XVX-016 Gundam Aerial

XVX-016 Gundam Aerial

The XVX-016 Gundam Aerial (ガンダム・エアリアル Gandamu Eariaru?) is

a Mobile Suit introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. It is piloted by Suletta Mercury.


Its basic structure, in which joints that mimic the human body are driven by EMTs (electric motors), is based on the same existing standards as Mobile Suits produced by other companies. Although it is a machine that can be handled by ordinary pilots, it displays a performance that sets it apart from the norm when Suletta is piloting. Its powers are mediated by a new mineral called Permet, which is very similar in characteristics to the banned GUND-ARM machine, commonly referred to as "GUNDAM", which employed the "GUND FORMAT", a system for MS that aimed at human augmentation.

  • Shell Unit

A control terminal that allows the transmission and processing of large amounts of information between the driver and the machine. It emits light when the operating level of the FORMAT GUND reaches a fixed intensity, for example when using GUND-BITs. Working with Allows scores of up to 5 emits red light, while Allows scores of 6 and above emit blue light.

  • PPP

Acronym for Permet Painted Armor, which is protection against beam-type attacks, deployed by the Bit Stave.

  • Mirasoul Flight Unit

A flight unit developed by combining the resources and skills of Maison Terre students, which replaces the standard backpack for additional propulsion in space, to counter the mobility of the FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact. Originally a faulty MS flight unit made by third party manufacturer Mirasoul, it was improved and modified to suit the Aerial with propulsion timing changes. It has built-in rotating maneuvering thrusters equipped on both sides, they pop-up when used to switch to high maneuverability mode, with high mobility speed in three axes. The two Beam Sabers of the standard backpack are kept and stored in a retractable holder in the lower part of the two main boosters.

  • Bit on Form

By connecting Bit Staves to key points throughout the machine, no

not only is it possible to quickly replenish electrical energy and propellant to the Bits, but it also improves the mobility and defensive performance of the Mobile Suit itself.
  • Override

While operating at a Allow score of 3, the Aerial was able to deactivate the Gundam Pharact's GUND-BITs. Operating at an Enable score of 6, the Aerial could disable "Antidote" attacks and take control of ranged weapons such as GUND-BITs and drones. This phenomenon is due to the formation of a unique hyper-dense information system that uses data embolisms to control enemy systems via Permet links.


  • Head Beam Vuclan: Two firing ports are mounted on the forehead. These are low powered, rapid fire beam weapons, used to check enemy movements, damage equipment, etc.
  • Escutcheon: A multi-purpose offensive and defensive platform consisting of a next-generation remotely controlled weapons system known as "GUND-BIT", which uses the GUND FORMAT to organically link humans and machines. It has anti-beam properties.
  • Bit Stave: Each Bit Stave can be detached to be used as a mobile turret with integrated cannons or as a shield.
  • Beam Saber: A close combat weapon that shoots out a beam blade by linking with the hilt sensors. The bracket rotates forward as it exits the mounting bracket at the rear.
  • Beam Rifle: This portable weapon is stored on the backpack rack when not in use, it detaches and uses built-in thrusters to be automatically equipped on the Aerial's hand.
  • Beam Blade: The beam rifle can also be used as a blade, generating a massive beam edge.
  • Long Barrel Beam Rifle: By connecting the Stave Bits and placing them along the barrel, the output pulse increases firepower and improves shooting accuracy.


Developed after the XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith, it was created on Mercury by Prospera Mercury, aka Elnora Samaya.

Aerial and Suletta Mercury seem to share a strong connection, throughout Suletta's childhood, she and Aerial spent time together, playing simulations, watching cartoons, they even participated in a rescue on Mercury.

Because in fact the Aerial is the new envelope of Ericht Samaya, the daughter of Elnora and Nadim Samaya, this one too weak ends up dying. Prospera then decided to merge her consciousness into the Mobile Suit.

