XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild

XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild

The XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild (ガンダム・エアリアル改修型

Gandamu Eariaru Kaishū-gata  ?) is a Mobile Suit introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. Piloted by the series' protagonist, Suletta Mercury, it is an upgrade of the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial.


Following the duel against the Grassley House team, which saw the Gundam Aerial sustain heavy damage, it was returned to the Shin Sei Development Corporation for repairs. They carried out the overhaul of the machine, and its transformation into XVX-016RN Gundam Aerial Rebuild. The Aerial Rebuild now has its own thruster backpack, eliminating the need for equipment like the Mirasoul Flight Unit to maneuver in space. Additionally, the armor on the upper body is now a darker blue color, rather than the pale blue seen on the original Gundam Aerial.

Additional upgrades include an upgraded beam rifle which, when combined with GUND-BITs, becomes a beam cannon with greatly increased output.

  • Shell Unit

A control terminal that allows the transmission and processing of large amounts of information between the driver and the machine. It emits light when the FORMAT GUND operating level reaches a fixed intensity, such as when using GUND-BITs. Operating with Allows scores of 5 and below will emit red light, while a Allows score of 6 emits blue light. During the Aerial's fight against Guel's MD-0064 Darilbalde, the Enable score reaches 8, emitting a white light and giving Eri control of the Aerial without the need for a pilot.

  • Bit-On-Form

By connecting the Bit Staves to key points throughout the machine, not only is it possible to quickly replenish electrical energy and propellant to the Bits, but it also improves the mobility and defensive performance of the Mobile Suit itself.


  • Head Beam Vuclan: Two firing ports are mounted on the forehead. These are low powered, rapid fire beam weapons, used to check enemy movements, damage equipment, etc.
  • Escutcheon: A multi-purpose offensive and defensive platform consisting of a next-generation remotely controlled weapons system known as "GUND-BIT", which uses the GUND FORMAT to organically link humans and machines. It has anti-beam properties.
  • Bit Stave: Each Bit (Bit Stave) can be detached to be used as a mobile turret with integrated cannons or as a shield.
  • Beam Saber: A close combat weapon that shoots out a beam blade by linking with the hilt sensors. The bracket rotates forward as it exits the mounting bracket at the rear.
  • Beam Rifle: This portable weapon is stored on the backpack rack when not in use, it detaches and uses built-in thrusters to be automatically equipped on the Aerial's hand.
  • GUND-BIT Cannon: By connecting the Bit Staves to the beam rifle, the Aerial can create a large beam cannon with greatly improved output and accuracy. This GUND-BIT cannon is so powerful that it can destroy Mobile Suits even without a direct hit.


The XVX-016 Gundam Aerial was heavily damaged during a team battle against Shaddiq Zenelli and the Grassley House, requiring it to be sent to the factory on Plant Quetta for repair and overhaul under the supervision of Prospera Mercury. The Gundam Aerial Rebuild will first be deployed during Fold's Dawn attack on Plant Quetta, with Suletta Mercury piloting the MS to repel the invaders.

After the attack, the Gundam Aerial Rebuild will be taken over by the Earth House at the Asticassia School of Technology, to fight in a series of duels, which Suletta easily wins. Aerial Rebuild will also compete in the Rumble Ring, an open-to-all match between Mobile Suits, as part of the school's Open Campus event. The event is however interrupted by the Dawn of Fold who is there to cause chaos to facilitate the kidnapping of Sarius Zenelli, as a result the Aerial Gundam will face the EDM-GA-01 Gundam Lfrith Ur piloted by Sophie Pulone. The Aerial defeats the Lfrith Ur in combat by data overload, killing Sophie.

A little later, the Gundam Aerial Rebuild will be used in a duel against the MD-

0064 Darilbalde revised, piloted by Guel Jeturk. While initially overpowering the Darilbalde and even achieving a Permet Score 8, the Aerial Rebuild loses the duel due to the sabotage of Miorine Rembran and Prospera Mercury, and as part of the bet between the sides of the duel, the Aerial Rebuild is therefore taken from Suletta by Prospera. Prospera will take the Gundam and go to Earth, under the guise of providing security for Miorine's negotiations with the Earthlings, but she uses the Gundam to launch an attack on a hidden Earth's Ochs Corporation hangar filled with XGF-01 Gundam Lfrith Models pre-production.

With its previous limits unlocked, through achieving an Enabled Score 8, and thus allowing Ericht Samaya residing inside the Gundam to control the machine on her own, the Gunda Aerial Rebuild is then connected to Quiet Zero, to serve as a control center, where he uses technology aboard the Space Fortress to defeat several Space Assembly League assaults through a combination of a powerful data embolism field, and a remote-controlled army of XGF-E3 Gundnodes. The Aerial piloted by Ericht will be deployed to fight against Suletta's X-EX01 Gundam Calibarn as Ericht attempts to persuade Suletta to stand down. Activating the Interplanetary Laser Transmission System against Quiet Zero, however, forces Ericht to use the Gundam Aerial Rebuild and all available Gundnodes to defend against the attack, dealing heavy damage to the Aerial.

The remains of the Gundam Aerial Rebuild will be remotely controlled by Suletta Mercury from the Gundam Calibarn alongside the FP/A-77 Gundam Pharact and MDX-0003 Gundam Schwarzette to create a data embolism powerful enough to shut down the laser transmission system interplanetary. This datastorm will trigger a chain reaction that will disintegrate all nearby machines using the GUND format, ultimately leading to the destruction of the Aerial Rebuild.

Did you know?

  • Before its name and full design were revealed, the Aerial Rebuild was indirectly revealed on an upcoming "Carddass Gundam" pack that featured The Witch From Mercury.
  • Aerial is taken from Storm by William Shakespeare, more precisely of the character of Ariel, one of the two spirits that Prospero controls. Ariel is the spirit of air and the breath of life, ironic when we know the nature of MS.
  • Many fan theories have deciphered the name Aerial, interpreting it as A-Eri-AI, or "an AI of Eri", referring to the other first of the MS.
  • The term Rebuild is just the name to mean that the Aerial has been rebuilt.
  • The Aerial Rebuild only has one vent, a rarely used Gundam face design that is only seen in a few Gundams such as the GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, the GAT-FJ108 Raigo Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Frame Astrays, the RIX-001 Gundam G-First from Mobile Suit Gundam UC 0096: Last Sun, and the ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris from Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.
  • Mercury's Gunpla High Grade the Witch kit contains dark blue beam sabers which represent beam weapons without limiters, while other products like, The Robot Spirits action figure includes green colored beam sabers which are used by the Aerial Rebuild during duels at Asticassia School of Technology, to comply with school regulations.

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