XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock

XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock

The XXXG-0SR Gundam Sandrock (aka Sandrock, Gundam Zero-Four) is a

Mobile Suit introduced in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner.


The Sandrock was built by Instructor H in the L4 colonies with financial support from the Winner family. Designed for ground operations, especially in a desert environment, it has high combat capabilities and excels in melee combat, with its strong armor being more robust than other Gundams. Additionally, it has advanced communications and information analysis systems as it was designed as a command unit and tasked with being the core of the command system for the Maganac Corps and the five Gundams. Finally, a sub-camera that works in sandstorms is installed on the front.

  • Self-Destruct System

Like other Gundams, the Sandrock was built to self-destruct if the pilot so chooses. A remote detonator is placed in the cockpit and if a serious situation happens, the pilot can destroy the Gundam. The system was designed to overload its power systems and has enough explosive power to destroy several city blocks. This is a last option tactic if the pilot is unable to protect the Gundam, without letting it fall into enemy hands. It can also be used as a large explosive device to wipe out large targets.

  • Stream Cloth

An anti-beam coat, it was equipped on the Sandrock Gundam during battles in the Sanc Kingdom, in the "Comic BonBon" manga version of Gundam Wing.


  • Vulcan Gun: A pair of headshot weapons. Of low offensive power, used only to restrict enemy movement, and lay down a wall of suppressive fire due to their rapid fire capability.
  • Heat Shotel: These thermal curved blades are the primary weapons of the Sandrock Gundam, and with them, he can cut an enemy in half with each hand simultaneously. If necessary, Heat Shotels can also be used as thrown weapons. When not in use, they are mounted on the back of the Sandrock.
  • Shield: Designed with a snake head pattern, it features two claws like "fangs", and two signs like "eyes". The shield has an anti-beam coating, and the shield flashers can release a blinding flash to stun enemies.
  • Cross Crusher: This crushing weapon is formed by combining the Gundam Sandrock shield, the backpack and the Heat Shotels. He can capture an enemy MS between the shotels, then cut it in half.
  • Homing Missile: Small self-homing missiles stored in each shoulder. These are the Sandrock Gundam's only long-range weapons.


When the five scientists who designed the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam

Zero in AC 180 split up, each of them took copies of the blueprints for their original Gundam design. Instructor H, who hid in the L4 colonies, designed the XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock built based on their original blueprint. The Sandrock Gundam is specially designed for Quatre Raberba Winner, who did not intend to participate in the Operation Meteor colony drop operation. Against the wishes of his pacifist father, Quatre took the Sandrock to Earth to meet the Maganac Corps in their fight against OZ and the oppressive United Earth Sphere Alliance.

As OZ became more aggressive in space, the five Gundam pilots realized they needed to return to defend the colonies. Four then joins

Duo Maxwell and Chang Wufei, and attack a military spaceport in Singapore. In order to create a diversion to facilitate his allies' escape, Quatre decided to sacrifice the Sandrock with its self-destruct, a decision he did not take lightly, since he had come to see his Gundam almost as a friend. However, the Sandrock's cockpit opened of its own accord. After Four left the MS, he rode into the enemy forces on his own before self-destructing, decimating the enemy numbers and allowing Duo and Wufei to escape with their Gundams in tow.

OZ recovered the remains of the Sandrock, but made no effort to repair the machine. Eventually, Sally Po led a solo mission to destroy what remained of the Gundam, sneaking into the hangar where the remains were stored and covering them with explosive charges. As fate would have it, Sally discovered the Sandrock at the same time as the Maganac Corps, engaging them briefly before detonating the charges. Amazingly, even in its damaged state, the Sandrock survived the explosions. After escaping from OZ's forces, Sally conceded the remains of the Sandrock to the Maganac Corps, in the hopes that they could one day reunite the damaged Gundam with its pilot.

Four eventually returned to Earth, where he later learned that the Maganac Corps had found and restored the Sandrock. The young pilot traveled alone into the desert in hopes of retrieving his Gundam, only to discover the Maganac Corps headquarters under attack by OZ. Four managed to locate the Sandrock in time and led the Maganac Corps to victory.

Realizing that the battle had moved into space and joined by former Sanc Kingdom soldier Lucretia Noin, Four once again left Earth, this time with the Sandrock. As the Sandrock was built for land warfare, it was unsuitable for combat in space. Despite this, Four took the Sandrock in a number of battles, where, despite its reduced effectiveness, it managed to hold out until they made contact with the ship Peacemillion, where former Gundam engineer Mike Howard ordered the Sandrock to be refitted for space combat, resulting in the XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom.

Did you know?

  • The initial design of the Sandrock Gundam was to follow the nationality trend of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. The initial design of the Sandrock Gundam was based on the Arabian world, and it was to use a large round shield similar to that used by the XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam.
  • In the anime, the Sandrock Gundam is the only Gundam of the original five that does not feature beam weapons.
  • The original 1/144 scale Sandrock kit comes with a Beam Machine Gun, which the Sandrock was not equipped with until it was modified into the XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom. This weapon appears as a Sandrock attack in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel.
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