Shin Musha Gundam

Shin Musha Gundam

Shin Musha Gundam is a Mobile Suit featured in the video game

Gundam Musou from Sony PlayStation. He is played by Ryuzaburo Otomo.


Based on the Musha Gundam, the Shin Musha Gundam differs from the original due to its elaborate armor design. Like the Musha Gundam, the Shin Musha is armed with powerful weapons, including the Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari, a powerful spear that could pierce armor, even one reinforced with an MS. His default weapon includes the Nichirinmaru Katana and a Denkoumaru Naginata. Additionally, the Shin Musha Gundam is also equipped with the Tanegashima Cannon for long-range combat.

  • Mars Drive

Special device that increases the overall performance of the machine if used by a male driver.


  • Tanegashima Gun: The Tanegashima Gun is a special hand-held Ōzutsu cannon that can launch shots at the enemy. It is the Musha Gundam's counterpart to the RX-78-2 Gundam rifle.
  • Nichirinmaru Katana: This sword is the default melee weapon, stored in its sheath, the Nichirinmaru is used to cut enemies in one strike. Unlike beam sabers, it does not require a lot of energy to use.
  • Denkoumaru Naginata: A Naginata staff, stored on its back, is long spears to be wielded with both hands.
  • Sankoumaru Jumonji Yari: A spear, with a Jumonji Yari style head.


The Shin Musha Gundam first appeared as a hidden unit in the Sony PlayStation 2 game Dynasty Warriors Gundam (Gundam Musou), Its popularity ensured its appearance in the subsequent series Gundam Musou, Gunpla and action figures, as well as recent appearance in the television series Gundam Build Fighters Try.

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