Aerial will have a discussion with Prospera, concerning her revenge plan, wishing not to involve Suletta in her project, but Prospera will insist on the importance of Suletta for the evolution of Aerial. It is together that Suletta and Aerial will join the Asticassia technological school. They will save Miorine Rembran who was trying to flee to Earth.

Aerial will participate in his first duel against Guel Jeturk and his Dilanza, then Jeturk's revenge, against MD-004 Darilbalde, MS with assistance, but the fight will be won by Aerial and Suletta. The next duel will see Suletta and the Aerial face Elan Ceres and his FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact. During the duel, she is quickly impressed by the performance of her new Mirasoul flight unit, allowing her to fight on relatively equal grounds with Elan. Suletta bears witness to Elan's continued agitation as he lashed out in a duel. He increases his score and deploys his GUND-Bits. Although he had initial success in deactivating one of Suletta's GUN-Bits, two of his own were destroyed by Suletta in a counterattack.

Both machines cross the duel boundary, with Suletta gaining an advantage while Elan suffers a data embolism. Suletta managed to destroy the Pharact's sniper rifle, but Elan destroyed the left wing of her flight unit. With the Aerial losing mobility, Elan fires in for a final blow. However, his GUND-Bits and MS were deactivated when L'Aerial responded with his Override. Temporarily bound to the Aerial, Elan witnessed the digitized ghosts of Ericht Samaya and is forced to watch helplessly as the GUND-Bits mercilessly dismember the Pharact and strike its head antenna. Suletta will state that she heard Aerial's voice more clearly after this.

Aerial will participate in the GUND-ARM Inc. advertising campaign, in a commercial, performing a synchronized dance with Suletta. But this respite will be short-lived, in fact House Grassley, and Shadiqq Zenelli requests a team fight against GUND-ARM Inc. During the battle, Suletta plays the vanguard, with members of House Earth in Zoworts on loan from Belmeria Winston. However, they were quickly defeated by Shaddiq's team, which consisted of the Michealis and several Beguir Pentes. Only Suletta remained after Chuchu's Demi Trainer was deactivated by Ireesha Plano. While Shaddiq urged Suletta to surrender, she instead

reaffirmed his faith in Miorin. Aerial, however, is cornered, and assailed by attacks "Antidote": Anti GUND-Format protection developed by Grassley. After losing her bond, Suletta fought back, having strengthened her resolve for Miorine, the Aerial responded, simultaneously reaching an Allow score of 6 for the first time, rendering "Antidote" attacks useless, as they could only disrupt scores Allows 3 and under. With the Aerial fully operational, Suletta quickly destroyed some of the opposition. Victory will be achieved after a team effort and the destruction of the Michaelis head antenna.

Following this fight, the Aerial having suffered a lot of damage, will be returned to the Shin Sei Development Corporation to be repaired.

It will then become the XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild.

Did you know?

  • The term "escutcheon" in heraldry refers to the shape of a shield, like a coat of arms that is built around or inside it.
  • Aerial is taken from The Tempest by William Shakespeare, more precisely from the character of Ariel, one of the two spirits that Prospero controls. Ariel is the spirit of air and the breath of life, ironic when we know the nature of MS.
  • Many fan theories have deciphered the name Aerial, interpreting it as A-Eri-AI, or "an AI of Eri", referring to the other first of the MS.
  • In the trailers for the series' first season and the opening song Shukufuku, the Aerial uses blue-colored beams, similar to its predecessor, the XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith. These blue beams indicate the exit intended for actual combat. While blue beams were included or depicted with early merchandise releases, the Aerial is never seen using blue beams in the anime, where the Aerial is depicted with green colored beams, respecting the boundaries of Asticassia School of Technology. Outings including:
      • HG Kit from The Witch From Mercury
      • Full Mechanics Kit
      • SD Gundam EX-Standard Kit
      • Robot Spirits
      • Chogokin figurines
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