MSM-04G Juaggu

MSM-04G Juaggu

The MSM-04G Juaggu (ジュアッグ?), also translated as Juagg, is a

MSM-04G Juaggu

Amphibious Mobile Suit prototype introduced in the original Mobile Suit Variations design series and made its animated debut in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA series.


As Zeon prepared for its massive invasion of the Earth Federation Forces' underground military headquarters at Jaburo, located along the Amazon River in South America, Zeon military engineers at the California base began developing several Special Operation Mobile Suit to aid in the assault. The Juaggu was one of these machines, created on the basis of the MSM-04 Acguy, its role is that of a rear guard and a mid-range fire support unit for its special operations MS.

The Juaggu's greatest feature is its elliptical head, which has a movable heat exhaust duct similar to an elephant's trunk. Like the Acguy, the Juaggu is an amphibious machine and can travel underwater using the aquatic propulsion systems in its backpacks and feet. The Mobile Suit also has heavy armor to defend against ballistic attacks during the Assault on Jaburo. Its weaponry consisted of a pair of triple-armed rocket launchers and four mega-particle cannons in its torso. If needed, the triple rocket launchers can be replaced with standard 5-finger joysticks.

Years later, during the Dakar assault in UC0096, the Juaggu deployed by Zeon remnants had revised armaments. Rocket Launchers are changed to fire small rockets faster and Particle Cannons are replaced with Beam Cannons. Despite its age, the Juaggu has always proven to be a difficult opponent for more modern defense MSs.


  • Triple Rocket Launcher: A 320mm 3-tube rocket launcher is attached to each arm of the Juaggu. The Juaggu deployed by the remnants of Zeon in UC0096 modified rocket launchers that quickly fire small rockets that have no problem punching holes in MS shields or armor. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the Triple Rocket Launchers can be used to break through the enemy Movile Suit in close combat.

  • Mega Particle Cannon: Housed in the torso, the four giant particle cannons are powered directly by Juaggu's reactor, powerful beams that can easily destroy enemy MS. With particle cannons and triple rocket launchers, the Juaggu is capable of delivering overwhelming firepower.

  • Beam Gun: The Juaggu deployed by the remnants of Zeon in UC0096 swapped out the four Particle Cannons for four Beam Cannons. Powered directly by Juaggu's reactor, the Beam Cannons had a limited firing range, but increased energy convergence that allows for sustained fire. Like Particle Cannons, Ray Cannons can penetrate MS armor.


The few Juaggu units that were built at the California base did not participate in the assault on Jaburo because Char Aznable discovered a secret entrance to the underground base and launched the attack much earlier than planned.

MSM-04G Juaggu

In UC 0096, a modified Juaggu was deployed by remnants of Zeon during the attack on Dakar. The Juaggu demonstrated to still be a deadly unit, even against more modern MS, destroying two MSA-003 Nemos before being shot down by an RGM-86R GM III with support from two RMS-179s GM II.

In the manga Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Bande Dessinee, the Dakar attack was portrayed differently from the anime, with the Juaggu being piloted by Yonem Kirks. The machine was then defeated by an RGM-96X Jesta.

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