XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith

XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith

The XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith (XGF-02ガンダム・ルブリス Gandamu

Ruburisu?), aka LF-03, is a Mobile Suit introduced in Mercury's Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch PROLOGUE. It is piloted by Elnora Samaya during the Vanadis incident.


This is a prototype MS developed by Ochs Earth Corporation, a company that is based on Earth. The most important feature of this unit is the implementation of the GUND format, where “  GUND  », an innovative technology for expanding bodily functions based on the engineering of the well-being of artificial limbs, perfected for Mobile Suits. Mobile Suits that incorporate the GUND format and gain interdisciplinary combat capabilities are collectively called GUND-ARMs, and people around the world call them "GUNDAMs".

  • Shell Unit

The Shell Unit is a control terminal that allows the transmission and processing of large amounts of information between the driver and the machine. It emits light when the FORMAT GUND operating level reaches a fixed intensity, such as when using GUND-BIT. Operations with Enable scores of 5 and below emit a red light.

  • Bit on Form

This is a shape where the Bit Staves are attached to the backpack to improve maneuverability. It not only improves speed, but also grants acceleration and braking capabilities never before seen in MS, regardless of posture.



  • Compo GUND-BIT Shield: A shield that uses GUND-BIT, a new generation of controlled weapons. They have an ant-beam field property.
  • Bit Stave: Bits that can separate from the shield are called Bits Staves, these are weapons that adopt thruster-type guidance outputs, posture control thrusters and integrated beam cannons. These functions can be used to perform various offensive and defensive maneuvers in three dimensions.
  • Receiver Gun: This is a hand-held gun for this MS, it can fire beams quickly. When not in use, it can be stored on the central support of the backpack.
  • Beam Blade: The Receiver Gun can be used as a blade. By generating a fixed massive beam it becomes a beam type blade.
  • GUND-BIT Rifle: Bit Staves can also be attached to the front and rear of the weapon to upgrade it to a GUND-BIT Rifle, which unlocks a powerful beam firing mechanic.
  • Beam Saber: A close combat weapon, beam sabers are standard weapons on MS. They are attached to the top of the backpack.
  • Beam Vulcan: Two small cannons are built on the front. These are fast-firing, but weak, beam-type weapons used to limit enemy movement, damage equipment, intercept incoming missiles, etc.


According to a video call between Ochs Earth employees Yamaoka and Nadim Samaya, the leaders/their sponsors are in a hurry to deploy the Lfrith because the board has set a deadline.

The unit is in the Vanadis Institute laboratory in Fólkvangr on the day of the attack. Elnora Samaya is in the cockpit of the Lfrith during a Permet link connection test. After seeing Ericht Samaya, who wants to celebrate his fourth birthday, Elnora leaves the cockpit of the Lfrith to catch him, and they discuss the Lfrith, considered the child of all the staff members. Eri concludes that she is the Lfrith's big sister.

Later, Eri escapes her birthday party, returning to the laboratory to wake up the Lfrith, as she feels her parents care more than her, even on her birthday. Cardo, who is in the cockpit, heard and apologized. Cardo explains the importance of Lfrith in allowing humanity to live in space. Cardo brings him into the cockpit and registers him with the Lfrith by placing his hand on a panel. While Ericht enters his personal data into the Lfrith by voice.

Following a Cathedra raid and Dominicus' Mobile Suit battle outside, flames begin to engulf the Lfrith while Eri is still inside. His mother found him and casts the Lfrith. He intercepts a message that the enemy has managed to kill Cardo Nabo and all key members, and that they must retreat as soon as preparations to blow up the front are complete. The Lfrith then managed to pass "layer 33", much to Elnora's surprise, it was Ericht Samaya's name on the monitor. The Ulysses detects the unregistered Permit ID code as strong electromagnetic waves inside Fólkvangr; realizing there is a third machine they were unaware of. The latest Gundam Lfrith launches into space and deploys GUND-BITs which combine into the Compo GUND-BIT shield. Eri hits three targets on the monitor while her normal suit is connected to her mother's prosthetic arm port. The shield separates into Bit Staves, destroying two of the Heingra that Eri latched onto. A surviving Heingra briefly wields a beam saber, but a Bit Stave quickly docks into the Lfrith's receiver gun, forming the GUND-BIT rifle, destroying the Heingra with a single shot.

Compo GUND-BIT shield formed again to block beams

entrants from CEK-040 Beguir-Beu. The Receiver Gun becomes the Beam Blade as the Beguir-Beu confronts the Lfrith head-on with its bayoneted Sword Units. Kenanji Avery compliments the Gundam and deploys his Non-Kinetic Pods to disable it, but one of them is destroyed when Nadim fires his Beam Vulcans. Nadim throws his Gundam at the Beguir-Beu, latching onto the Beguir-Beu, Nadim tells Elnora to escape and live with Ericht. Elnora agrees to his request to flee as the Ulysses shoot at them.

At some point after the Vanadis incident, Eri's biometric code is completely in sync with the data embolism. Because the child's body cannot handle the harshness of space, Prospera decides to use the Lfrith to keep Eri alive, which becomes the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial.

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