YMS-03 Waff

YMS-03 Waff

The YMS-03 Waff is a Mobile Suit that appears in the manga Mobile Suit

Gundam: The Origin and its OVA adaptation. Designed by Torenov Y. Minovsky for the Autonomous Republic of Zeon, it was the first Mobile Suit that achieved miniaturization of the fusion reactor.


One of the biggest issues with the Mobile Worker MW-01 Model 01 Final Type was that its generator was too large, requiring it to be mounted and displayed on a backpack. Gihren Zabi was even considering canceling the MS plan, seeing the Final Type as a joke, dragging around with a bare engine on its back.

The Waff represents a great leap forward in Mobile Suit development. A new fusion generator, developed by Professor Torenov Y. Minovsky himself, had significantly shrunk in size, so that it could be mounted as part of the machine. In addition, Minovsky also developed the Fluid Pulse system, which used Minovsky particles to drive the MS system, improving driving efficiency and allowing better control in space. During mobility tests conducted in the space region with dispersed Minovsky particles, the performance of the Waff suggested that it could outrun space combat craft and guided weapons. Just like the Mobile Worker Model 01 Late Type, the Waff can also change its forearm attachment.


  • Heat Hawk: A hatchet type weapon for close combat. The blade can glow a red glow from heat high enough to melt an MS's armor. The MS-05 and many other machines were also equipped with this weapon.
  • MS-use Bazooka prototype
  • Shield: A piece of defensive equipment attached to the arm. It can protect against a machine gun, but its bulletproof performance was not as strong as the "L" shaped shield of the MS-06.


In UC 0074, Torenov Y. Minovsky showed a video simulation of the Waff to Gihren Zabi in order to convince him of the effectiveness of a mobile suit equipped with a Minovsky fusion reactor. He promised Gihren that it can be completed within a year. Later that year, just as Dr. Minovsky promised, the Waff was completed.

Shortly after the completion of this machine, the development of a more combat-capable successor had already begun. Production of the YMS-03 Waff was discontinued without it being officially adopted.

Did you know?

  • The YMS-03 Waff is named after the German word "Waffe", which means "weapon".
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