Musha Gundam

Musha Gundam

Musha Gundam is one of the titular Mobile Suits from the Plamo-Kyoshiro series,

which got a separate franchise starting with SD Sengokuden Musha Shichinin Shuu Hen. The SD version is designed by Koichi Yamato and the Craft dan by Yasui Hisashi, while the Gundam Fix Figuration version is made by Hajime Katoki. Although the concept started with more typical Gundam proportions, the idea is more famous for inspiring the long-running SD Gundam franchise.


Resembling the RX-78-2 Gundam, the Musha Gundam differs from the original due to its samurai motif. The Mobile Suit is also armed with powerful weapons, including the Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari, a powerful spear that could pierce even the strongest armor. He also has his default weapon, the Nichirinmaru Katana and two Denkoumaru Naginata. Aside from its default close-combat weapons, the Musha Gundam also comes equipped with the Tanegashima Cannon for long-range combat.

Since in the SD Gundam series, the Musha Gundam is a living Mobile Suit, and is somewhat of a true warrior, this is the reason why the unit does not have a pilot.


  • Tanegashima Gun: The Tanegashima Gun is a special hand-held Ōzutsu cannon that can launch shots at the enemy. It is the Musha Gundam's counterpart to the RX-78-2 Gundam rifle.
  • Nichirinmaru Katana: This sword is the default melee weapon, stored in its sheath, the Nichirinmaru is used to cut enemies in one strike. Unlike beam sabers, it does not require a lot of energy to use.
  • Denkoumaru Naginata: A Naginata staff, stored on its back, is long spears to be wielded with both hands.
  • Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari: A spear, with a Jumonji Yari style head.


The Musha Gundam first appeared in "Plamo Kyoshiro". In the story, it is an original Gundam created by Shiro Kyoda for the confrontation with Shigeru. The original design of the SD Musha Gundam form is credited to Koichi Yamato and the Craft dan representative, Yasui Hisashi. With a growing fan base and raging popularity, Musha Gundam produced in 1987 as SD Gundam Gashapon MK13 and in 1988 as BB Senshi No.17. The products were extremely popular with schoolchildren, and thus the Musha Gundam evolved into SD Gundam and spawned a standalone genre.

The story of the Musha Gundam, SD Sengokuden, comes from the manga "Seven Gundams" of the "Comic World" series by MARSHI (aka Susumu Imaishi) which is published in the BB Senshi No.17 Musha Gundam kit assembly manual. In this Manga, Musha gundam, aka "Musha", is the eldest son of Shodai Shou Gundam and twin brother of Noomaru. He is also the leader of the Seven Mushas and the strongest musha of the Gundam army. The only one of the Seven Mushas without a guardian beast, he is the cousin of the current Daishougun. He was then promoted to Sandaime Daishougun.

He is also one of the three heroes summoned to fight against the Overlord Space force in Musha Knight Command SD Gundam Scramble.

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