammunition is packaged in a drum magazine, which is more practical in terms of mobility compared to the standard "belt" magazine.
  • Heat Hawk: A hatchet type weapon for close combat. The blade can glow a red glow from heat high enough to melt an MS's armor. Many other machines were also equipped with this weapon.
  • Bazooka Type A1 MS: A rocket launcher carried by Mobile Suits and equipped with three rockets. He showed his destructive power mainly in anti-ship (ship) combat.
  • Shield: A protective armament worn on the arm. It provided good mobility but its bulletproof ability fell below the MS-06 Zaku II's L-shaped shield. It was excluded from the standard equipment of the MS-05 because it was deemed more effective in repelling attacks from MS and naval vessels.
  • Shoulder Shield: An L-shaped shield that can be mounted on the right shoulder, made of steel and several types of shock absorbing material. Spare magazines for the Bazooka Type A2 can be mounted on it.
  • Shoulder Armor: An addition of spikes on the shoulder in anticipation of melee combat.


The Battle of Mare Smythii was an incident that not only demonstrated the usefulness of Mobile Suits, but also clarified how they should be used as weapons. It particularly highlights the lack of mobility or power of the MS-05 Zaku I, which had just started production. Zeonic, Inc. immediately addressed this issue and urgently undertook the development and refinement of the

MS-06 Zaku II as a superior model to MS-05. The MS-5S Zaku I was a machine that was mainly upgraded on its equipment. The MS-06 incorporates many components common to the MS-05, but its armor and parts were incorporated into the MS-05S before being applied to the MS-06. Although this is a temporary measure, the overall capability of the MS-05S has been strengthened, and the MS-05S has been sent to the lunar attack force, as the mass production frame for the MS -06 had not yet been created.

The MS-05S that Char Aznable embarked in the Von Braun Space Battle was one such MS. It was equipped with shoulder spike armour, an L-shaped shield and a belt-fed machine gun. The red-colored body and mobility that exceeded specifications was like a prediction of the birth of the red comet.

The Earth Federation Forces Magellan-class spacecraft was bombed by a single MS. The red — or more correctly, twilight-colored — MS-05S Zaku I that deftly moved and fired its machine gun when shells from the feed belt were torn into the chamber. Char Aznable seated in the cockpit fired with extraordinary speed and unrivaled accuracy while enjoying a video chat with Lalah Sune.

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