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Frame Arms Girl - Gourai-Kai Ver. 2 Samurai Form

Frame Arms Girl - Gourai-Kai Ver. 2 Samurai Form

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This mockup kit features newly redesigned color schemes! Materia leg pieces are also included so users can equip the model with EXPANSION ARMOR Type G leg armor.

The basic model of the GOURAI-KAI Ver.2 is the same as that of the previous versions.
Basic model specifications GOURAI-KAI Ver. 2:

This kit can recreate both GOURAI-KAI and GOURAI.
The kit comes with four optional pieces of chest armor – two for GOURAI-KAI (medium and large) and two for GOURAI (medium and large) – in addition to the standard armor.
The kit includes five sets of PVC handpieces.
Head pieces compatible with 3mm connection points are included, as well as extension pieces with 3mm joints/connection points for the chest.
PVC hands are compatible with existing MSG and Frame Arms series weapons.
The 3mm connection points on the arms and feet are compatible with equipment from the MSG and Frame Arms series.


This scale model includes the GOURAI-KAI Ver. 2, the EXPANSION ARMOR Type G and the Samurai Master Sword in all new original colors.
This kit includes Materia's leg parts, allowing users to also equip the EXPANSION ARMOR Type G shin armor only with this model.
Three types of pre-printed face parts are included (looking forward, compound, shouting).
Newly designed eye decals for the screaming face are included.
Two unprinted face parts are included for use with the decals. Create your favorite expression with the included decals.
Decals are included to recreate the GOURAI-KAI.

*1: This scale model does not include the pre-painted right facial part included in the previous version FRAME ARMS GIRL GOURAI-KAI Ver.2.
*2: This scale model does not include the hair parts to represent GOURAI-KAI without headgear included in the previous version FRAME ARMS GIRL GOURAI-KAI [WHITE] Ver.2. The decals will also be partially different from those included in FRAME ARMS GIRL GOURAI-KAI [WHITE] Ver.2.

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